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Dec. 27th, 2011

  • 1:01 AM
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Today I went to Friendly's with my brother Dennis, my sisters Julia and Rachael, and our cousins Kristen, Patricia and Ricky. Out of the seven of us, four of us were stoned, and we were all laughing really loud and being completely indiscreet. Apparently Rachael looks more like Ricky than like us. Then Rachael made us take a family photo in front of the Christmas tree to give to Vovoa. Ricky's not actually related to Vovoa but she loves him too.

Earlier today my mother handed me an ugly bag and said "this is your stuff, look through it" and in it I found a linoleum-printed shirt I made in high school, a mix cd I made in 2004, one that [ profile] pocky_slash made me in 2005, a pair of Trigun shoelaces that are going right into my pinstriped Chucks, and a deck of cards that is some CLAMP manga, I think maybe X/1999? but which will be useful for the game of Deliria that Shane is running next semester. Also a pillow made of felt stuffed with socks, so I'm going to give the rats socks to nest with.

I seriously need to buy another duffel bag to carry all my shit back to Wells with me. I'm not sure I can shove all my clothes plus the new stuff in the two bags + laundry basket I have. I wish I had done my laundry in the week before class ended rather than bringing it all home with me.

Did I already post about how I have to mail in my computer to be serviced so I won't be making podfic after all? I'm bummed about it. I was really looking forward to getting down to it, but with it overheating every 20 minutes, I just can't. At least it's still under warranty.

At least, before I mail it in I need to pull the Deliria rule book and all my WIPs about Connor and Riley and Zachariah onto my thumb drive, and maybe April will let me use her computer while she's at work. Otherwise... it looks like I will be finishing these six books after all. And if she does let me use her computer, I have to find a way to stay off Reddit. Because fuck, what a perfect timewaster.


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