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  • Sep. 27th, 2010 at 8:09 PM
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So it's a bit belated... I've been busy, all right? Very busy. All day. Hanging out with boys. I should probably make some female friends at some point. Ones I talk to outside of class and SAGA and Sex Collective, anyways. How did I end up with all male friends? Weird.

Anyhow yes, last day of the 45 day meme, here it is:

day 45| have you any superstitions?

No, not really.

...well, I don't, though. I don't avoid ladders, I think black cats are adorable, I refuse to throw spilled salt over my shoulders, I don't usually wish on falling stars or the same number all the way across a digital clock or even on eyelashes although I wrote a rather good story hinging on that superstition once. I'm a fairly rational, logical person as far as superstition is concerned. (Goddamn, superstition is a hard word to spell, I've fucked it up every time I've tried to type it yet.)

Tonight I have to get most of the way through Feed by M.T. Anderson, which is a fairly interesting YA novel about what the world would be like if we all had the internet jacked into our brains. I had to write a journal entry based on.. well, it's only 600 words, I'll reproduce it in case anyone gives a damn what I think about the fact that I'm practically plugged into the internet 24/7 already.

Today. . .we have extended our central nervous system itself in a global embrace, abolishing both space and time as far as our planet is concerned. -Marshall McLuhan ) I should go finish reading it. And take a shower, since the hot water in the building has been broken all weekend and just got fixed today. Washing my hair in cold water was like a bad flashback to 2008. No thank you!

come home in the car you love

  • Sep. 24th, 2010 at 12:41 PM
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day 43| if you could tell your seven year old self anything, what would it be?

It's okay to feel sad, but when you start feeling sad all the time it's good to talk to a professional. And don't give up on things just because they take a lot of effort. It's important to follow through when you start something, whether it's a book, a class, or a relationship.

day 44| kill, bang, marry, chill of your choice

Oh, I don't even know. Anyone who wants to suggest people, I will answer any and all kill/bang/marry challenges posed to me. (What's chill? like, you want to have a drink with them? or stick them in a freezer?)

Tomorrow is the last day of this meme... it's taken a while, but I like this sort of long meme. I should find another one.

I skipped French class this morning to sleep in. I regret nothing. Now I have two classes and then I think Patrick is bringing me back to Auburn to do a liquor run and take my laundry home, and I'm seeing a movie with my mother tonight instead of going to the Odd/Even sing-off. (alas.) I am showing Even spirit by wearing my blue dress, though.
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day 40| a question about the world that you can’t figure out

Why is it so easy for people to be cruel to each other? What stops some people from being able to consider the impact their actions have on others, or allows them to take pleasure in causing pain to others?

day 41| favorite word

Serendipitous. I like the sound AND the meaning.

day 42| describe your best friend (or friends)

I'm going to describe [ profile] atomicfiction. I met Felix the day I moved into the dorms, at the transfer student meeting. The first thing I noticed was his awesome hat, and then I realized that there was a hottie under the hat. xD He's got curly dark brown hair and brown eyes, he stands a few inches taller than me, he's skinny and bespectacled and really just adorable. He's a snazzy dresser. He's got a natural aptitude for languages, and an incredible mind for detail, which combines with his creativity in some truly astounding ways. He really likes devils, cats, the color brown, and prog rock. He makes fun of my indie music and yesterday put my socks on his hands and played out a slashy sock puppet scene that almost made me roll off the dock and into the lake from laughing too hard. He's a little bit OCD and kind of a perfectionist, and he's way too hard on himself. I think he's the best person I've met at Wells, probably the best person I've met this year actually. I wish I could get him to like himself more, because I think he's fantastic.

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day 39| most stimulating thing you’ve learned this week

You would figure what with my being a college student, I'd have something really interesting to say here, wouldn't you? But the fact I'm about to bring you came from Sex Collective, not from a class: women are the biggest consumers of porn these days. (and interracial porn is most popular among Southern white men.) I learned a lot about porn this week in Mass Media, too. Everybody's got sex on the brain, I guess.

The most interesting non-porn thing I learned was that all calico cats are female.

I'm coming up on the end of this meme. Anyone have any suggestions for more multi-day memes I can do, or do I have to go back to finding new memes on a daily basis?
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day 38| list five things you’ve lost and wonder where they might be

1. My muse. I'll bet the bastard is on vacation in Hawaii right now.
2. My copy of American Gods. I know I loaned it out to someone, I just can't for the life of me remember who.
3. My Skullcandy earbuds. For all I know, the dog ate them. They're probably lodged in the armchair in my bedroom, even though I checked there.
4. The corncob pipe Julia got me in Virginia. I thought it was in my paraphernalia drawer, but it isn't.
5. My favorite pair of jeans. I didn't THINK I donated them, but I'm afraid I did. (I need a new pair of sexy button-fly jeans, pronto.)

I slept until 1 today and it was glorious. I had a long, complicated dream that was peripherally related to my bad fanfiction but also was completely strange, and involved kittens at one point, and also a flood. My plan for today is to do my EdPsych homework, my Mass Media homework, and finish reading Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders, not in that order, and then tonight I'm going to get drunk and go to a dance. Woo.

not exactly camwhoring

  • Sep. 17th, 2010 at 9:01 PM
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day 35| photo of your favorite body part
hint: I have two of them )

day 36| photo of one of your scars
you can barely see it )

day 37| take a flattering photo focusing on something you don’t feel is flattering.
who actually thinks the back of their neck is hot? )

And that's it for the picture portion of this meme.
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day 34| most current photo not taken on webcam (play around and dress up if you want!)

my skin is terrible today, have one from last week )

Awww, my cat.

Anyways I said yesterday that I would tell you all what tarot card I use as a signifier. It's the Queen of Cups, as [ profile] greyelveneyes guessed. This is what the card means:
If the Queen of Cups appears in a reading to indicate a woman, she will be a gentle and tranquil woman, romantic by nature, generous with her tenderness. She will be something of a day-dreamer - perhaps a bit unrealistic, but creative and hopeful.

She is often involved in creative or literary pursuits, and enjoys art, good music, literature and things of beauty. She is unstinting in her readiness to nurture others, sometimes to her own detriment. She's often connected with motherhood, and mothering.

She is often intuitive, and psychic. Her foremost ability in this area is a talent for simply absorbing energies around her and reflecting them back, unchanged. In this aspect she can often be a revealer for those around her.

So that's basically me to a T except for the motherhood thing. Here's another site's interpretation:
A Queen of Cups in the real world feels right at home in the realms of the subconscious. If she is not psychic, she will posess extraordinary insight into the behaviour and motivations of others. As such, she is often a gifted counsellor and healer, ready to provide a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold whenever they are needed. She is beautiful by almost all standards, because her beauty is the purity of her spirit, and such magnificence has a universally recognizable allure. Even when not physically attractive, she still attracts others to her. A Queen of Cups will also be a dreamer, with wondrous fantasies and a vivid imagination.

It is from this that the Queen's more negative qualities arise. She often loses herself in her fantasies and daydreams, and though completely confident in her instincts, more often than not she is totally unable to apply these instincts to anything in the real world. At music, poetry, mothering and artistry, no one can compete with her - in everything else she is mediocre, at best. Spending as long as she does in the spiritual world tends to make her quite uncomfortable when she has to leave it. She places much importance on relationships because she sees herself as unable to stand alone.

Yep, mediocre, that sounds about right. x.x So I'm off in la-la land all the time, I have a frequent flyer's card with my head so far in the clouds, but hey, I don't suck at being creative or nice.

I don't have time to put up that music tonight, but I have it on my thumb drive, so if I have time tomorrow before I head in to Auburn I'll upload it then. Okay? Okay.


  • Sep. 14th, 2010 at 10:43 PM
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day 33| list three things you want out of life that you are currently working towards

1. A bachelor's degree in Psychology. So far, so good. I'm on track for graduation in May 2012, so that's a decent start.
2. A healthy relationship. Okay, I'm not actively cultivating any leads (may I refer you to having my hopes shot down on Saturday?), but I am making sure I am in a mentally balanced place from which I could hypothetically deal with a relationship if the chance for one was presented to me. And I'm making lots of friendships, so those are relationships... just not the kind I mean.
3. Those baked goods Philip promised me for going to the treasurer's roundtable meeting.... no, surely I jest. (it's not something I can work towards, it's more something I have to wait for.) I don't know, general acclaim as a responsible and decent human being? I'd like for people on campus to know my face and associate me with positive adjectives. Or non-negative ones. I'd settle for neutral adjectives. "Oh hey, she doesn't suck" would be good enough, actually.

Today... felt a lot longer than it actually was, because I woke up 20 minutes before I had to be in class and that general feeling of "oh shit" hasn't really left me since then. I was barely conscious in my first class, actually made a valuable contribution in the second one, and then spent the great deal of the rest of my day hanging out with [ profile] atomicfiction. I watched probably the weirdest movie I've seen.... this year, probably in a couple of years honestly. And did some Wii Fit. And I'm back up in the 160s, which is kind of unhappy-making, but it's pointless and self-defeating to worry about my weight, so I'm not going to indulge. I'm just going to stop eating ice cream and maybe cut back to two meals a day like I was doing when I lived at home (damn you, convenient and plentiful dining hall food! daaaamn youuuuu) and, I don't know, walk more instead of sitting around on my ass all the time. There's a fitness center, I have access to it, I should do something about that. At the very least I should hit up one open swim session a week.

But anyway, SAGA was good, Sex Collective was hilarious, Tuesday is the most entertaining night of my week. Tomorrow I have three classes and I have to do homework for two of them (a summary for EdPsych and revision for French). Thursday I have my media classes (three chapters for Mass Media, and I need to get started on my Ground Zero mosque paper for Media and Power) and then I have an appointment with Dr Giaccio, a drop-in to get my hair cut, and then Julia and Felix and I are going to Syracuse. Friday I have a test in French, a test in Logic, probably homework for EdPsych, and I have to get SAGA's community service project approved by the college chaplain before 5:30 pm. Saturday is Disco Dodge, the first themed dance, and I plan on being at least drunk enough to dance (because my sober dancing is pitiful and I just don't give a fuck when I'm tipsy) and hey, I get to wear my bellbottoms, if they won't fall off my ass.

So it's a busy week.

Yeah, I need to go finish my homework... or at least finish the reading, I can write the summary tomorrow after French, because I also need to take a shower and THERE'S NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY.

Oh yeah, I also submitted my playlist to the dining hall! I will upload it... tomorrow, if I have time and remember to take it to the computer lab, because it takes fucking forever to upload anything on the wifi here. It's a pretty good mix, I think. At least, I hope people in the dining hall will enjoy it. (and if they don't, fuck 'em, they gotta listen to it anyways!)

Last thing, since I told Felix I would ask you all: HAS ANYONE ON MY FLIST SEEN VIDEODROME? If yes, is it the weirdest thing you've ever seen? Because I can't think of anything weirder off the top of my head.
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Tonight exists in some form of reality that is only loosely related to the world we all exist in.... because tonight, I experienced Lollipop Girl up close and personal for the first time.

I think I'm vaguely traumatized, but I'm also absolutely certain I haven't laughed like that in weeks. She just... can't be real. I don't believe in her. She's so determined to hold shocking opinions and it would be appalling if she weren't so vapid.

My head hurts and I still have all that reading to do and I can't believe it's not even 9, today has been SO LONG.


day 31| jump on a tumblr bandwagon just for today


day 32| photo of yourself at least ten years ago

23 years ago:
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day 30| reward yourself with something frivolous.

Tomorrow I'm going to order the satsuma gift set from the Body Shop, and I'll be getting a $50 product for $8 including shipping because it's on sale and I have a $25 off any item from my membership card. So that's pretty frivolous and also nice for me. Although it'll probably take two weeks to get here like the last thing I ordered from them did... *sigh* That's okay, it'll still arrive before I run out of the body wash I'm using now.

I didn't do any more of my French yet but I did repost the application for [ profile] sherlock_stamps. Nobody's stamped me yet. I'm really wondering how it'll turn out, because I definitely came off a bit more Mycrofty with the extra detail, I think. Not that I have any objection to being considered John-like, quite the contrary.

...yes, at this point I'm just procrastinating. I just don't like this online workbook thing. I'm barely bumping along above a passing grade right now as far as the homework is concerned. :/ I'm not bad at French, I just don't know what exactly they're looking for and because it's auto-graded, if you don't get it exactly right you don't get the points. Boo.

At least I did the vacuuming...

Sep. 11th, 2010

  • 3:35 PM
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Day Ten: One confession.

Secretly I'm hoping that exchange students only come for one semester so I'll have the room to myself in the spring. :x Probably not, but it would be nice to not have to constantly worry about someone walking in on me recording podfic or vlogging or trying to have some alone time.

day 29| write a haiku or make a friendship bracelet or start a creative endeavor

...damn it, I just brought my knitting to campus and left it there, or I'd make another shot at that calorimetry. I guess I'll just make a friendship bracelet, I have lots of embroidery floss and it's been a while since I've done it.

remaining days )


  • Sep. 10th, 2010 at 10:09 AM
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Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.



day 28| call a grandparent or relative that isn’t expecting your voice I'll call my brother later if I remember to do it. I don't like using my phone. I don't think I have enough money to renew my messaging plan as it is, let alone if I make a call today.

done with classes but no time to nap

  • Sep. 9th, 2010 at 2:21 PM
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Day Eight: Three turn ons.

1. Intelligence. I believe I've gone over this before. Like, daily for the past week or something like that.
2. Compassion. I put a lot of weight on the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes.
3. Nice hands. What? Hands are sexy. Nice eyes and a nice mouth also turn me on.

day 27| bake something and share it

I'm going home to do my laundry in 3 hours (I hope) so maybe I'll whip up a batch of cookies while my clothes are in the wash.

By the way, Felix is in my bed right now. Not like I can do anything about that. xD Now I'm going to try to put together a playlist for the dining hall, because inflicting my music on the unsuspecting populace of Wells sounds like a good idea to me.

Sep. 8th, 2010

  • 1:01 PM
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Okay! Got Professor Munoz's signature, returned the IndPsych books and got the EdPsych book. Now I just have to drop off the drop form at the registrar before Logic and I'll be entirely set.

Sad news: the right speaker in my good headphones isn't making sound any more. :( Those headphones were awesome while they lasted. I don't even remember where I got them. Ideally, I'd like to replace them with the same kind of Ear Candy earbuds I lost when I was living at home, but for now it's either just the left headphone or really cheap earbuds from Walmart that don't stay in my ears. Alas.

I didn't get my Body Shop package in the mail today, but I did get a letter from my cat with blue jay feathers tucked in the envelope. xD My mother makes me laugh so hard sometimes.

Annnnnnyways. I have to meet Felix for lunch in 8 minutes, so I'm going to really quick take care of my memes for the day:

Day Seven: Four turn offs.
1. Stupidity. I can't be attracted to somebody stupid.
2. Right-wing-ism. I'm sure theoretically I could be attracted to a Republican, but I don't think it's happened yet.
3. Smelliness. I don't mean people have to be perfumed to within an inch of their lives, I just have a sensitive nose and I react badly to overwhelming BO and bad breath.
4. The need to always be right. I absolutely can't stand to put up with people like that long enough to get their clothes off.

day 26| put something in every single formspring/ask on your dashboard
I have no questions in my formspring. Ask me some.

love and nipples

  • Sep. 7th, 2010 at 11:00 PM
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Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

1. My mother, who is the only person who gave me hugs for a very long time and who I miss a lot now that I'm not living at home.
2. Eric ([ profile] shigogouhou), who kept me sane and not hating myself when I really didn't like me very much.
3. Heather ([ profile] moorishflower), who reminds me that the world can be a pretty awesome place when there are people like her in it.
4. Felix ([ profile] atomicfiction), the first close friend I made at Wells, without whom I would be really sad and lonely.
5. Julia ([ profile] 91cemeterydrive), my sister, who is awesome more often than not and who makes me smile a lot of the time.

day 25| tell someone something you wouldn’t ordinarily share

...well, in Sex Collective I told everyone I have an inverted nipple sometimes (it was pertinent to the conversation, I swear), so I think that qualifies.

meme time

  • Sep. 6th, 2010 at 2:29 PM
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Day Five: Six things you wish you'd never done.

cut because who really wants to read about my regrets? )

day 24| pick an album and do nothing but listen to it- no multitasking allowed.

Oh. Okay, maybe I'll put off my reading for a little while longer so I can focus on Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, since I'm only three songs in right now.
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I have been suffering an allergy attack more severe than anything I've had in a good long time since about 11:30 yesterday. Felix and his mother and I stopped at the S.A. thrift store in Ithaca and my nose went absolutely haywire. I did pick up a nice pair of shoes and a very attractive long coat for $10 altogether, which is making me particularly happy because I was planning on spending a couple of hundred dollars on a nice Sherlocky coat and I found one for a twentieth of what I was expecting it to cost. It really looks pretty spectacular on me, too. I just have to remember to fetch my scarf next time I go home.

So yes, I am in Owego right now, sitting in Felix's living room. I have made the acquaintance of both his cats (the black one tried to sleep on my face last night, which did not help the allergies at all) and both his parents, who seem like very nice people. Yesterday we went for a walk through a cemetery with a lovely view of Owego, and watched Taxi Driver, and did homework. Today I finished my homework and now I'm biding my time. The first thing I'm going to do when I get back to campus is take a shower. My face is terribly uncomfortable right now. I believe right this moment Felix is making buttons, which is kind of a solitary activity. So I'm internetting. And memeing, since I have time to do that.

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
1. Conscious decisions not to be depressed.
2. Fannish musings ("what would Sherlock do?" etc)
3. How much I would like to be asleep at any given moment.
4. Things I need to make LJ posts about.
5. Wondering what people really think of me.
6. My personal style and/or lack thereof.
7. "What's my cat doing right now?"

day 23| something irrational that you think or do

I suppose it's fairly irrational to frame my experiences in terms of how fictional characters would respond to the situations I find myself in, but I do that kind of a lot.
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Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

1. Be smart. Don't be an asshole about being smart, but show me you're intelligent and I will automatically pay more attention to you.
2. Be kind. Go out of your way to be nice to other people-- not even necessarily me, just other people in general. Genuinely decent people are amazing.
3. Compliment me about something I do. I also respond well to being complimented on my appearance, but it makes a lot more of an impact if you say you like my podfic or my writing or something that requires a brain, not just a body.
4. Give me a backrub. I will be yours within five minutes of starting a really good backrub.
5. Cook for me. It doesn't have to be anything complicated, either. Actually, making me anything works: food, a music mix, a story, a drawing, I'll love anything that's done specifically for me.
6. Listen to me. I go off on tangents sometimes. Just pay attention to what I'm saying. It's okay if you tease me when I lose my train of thought or stop making sense, just... don't ignore me.
7. Like the things I like. We don't have to have everything in common, but sharing taste in music/movies/TV/books is a good place to start, and I do love suggesting things based on what you already like. Take my suggestions once in a while, engage with me on some fannish topic, and you've got me hooked.
8. Be unattainable. Yes, I realize this is self-defeating, but it seems like the people I want the most are always the ones I can't have for some reason.

day 22| catharsis time— let something or someone go

I still harbor a little bit of resentment towards Kristin for what she said to me in May 2008. I need to let go of it. I've basically forgiven her but I still get a little bit pissed off when I think about it... it's not worth the negativity. I'm done with being upset about something that happened so long ago. (it helps that I'm making a new best friend, though.)

I am not exactly fascinating

  • Sep. 3rd, 2010 at 4:10 PM
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Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1. When I meditate, my happy place is the seashore by the boardwalk at Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Even if I try to imagine other places, they're always where land and water meet.
2. I am sapiosexual: intelligence turns me on, and I find it difficult to be attracted to somebody really stupid. This doesn't mean I'm automatically attracted to someone because they're smart, but it goes a long way towards getting me to that point.
3. I try to do my best to treat everyone the way I'd like to be treated. Sometimes better.
4. Ginger is my favorite spice, followed closely by cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla.
5. I get most of my new music from fanmixes these days. I have over 20 fanmix playlists in iTunes and the great majority of them are Sherlock fanmixes.
6. I generally fall asleep lying on my stomach and wake up on my back. Sometimes I can do either lying on my side, but for the most part I flop over at some point of unconsciousness.
7. I am not allergic to any foods or medications (that I know of), but I am allergic to dust and most furry animals.
8. I do not have any clear memories that aren't mediated by my glasses. I've worn them since I was nine, I don't remember what it was like not having them.
9. I used to be scared of thunderstorms... now they excite me and a little bit arouse me. Yes, I can get turned on by inclement weather, no, I don't know what that's all about, either.

It was incredibly difficult to come up with nine things I haven't talked about already. xD

day 21| describe your sleeping arrangements: bedding, stuffed animals, whatever

I have the lower bed in a bunkbed. I sleep with three pillows and four stuffed animals: Olivia, Mr. Squishy, Squee, and Cindy. My sheets are white with wavy grey lines, and my comforter is black with white and grey bubbles.

see? )

I have a lot of homework to do this weekend. Luckily I basically get a three-day weekend every week, because I only have one short class on Mondays. I should probably do my French now to get it out of the way, but I think I want a nap first.
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Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1. I miss getting hugs from you every day. That's the worst thing about being away at college.
2. You're going to do fine without me around. I have faith in you even if you don't have it in yourself. (don't let me down, kid)
3. You would be a perfectly decent person if you just thought a little more about how it feels to be treated the way you treat other people. I really hope you eventually figure that out.
4. You would laugh so hard at me right now if you knew what kind of straits I was in. And you'd be pretty well justified, too.
5. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have teaching my nonexistent kids than you. Good luck with your student teaching.
6. You amaze me on a regular basis. I don't know how you got to be so wonderful, but you are, and I love you dearly. ♥
7. I shouldn't love you, but I do anyways. I wish I could teach you what to do to break out of the terrible thought patterns you have going, because it hurts me to see you hate yourself so violently.
8. Is it like written somewhere that I must have a crush on one teacher every semester? Whatever, you're adorable and I love your accent.
9. I wish I could just wave a magic wand and fix your life because you shouldn't have to deal with the kind of shit you've been put through.
10. I really hope you're cureable, partly because I want you to be better and partly because I'm terrified that one day I'll end up like you are now.

remaining days )

day 20| pick something indulgent and treat yourself

Mmm, truffle. :3

remaining days )


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