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Well, that was really nice! The visitor was a Major from DHQ, not THQ, and she was very chill. Service was nice and was actually pretty interesting. I like it when pastors use the Message translation and not KJV or NIV or what have you. She preached on David and Goliath and, yu guys, Jim Kirk is the David of Starfleet, except instead of having a stone he had a hack snuck from Gaila to slay the mighty Kobayashi Maru, lol.

Then she took us out to lunch, which was also really nice. My mother and I got into one of the usual debates; one of the guys from the corps wrote a (hilariously poorly-grammared) letter to the editor, and someone replied, pointing out that the bit of Scripture he used was taken out of context and that the first letter was hateful and supportive of homeland terrorism. I read it, he was looking at me expectantly, and I said "Huh." When he followed me to the parking lot I told him that I thought the person was right, that attacks on, say, abortion doctors, are a sign of whack job fundamentalists and absolutely constitute terrorism.

Some people can't take a definition if it's on a dictionary page in front of them... Also, my mother thinks she's a Fundamentalist. HAHA, no mom, you're an Evangelist, because I would not be able to cope with living here if my parents were Fundamentalists. Thank God for sane Christians (haha, irony?)

NEW REGINA SPEKTOR ALBUM. OMG. Listening to it now, as in just put on Track 1. I'm excited that Genius Next Door is a studio track now, I love that song. Anyone want? (dumb question, I know, I just want a reason to upload it xD) Mmm, Regina.

My parents and sisters are going back to Balloon Fest tonight. I feel very unpleasant in the tummy region, so I'm going to stay here, maybe rewatch a Star Trek movie or some more episodes of TOS, do a little bit of cleaning up my room. And write. Because I want to write, and that makes me feel good about life. (also now I have a handful of deadlines)

At this moment, I am pretty happy. :)

eta: I think I'm going to try posing a question at the end of my posts from now on. So: How do you feel about "Five Times (noun) (verb), and (number) Times They Didn't" fic?

Personally, I love them. I like little snapshots into different possibilities, different POVs, different circumstances, I love the contrast ending. Some people at STKM have been denouncing the format... I don't get the hate.

eta again: oh my god I just realized how many of my stories I really don't want my remixer to pick, not because they're ~omg sacred to me~ but because I don't actually like them. D:!!! oh well, we'll see what happens, that's the fun of it, right?

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  • Nov. 16th, 2008 at 1:56 PM
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So. I went to church today. My mom and I left the house at 9 and didn't leave until 1:30, because after the service she (and I, by loyalty and boredom) got waylaid by one of the talkative crazies who had this gigantic revelation which is supported all over the Bible about everything that's wrong with the world. I used my awesome liberal powers to argue, and then got tired of his nattering and went out to the car.

Srs note: If I am talking to you about homosexual love being as valid as heterosexual love, and you bring up a story about how you were, and I'm not putting a whole lot of weight into this, almost raped twice, once in the church. and gay is evil? I am going to tell you that judging all gay people by that, I am perfectly within his frame of logic to judge all heterosexuals by one rapist. That got him to shut up (after the third fucking iteration of that part of the discussion).


Aaaanyway. I am trying to live, right now, with the belief that my life is better by making other people's lives better, and it seems to have helped my mother a lot to have me with her today. None of the rest of the family came.

This church... is completely batshit. One of the first members to introduce himself to me, and the only one wearing a S.A. uniform besides my mom, began the conversation with "Do you like hunting?" FAILBOATS, SIR. And he's one of the sane ones. The ratio of bugfuck crazy to reasonably sane, as far as I can tell, is about 2 to 1 out of my favor. I mean, most of them are nice... but I could draw a Venn diagram of crazy, stupid, and nice, and there'd be a whoooole lot of overlap and not too much clear space left for the simply nice.

I spent time before and after church writing... and now I will nap.


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