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I feel like an old woman going to bed so early, but I get tired so much these days... I woke up from 2 to 4, and then woke up for the day at 8, so that's...nine hours of sleep, with a break. xD Not bad.

Since I fucked my bedroom up last night, I am giving it the serious application of cleaning force today. My biggest problem for the moment is a tote full of magazines-- they're heavy and I'll probably never read them again. I've cut most of them up for pictures, but I don't want to just wholesale throw them away... can you recycle magazines?

So, a couple of articles on debt reduction say that the most important thing is to have an emergency fund in case something goes wrong. And the internet's got far better interest rates (I make something like 2 cents per cycle on my local bank). Right now I'm deliberating between ING and E*Trade. E*Trade has a better interest rate, but I've heard a lot of good things about ING... does anyone have experience with either of them, or suggestions about how to handle this sort of thing?

Speaking of emergency funds, I had a dream that my parents bought me this awesome red car with racing stripes and it had like 11 seats-- waaay bigger on the inside than the outside-- and I went cruising with my family and my friends and Alex Trebek was sitting shotgun. Also part of the dream involved going to see "Stardust", which was not the Gaiman movie, but a crazy apocalyptic flick in which the world was eventually saved by giant robots, and I was like "OMG SWEET I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS A MECHA MOVIE!!!" Weird....

I am halfway through Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, and I am enjoying it quite a lot. I only have four days to finish it, though...! 500 pages, four days.. usually, I would say no problem, but my attention span, she is feeble.

Anyhow. I have four hours until my appointment, and I am going to get some srs stuff done, and possibly make that short political post before I go.


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