Apr. 26th, 2011

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Tonight Shane told me we need to make time to spend together because we really haven't had much alone time since our first date. Which is true, we only see each other at choir and clubs, and we had about an hour alone on Saturday but we just sat around talking. I have a feeling that I'm not a very good girlfriend, but I pretty much never think I'm a very good girlfriend no matter who I'm with... because most of the time, I am a pretty bad one. I have massively screwed up the last three or four relationships I was in, and yeah, it was mostly if not entirely my fault that things went wrong.

I just don't want to fuck this up. We only have a few more weeks left of class, and then I won't see her probably for the entire summer, but we're both too busy this weekend to hang out-- she's got papers, I've got that presentation, neither of us has any time. And I guess I would rather be in a relationship that's just okay than no relationship at all, but I would still rather have it be good than just mediocre.

Anyways. Tonight in Sex Collective we sat around watching really questionable porn, just terribly acted and very repetitive stuff, there were only five of us there and we sat around making fun of it and it was a good time... but we only have two Sex Collective meetings left this semester. Which is kind of sad-making.

On the bright side, yesterday Mary and I went into Glen Park and looked around, and even the rooms that aren't fantastic in that building are pretty nice. And if we don't get into GP (which we probably will) then we're going to go for one of the nice rooms in Weld with a good view of the lake. Room selection isn't until May 3rd, but it's nice to have this somewhat figured out ahead of time. And I'm looking forward to rooming with Mary. We get along well, and her tendency to stay up late will be mitigated by the fact that she has an 8:15 class two days a week. My schedule is looking nicer and nicer in comparison-- nothing before 12:30 and Mondays off? Yeah, I can deal with that.

Now... I should go study for this French test in the morning. I'm not too worried about the grammar, but it's the fucking vocabulary that always trips me up. I'm really going to be relieved when I'm finished with foreign languages. Not that I don't appreciate having a basic knowledge of French, but realistically, when am I ever going to use it? I don't plan on going to France ever, and I don't even have the proper documentation to be able to go to Montreal any more. Meh.


  • Apr. 10th, 2011 at 1:46 PM
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Yesterday was fucking fantastic. I started the day by getting dressed all nicely for my date and I looked super cute in my grey dress, blue scarf and green eyeliner.

I actually won the Erotica Reading contest! I wasn't so sure I would after hearing some of the other entries, but they liked mine the best... and people actually were squirming as I was reading. :D Evian even asked for a copy to keep. So pegging FTW, literally! xD

Then Shane and I left for Ithaca. We talked on the way there and it turns out that she's liked me since November. I was all like "O.O Really?" But yes. She just never would have spoken up about it, so I'm glad I asked her! We got to the mall a little early so we went to the SPCA store and looked at the kitties first, and then hit up the Borders there which is closing this week. I have no idea where the closest Borders is now, because Syracuse and Ithaca are both gone.

We saw Paul, and it was hilarious. I love Simon Pegg and Nick Frost so much, it's beyond words. Their nerdery makes me so happy. I laughed so hard I almost hurt myself.

After the movie we left the theater and it had gotten cold out... and I hadn't really thought my outfit through very well because it was a sleeveless dress and a thin scarf... so Shane let me wear her coat. ♥ Then we went out for Indian, which was delicious, and we came back to Aurora and she came up to my room and ended up spending the night.

Yeah. :D

So now I have a girlfriend, and it's Facebook-official and everything. It's so exciting!


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