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  • Aug. 18th, 2010 at 11:12 PM
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So... Jon got arrested.

Not just arrested. There was a stakeout and strategic sting operations in order to catch him, because apparently he burglarized a bunch of places in Plattsburgh. FOUR DIFFERENT TYPES OF POLICE were on the scene to arrest him: state police, city police, university police, and the county sheriff. He got caught in the act and REFUSED TO SURRENDER.

Here's the article in the Press-Republican.

Yeah, I'm not worried about getting a letter back from him any more. Moving forward without even thinking about glancing back, now. I can honestly say I've slept with a felon. I don't think that's a good thing, but it's certainly interesting.

I'm making myself lol with the tags, at least...

Writer's Block: Five-Finger Discount

  • Jan. 22nd, 2009 at 1:26 PM
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Short answers, HAHAHA YES, and are you kidding? No.

Long answers, I am recovering from a serious shoplifting habit. I mean, serious. If you've been on my flist longer than a year, you know what I mean. I was arrested twice, went through a year of probation, and still didn't stop.

Now I'm seriously making the attempt to quit. After a while, it's not even a conscious thing, it's just... to see if I can. I'll look at something and when I walk out it'll be up my sleeve and I didn't even realize I put it there. Is that the pathology of kleptomania?

I don't steal from people. I don't steal from small businesses. But chain stores... oh man, that way lies madness. >>

OKAY, I didn't mean to write about that but the Writer's Block caught my eye. What I really meant to post:

The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises. They're following 500 promises Obama made, and marking them off as they get completed, put into action, or broken. Look, it's hope in quantifiable form. xD

HEY. Ladies who were discussing the potential Pedobear-bait sidekick of our favorite villain: The actor's name is Dan Byrd, according to the TVGuide article. Nothing in his filmography about it yet, but our show is pretty good with keeping the spoilers under wraps. >>

OH HEY WAIT, much better spoilers re: sidekid and DaddyGray! Thank you, Kristin at EOnline, I love youuuuu.

OK YEAH AND: I had a dream, part of it was all apocalypty, oh no half of the United States is underwater, time to escape, whatever. But the most memorable part: Sitting on a couch, reading poetry aloud, while Sylar sat across the living room listening and knitting. Very quickly and efficiently, I might add, but it was something brightly-colored and silly-looking. xD

Oh, Oscar nominees have been revealed...and the only movie I've seen out of the main categories is The Dark Knight. >> I am so uncultured.

on a scale of one to awesome...

  • Mar. 8th, 2007 at 8:02 PM
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The hamper trick two: electric boogaloo.

Not only was the wicker suitcase adorable, it fit a lot of things. And it didn't matter that I took a precaution because I do believe there's no warning on the retail side.

I have a new optical mouse. :D

Nap + starbucks cinnamon dolce frappuchino = wiiiiiiiired. Wired and oh so cocky. Oh yes.

Nov. 6th, 2006

  • 9:12 AM
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Note to Kristin: if you go by the student store today, could you grab some vicks vaporub and mucinex for Kelly? She's dying of congestion. Thx. ♥

I ended up being kidnapped yesterday after going to the mall with Kristin. George Tyndall and his girlfriend were going to bring me home, but I had to go to my brother's anyway to drop off some pants for him, and spent... an hour and a half or so there, watching UFC and some thing on UFO technology, playing with the pit bull puppy, watching George try to haxx0r my brother's X-Box. (which is not a euphemism, but sounds like it should be one.) After that, George was all, "...yeah, you're coming with us." and I got whisked off to some kid I went to high school with's place for ten minutes, then we ended up at Kelly's, playing mad amounts of board games and Guitar Hero.

I usually suck at Guitar Hero, but I got 89% on Ziggy Stardust on easy, so. xD I felt accomplished.

Yesterday at the mall I got a Fall Out Boy hoodie. I'm such a scene kid. :x

This afternoon I believe my time has been claimed by George Tyndall again. Which is cool by me. I just need to have a little while to myself because the words are collecting and gathering and if I don't get them out soon, I'm afraid they'll go bad, and when I finally write it'll be more like lancing a boil than squeezing juice out of an orange.

I don't know why, though. Just the feeling I have. It's cold and grey out again, and the Postal Service is like a photoshop sharping layer, making everything have defined edges because of the synthesized openings. I keep brushing the hair out of my eyes, but it goes right back in. I've been awake since 7:30; I should really do my laundry before I leave for work.

Aug. 25th, 2006

  • 12:01 AM
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Today, in a word, rocked. xD Hit the mall with Kristin after getting twice the paycheck I expected, got a new purse to replace my beloved but much-falling-apart grey one, got some shirts and a really cute skirt, a couple of keychains (one says "My sexual preference is not you"), a book, new lip gloss, some mints, and a new thingy of cocoa butter body butter. Very successful. :D

We caught Accepted, finally-- Justin Long is so adorable, it makes me want to squish him. And he sang Blitzkreig Bop! I almost squeed right out of my chair. Oh Justin. It was a funny movie, too. Surprisingly good. :) There was a preview for Idlewild, I totally kind of want to see that now. I like the style and the music a lot. :D

The animals in the house have gone insane. Xena's got allergies, the cat crapped on Rachael's hand, and Sadie slipped a disc in her back and now she has to be carried around when she gets home from the vet, but she's also been biting. My dad has mentioned putting her down if she can't be helped without serious costs, and my mom got all pissed. I have to say I agree with him: a dog is not a person, we shouldn't be dropping $1000 to try and fix a dog who's so damaged already. I'll miss her, of course, but.... eh, it's not even the issue yet. She's still around and I'll have to take care of her on my own all weekend.

My parents and sisters are leaving for camp tomorrow, and my brother may be moving out this weekend. :O I don't know what to do.

Today, I had a wonderful sandwich. Two slices of mozarella cheese, one smallish cut-up tomato, basil picked fresh right out of my mom's garden, and a teeny drizzle of olive oil on wheat bread. mmmmm.

I can still smell olive oil on my hands though, even after washing them twice, taking a shower, and rubbing on cocoa butter. :/

I got my first book today from, too! Eeee, so excited about that. :D

And finally, a meme lifted from [ profile] furryhatsrock and [ profile] parabolabear:
Leave in your journal a list of fictional characters or people from whom you'd love to get letters. It's your friends-list's mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you in the comments said letters from the people on the list. Feel free to post anonymously.

1. Gil Grissom (CSI)
2. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
3. Gregory House (House)
4. Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
5. PC (Mac commercial)
6. Mac (Mac commercial)
7. Dana Scully (X-Files)
8. The Doctor (Doctor Who)
9. Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)
10. Charles "Haywire" Patoshik (Prison Break)


who's got the biggest balls of them all?

  • Feb. 27th, 2006 at 7:19 PM
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-assorted DVDs (total value: $199, before tax)
-one wool coat (value: $79.99, marked down from $225)
-three hats (total value: roughly $60)
-one package of boy briefs (value: unknown, didn't look when I took)
-one straw, Icee brand (value: unknown, unmarked)
-one sleep mask (value: $7.99)
-one pair boxers (value: $12.50)
-one pair pants (value: $29.50)
-one t-shirt (value: $19.50)

Today, I am a ninja.
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Wow, I spaced out last night.

Yesterday work passed hella quick, which is always nice when it happens. There was one instance in which I thought my dad was gonna pimp-slap a bitch, but it didn't happen, even though it would have been HI-larious. Kristin and I exchanged presents, if any of you have her on your flists then you already know I did like the best thing ever and got her two movies and two CDs co-starring or by her favorite PB ever, Keram Malicki-Sanchez, who is, as shown here, an incredibly fine piece of ass. She flailed and stuff, I would call that mission accomplished re: giftgiving. *gigglefits* She got me this awesome tiny wood-and-leather suitcase to hold my BPAL, which I need to fit out with a wood lattice-type thingy to divide the bottles up and it's awesome.

After work, we hung out with Amber, finally, after far far too long, and gave her her presents too, and then we went and looted the mall. xD And, wow, Amber has been up to the most incredible hobby when she wasn't hanging out with us, collecting street signs. I'm so jealous, I only had one and it was my own street sign. She has, like, TOWN signs. xD

So, yes, looting. We got the last part of Jessmika's Kristmus Presentes, I lifted Freaks and Geeks sans box for Amber, got Harold and Kumar for myself, and in EB Amber bought me Kung Fu Hustle and The Bourne Identity and Kill Bill all used and I got Evan the cute guy who works there to give me a creepy weird Korean film for free. xD And, aklsdjlkjs, Kristin totally went back in after I left and was all "hay du think mi frend iz kyute circle yes or no" and apparently he got that stupid look that means yes. Or something. Aaaah. But he's not dating, which is, you know, okay because neither am I. But. Aaah.

Other things looted: two pairs of pants, a jacket, a shirt, three miscellaneous DVDs, Tinkerbell pins for Kristin. I don't know what everyone else got, we're too sly we don't even see each other working. xD But it was a very productive day, and hanging out with Amber is the ++fun.

Oh. Oh, right. I saw Amit, who I haven't seen since I let him borrow my pipe and he broke it the second half of my freshman year. He's working as a Santa elf, and he's going to India in like a week, and almost the first thing he said to me was "Wow, you have lost a lot of weight." So, black is a good color on me, because I don't think I've lost more than five or six pounds since he saw me if I haven't gained some. xD But you know, compliments are always good. I was all "eee."

And, final note, wow is it strange to realise a whole chain of relationships. One day I'm going to sit down and make a chart of how my characters know each other, because a lot of them do.

But that day will come after I finish my christmas cards. omg these are going to be so late.

eta: Last night I weighed myself, and this morning I weighed myself. And I apparently lost three pounds overnight. Some of that was clothes, I get that, but... still. That doesn't seem right. I'm not going to complain unless I'm sick, I just hope I'm not. Yet. Not until I get insurance again.

Dec. 14th, 2005

  • 11:20 PM
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The new owner of Sports Night? The complete series? Yeah hi that'd be me. Also Jackass season 1 and some smooth new brushed khaki pants.

God, sometimes I love being antisocial and prone to illegal and deviant behavior. :D :D :D Because you know what it gets me? Stuff and awesome naps. I win at today.

Got shotgunned-- once-- in my driveway coming home. ONCE and I was wicked baked, lay down for a nap and it was awesome, dreamed about my characters all having an awesome party and dancing around, it was sweet. Woke up feeling great, chinese food for dinner, helped count kettles, then off to the mall with Kristin and my brother.

Dennis? Now kitted out with new work clothes, since he's upgrading from dishroom to hosting. My little brother is the win. He got new shoes, too. Then he left, Kristin and I went about, got DVDs (she has Queer as Folk s1 and the awesome version of Sin City, I got Sports Night, In Good Company, and... That 70's Show for Dennis, I think, and bought the full series of Jackass for my dad.), got Madison's Christmas pressie, played Pump and matched each other the whole time (D, A, F on Winter which is fucking NUTSO), cheered up Evan who was having a bad day, I harrassed the cute Jewish guy who does the hand cream kiosk... it was fun and profitable and stuff. And then we took a cab home, and again with the awesome cabbie and the overtipping. xD

So basically? Today is winning for me. And I love it.
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Julia is a fiend. I shudder to think how much higher that number would have been had we a car to dump things in. And another hour to do it. xD

Last push for cleaning, despite the headache, because Ai and Shell will be here in like 16 hours OMFG.

RENT was, just, fucking indescribable what it did to me. I bawled steadily for like the last half an hour. I'll actually do a review a little later, now is cleaning time. With my new fucking awesome slippersocks. AWESOME.

(also later tonight: starting my Christmas cards! Hop on the bandwagon. I promise not to send holiday anthrax.)


  • Nov. 7th, 2005 at 11:38 PM
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I am getting so brassy at the mall it's not even funny anymore.

But hey, I have a HOT new shirt with David Bowie on it, and an awesome hoodie/blazer combo thingy. HOT.

Also, BPAL lab order came in today: a bunch of imps I'm totally pleased with, and Blood Moon, which OH MY GOD NOSEGASM. Blood Moon = new favorite Lunacy blend, why did I only order one bottle, need more now! *writhe* It's so woodsy and feral and sexy. Unf.

And, um, I kind of ended up with an American Eagle credit card today. >_> Oh snap, I suck. I'm never going to use it, of course, I'm going to pay it off and hold it for an utter emergency and then cut it up when it expires. But, omg, I couldn't help it, the guy behind the counter was hot and I just had to say yes. >_> Also my little brother's friend, a total sweetie I went to high school with (she's in his grade, I think she's at Clinton Community with him?), is all "hey! omg I'll hook you up with family and friends discount come back soon! ♥" and I was all "awwwww" and stole her a Christmas gift from Bath and Body Works. xD

(guilty, guilty admission: AE is actually a cool store. omg I didn't say it.)

And now, oh god, new 360! Anderson looks SO good all surrounded in blue, the new color scheme flatters him SO well. Mmm. Andy.

Mkay going to do some writing now. Sleeping in tomorrow because no work, woooo!

Oct. 28th, 2005

  • 2:01 AM
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Cords, a sweater, a shirt. Gloves. Smelly pretties, roll-on oil aromatherapies, so obvious but never called on it. A necklace, some stickers, candy.

More and more trivial every time.

I should make my little brother get an LJ. He always has the funniest stories to tell, or maybe I just think so. Still. A bank error in his favor today; he's getting a new job at the 99. Bartending.

We did bong hits in the mall parking lot, him and me and George. Giggling. Then went in and stole from Old Navy. I looked more tired than stoned, more stupid than anything. I feel stupid all the time these days, trivial and stupid. And none of my efforts to make things better matter for shit, apparently, brushed off for LJ drama and I'm just starting more.

Oh, god, I hate myself when I'm passive-aggressive.

Tomorrow I have to call a lady at the Bursar's office. Should have done it months ago. "no, I'm not attending class, yes I will be once I'm not crazy anymore, no I'm not getting help, sorry." Self medication, I should be able to write off Dennis's bong hits as a medical expense, perks me up for a little while. Makes it seem like maybe I won't have to kill myself come January when I'm still here, still working at the SA and living in my parents' house and still a total, miserable, lonely fuckup.

And THAT is why I can't put up with myself past this time of night, past this point of exasperation with people. Because annoyance becomes guilt becomes self-loathing. And man, do I have a fuckton of transubstantiated self-loathing to chew on now. YAY.

Trivial. Bean knowledge, a la Osaka.

all you want is all you're gonna get

  • Oct. 25th, 2005 at 9:23 AM
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You know why I can't wait for hurricane season to just fucking end already?

I am so, so so so SO sick of having evacuation dreams. Packing up the family, getting into a van, and trying to outride the catastrophe of the season =/= my idea of fun.

Though this one was much calmer than most.

I woke up with one sock off; I have no idea what's happened to my sheet, and my comforter has reached that special stage of life when all the batting has bunched up in use-inconsistent places. All of my winter clothes from last year? Still out in the garage. Either I start taking mad longsleeved Tshirts and thin sweaters from Old Navy, or I have to get out there, you know, before it SNOWS. (i.e., tomorrow.)

Speaking of taking mad stuff, I got awesome Prismacolor markers at Michael's yesterday. Also fun tiny bags that will be perfect for imp-type giftgiving. AND GEL PENS. AHAHAHA GEL PENS.

So, hey, that lip gloss/candles/fun stuff thing Kristin and I were doing? Still available, certainly. (and thinking about it, I just realized I have an envelope with a return address on it and imps in it, and the lady never paid so it's just sitting there unlabeled. Grrr.) So anyone who expressed interest previously and is still interested, pipe up and I will inform you of the magic and wonder that could await you (yes you!) for the low low price of seven US dollars, shipping included.

...I'm too tired to be an infomercial. And it is so, so grey outside, I fear I may not wake up all day. I'll be a sleepy, frozen Danicicle until March.

What happened to autumn? I'm not ready for winter yet! I barely had my yearly allotment of apple cider and maple candy!

Cue the sax solo...

  • Oct. 19th, 2005 at 11:10 AM
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-_- If I'm talking to you and I suddenly cut out, it's probably because my STUPID-ASS COMPUTER keeps having to (and FAILING TO) renew its IP address for some ungodly reason.




So I got to bed around, oh, five a.m. Dying dead of sleeploss, but happy. xD Yesterday was an amazingly profitable day; my Vince Noir outfit is literally one component away from completion. :D Also, omgsocks. I LOVE THESE SOCKS THEY FEEL LIKE CLOUDS.

And then I had a dream about a bunch of characters that have never met all shopping together at Bed Bath and Beyond. xD Which, you know, makes more sense if it's PBs, since Ville Valo and Bam Margera are all tight and stuff, but no, it was Kai and Pax, and Kai was teasing Pax about buying black satin king-sized sheets and Pax was all "Shut up, I get twice as laid as you do."


And, you know, I overslept until 10:45. Oops. And last night my little brother was on my case about getting a real job, and also invited me along to smoke with him on a more regular basis. xD Both of which I'm considering.

And now... mostly awake, mostly cheerful, writing and happy and going RIGHT THE HELL TO SLEEP once I'm out of work. Because, snooze. What? Control my RP habit? No, no, I'll just sleep at different times. Right.


  • Oct. 13th, 2005 at 11:27 PM
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$142.50, and that's just me. Kristin had another $70 or 80, and Amber had at least $120.

We're some smooth motherfuckers, I'm telling you. xD

In other news, [ profile] ciara_belle, your package shipped today! And now I know what international shipping for a moderately stuffed package is. :D

Right now I feel pretty awesomely chill. I'm happy. :D

Oct. 4th, 2005

  • 9:49 PM
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six hundred and forty three dollars.
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I have been sleeping so well since I got that imp of Somnus and started using it. Just a dab on each wrist, and my dreams are calm and pleasant, and going to bed at 3:30 and waking up at 9 feels more like going to bed at midnight once I wake up. I feel great.
Guess what I'm getting a 5ml of next order. >_> In November, because "Beaver Moon" =/= appealing-sounding. Yeeeah.

Anyhow, I had a dream about shoplifting while I was at the store with my dad, except everything was in those big plastic blisterpacks so it was really hard. *_*; If I'm dreaming about this, maybe that's a bad sign...

Except I never told you guys about my amazing browncoat heist, did I? xD September 30th, about.... I don't know, an hour or so before Kristin and Amber and I saw Serenity, I stole a brown corduroy jacket from Old Navy. Made like I was trying it on, put on my hoodie over it, and walked out smooth as you please. That was a day of gigantic brass balls for the three musketeers, though; there were shirts and Chucks and lots of expensive chocolate also pulled, but my pride of the day was making sure I had a brown coat for Serenity. xD

Amber, I think, was the ballsiest; she got ink-tagged T--shirts and then removed the ink tags without getting it all over her shirts. AND got the new Family Guy DVD. Very, very moxious.

Although Kristin was very ballsy in her procurement of a CD and half of the pair of Chucks (I took the other half, but she orchestrated it all). I think we all had gigantic balls that day, honestly. Just really, really big ones.

To reiterate one last time: BALLS.

And while I was cleaning last night, I found Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, which hey, I should send back to Netflix. I don't even know why I have the subscription anymore. Bleh. I'd say I'll watch it when I come home, but I'm actually watching lots of Doodlebops to clear off my DVR and then maybe some Firefly. *loves on the DVR*

Final point of order: I wanted to use my new Prison Break icon, but Guildenstern being gangsta' fits this post slightly better. :D


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