December 25th, 2011

Dec. 25th, 2011

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Merry Christmas, everybody who cares to be wished one. Happy Isaac Newton's birthday, everyone else.

I got exactly what I expected for Christmas: all the clothes I bought on Black Friday. I am going to need a new duffel bag to get all of these clothes to Albany. Plus some little things from my sister (mints and a stuffed dog), a Hot Topic gift card from Ricky (Julia held up the copy of Metalocalypse I gave her and said "Here's your Hot Topic gift card."), $10 off Victoria's Secret which I will probably use tomorrow at their buy one get one 50% bra sale, and a chocolate Advent calendar. So I guess I'll be eating that through January. Also cash monies. Lots of cash monies. Like $260. Which would go into the bank tomorrow if there was a Key Bank in MA, but there isn't, so I'm going to be trying to live frugally off that while I'm in Albany and see if there's any left to deposit when I go back to school. At least not having it in the bank will keep me from spending it online. Which is for the best because otherwise I would be blowing a lot of money on Lush tomorrow when they start their BOGO sale on holiday gift sets. There's one $60 box that is full of the best-sounding bath bombs and bubble bars and I want it SO BAD. Agh.

I'm probably going to give my parents some cash so I can use their credit card to buy Shane's b-day/Christmas gift. She likes cute socks, I found cute socks, let's do this thing.

Julia liked the pipe I got her very much. :D I'm super glad. It's really unique, I thought she would find it cool.

I have spent a lot of time on r/trees on Reddit lately. Like, a LOT of time. Days. I like it there. Stoner humor makes me happy.

Anyways. I'm going to go putz around the house. Maybe take a bath. Peace out, mes amis.


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