so much to do D:

  • Nov. 23rd, 2010 at 10:01 PM
femmealunettes: (westwood. : Jim)
Things I need to at least get halfway done over the next five days:

one fake advertisement for Dr. Lohn with accompanying page and a half on why it's an effective advertisement/the theory behind the design (due December 7?)
one powerpoint project on bisexuals in the media for Prof. Meij with accompanying 8-12 page paper (presentation due December 2, paper due December 13)
one 3-5 page essay about an issue in mass media from the perspective of a grassroots movement/organization for Prof. Meij (due December 2)
one 2-4 page lesson plan for teaching a mass media class for Prof. Meij (due December 2)
one 4 page paper on the logic behind supporting gay marriage for Prof. Geller (due December 7?)
writing a rough draft of a resume to show to Eric Vaughn
contacting the Cauyga/Seneca Community Action Agency regarding my internship
recording the second half of my Podbang fic and editing the whole thing together (absolutely must be submitted by Sunday night)

The only class I don't have something immediately pressing for is French, and I think I have a test Friday the 3rd. I have a workshop presentation for middle schoolers for EdPsych on Wednesday the 1st that I don't feel completely confident about (and I think we might have a group meeting on Tuesday), and I'm not sure what the final exam situation is for that class.

So my ideal situation would be.... probably doing the long paper and building the powerpoint project off that tomorrow, doing the advertisement Thursday, attacking the lesson plan idea first and the grassroots paper second on Friday, probably taking Saturday to finish up everything for Meij, doing the research for the logic paper on Sunday and writing it on Monday night... I have to try contacting the C/SCAA either tomorrow or next week, because I have to have the paperwork finalized by December 10, and I need my resume done before I send them the paperwork to sign. So the resume is one thing I'm allowed to procrastinate by doing, if I don't end up doing the majority of it tonight, and the podfic recording is what I get to do for fun when I finish the long paper.

This is not going to be a fun relaxing break. :/ It's my fault for putting things off for a long time/not doing them immediately when they're assigned.

But for tonight, the only thing I'm going to do is get some serious reading done in Goblet of Fire.


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