Nov. 18th, 2011

  • 4:27 PM
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Oh, today. Today exceeded my expectations so far that I couldn't have even guessed it would turn out so well this morning. It's only been a few hours since I made my last post and things are just so good.

Okay, so I went to table for Sugar High selling cupcakes, and before I started I ran up to Macmillan to cash my paycheck. I was standing in line when Professor Bennett walked by me, saw me, and smiled. I smiled back. Of course I did, I love Bennett, he's a fantastic person, I like him a lot, of course I smiled. And he walked on, and I was like "oh, well, that's nice," and then he called my name. So I turned to look at him and he asked if he could talk to me. Well, every other time someone has said that to me lately has turned out really well. So I stepped out of line to talk to him.

And what he said was, "Would you like to do an independent study with me? You could read Eliot and keep writing formal poetry." And I was like "Uh, YES" and he went on to say that it was sad that I declared my English minor so late, if I'd done it last year I could have taken more classes on topics I would have enjoyed, but this independent study would basically allow us to get together to have a conversation about whatever poetic topics we decide are appropriate (which means I'm going to do at least half a semester on Eliot. I CAN STUDY THE WASTE LAND. I CAN WRITE A FUCKING PAPER ON PRUFROCK IF I WANT TO.) and for him to advise me on my poetry craft. It's just one credit hour, which means it's all going to be very casual and laid-back and basically YEAH I JUST GET TO HAVE A LONG CONVERSATION WITH AN AWESOME PROFESSOR EVERY WEEK. We could do it at tea time and just sit around with coffee and cookies and talk about poetry. I have class with him three times a week next semester anyways, I could just hang around after class one day a week.

SO FUCKING PSYCHED ABOUT THIS. I immediately went to get the paperwork I need to make this happen. I don't technically have to have it in until just before I leave for the winter, but I want to have this done by the time I leave for Thanksgiving. If I can work with him over the weekend through e-mail to get the details ironed out, I can bring this form back to the Registrar on Monday morning.

And then! I went back to the dining hall to sell cupcakes, and I felt my phone buzz, and when I checked it, it was an e-mail from Professor Gagnon, who finished reading my thesis and said basically that it was fantastic and if she was grading it she would give it an A. She made a few small edits, but more or less said "it's done, you did a great job, congratulations."

Sooooooooooooo I'm going to go back to my room after I'm done here at "work" (I have been fucking off on Facebook since 1:30), make the edits to the thesis as suggested by Gagnon and Markowitz, and call it complete. I don't need to hand in a hard copy, I just have to send the file back to Markowitz by Tuesday, so I can do that tonight and not have to worry about it at all any more (or at least not until I get back from Thanksgiving break), and I can focus on the rest of the stuff I have to do to make it through this semester.

But. I passed both sections of Yoga. I will probably get an A for Senior Sem. I will almost definitely get an A for Poetry Writing. I will most likely get an A for Bio Bases of Behavior. I will probably get a low A or a high B for Gender, Power, Lit and Film, if my papers live up to the standard my first paper set. I don't even give a fuck what I get in Environmental Sustainability any more, but I will be surprised if it's less than a B.

I am SO making Dean's List this semester. My GPA might even go up! Oh man it would be so nice if my GPA went up. Last semester I was sweating my grades until they were all in; this semester I am not sweating anything. It's fucking revolutionary what this is doing to my mood. I feel like a different person. This lack of stress has remade me.


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