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Dec. 16th, 2011

  • 7:30 PM
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After seven hours in the car, I am back in New Bedford. I am surrounded by pets and family. I feel kind of nauseous from being in the car for so long, but aside from that I'm fine. I just got to snuggle Butcher, I'm okay.

Last night McKenna was lonely, so I invited her over and we watched a movie and split a pomegranate. The movie was Legend, which has a young and pretty hot Tom Cruise in it. You know, back before he was crazy.

I miss my friends already. I miss Shane and we only parted ways eight hours ago. I don't miss the dining hall, or the classes, or the cold (it's a little bit warmer in a coastal town), but I miss the people a lot.

Now I have to haul all my crap up to Julia's room and make enough space for me to stay comfortably for the next two weeks. And do a bunch of laundry. And take a fucking bubble bath, I've been looking forward to THAT for months (even though I just found out yesterday that there is a bathtub in Weld, nice to know).

My N key is only semifunctional. I have to hammer it to get it to register. Maybe they can fix that when I have them replace the fan, even though it has pretty much stopped overheating, it's still a two year old laptop and a new fan is probably a good idea, especially if my father is paying for it.

Oh. Also? I am pulling a 4.0 for the semester with three out of five grades in. I know one of the remaining grades is going to be an A or an A+. I would like to earn an A or an A- in Gender, Power, Lit and Film, but it's going to take a while to get that grade because I only just handed in the final yesterday. Still: I am definitely on the Dean's List this semester. Go me!


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