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  • Jan. 1st, 2011 at 3:00 AM
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Watched 2001: A Space Odyssey before midnight (it scared the HELL out of me) and The Town after midnight (surprisingly romantic for a heist flick). Only counting the second one for my resolution... should I do a little movie review for each one I count this year? Here's my mini-review: I like movies set in Boston, I'm surprisingly fond of Ben Affleck, and see? that's what happens when Stockholm Syndrome doesn't work. xD

Also Felix and I met Mary in Syracuse today and saw Tron: Legacy 3D. It was pretty cool? I liked the first one a little bit better, I think. I was happy to see Mary.

Tomorrow Felix and I are going to clean all the things and make all the banana bread.

Movie: High School Musical

  • Jan. 26th, 2008 at 6:42 AM
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man people should be like hobbits more and give their friends stuff for their bithdays, because Kristin done gave me the gayest most sugarsyrup musical thing evar

i do not think this would be half as incredible if I wasn't little. red. different. right now but I AM and THEREFORE IT IS BEST

Bonus stage: HSM 1+2 directly after HARMONY and tonight's Psych

Everyone is BFFs and singing and dancing and I do believe that Ryan Evans could teach John Sheppard how to dance

oh yes he could

Movie: Cloverfield

  • Jan. 25th, 2008 at 1:42 AM
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Cloverfield (2008)

yeah, full cut. warning: don't click if you liked the movie. )
Maybe if I'd bothered getting caught up in the viral hoo-ha, I'd have liked it. I don't think a movie should depend on extramedia sources to be enjoyable, though. Maybe that's old-school of me. :P

Aside from that, I had a nice night. Kristin enjoyed the movie, at least. xD We malled around a bit, I got a huge delicious applemint candle for $3.50, and then we spent a pleasant couple of hours hanging around with [livejournal.com profile] victoriansquid.

And now I think I'm going to go to bed, because it's late and I'm feeling decidedly blah.

Movie: Where the Heart Is

  • Jan. 21st, 2008 at 7:55 PM
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Where the Heart Is, produced in 1990, is a totally ridiculous look at an overly-affluent Manhattan family-- the fed-up dad, doting mom, and spoiled kids who get kicked out of the home nest to a property that the demolition company-running father has acquired but can't destroy.

Almost everyone in the movie is rich and spoiled, which makes them fun to mock, and the movie sure doesn't take itself too seriously... but man, it's so OLD. I couldn't get over the elderly "cutting edge" computers. xD

So basically the premise is, the dad kicks his two daughters and one son out to this place (the Dutch House?) and says "Here's $750 each, learn to fend for yourselves." They each go out and get someone to board with them, so soon there's Chloe the artist and her gay fashion designer friend Lionel, Jimmy the computer nerd and his stock-trader buddy Tom, and spaced-out Daphne and her homeless magician tutor(?!), Shitty. Which threw me off, having that be a character's name and everyone (even the rich momma) calling him that...

Then they all have to get jobs or find ways to get money, things are funny, then the dad's business collapses and it gets funnier, and everything gets sickeningly neatly tied up in the end. I really mean, in a disgustingly facile "happily ever after!" way, I was telling the cats how ridiculous I thought it was.

Highlights: 20 year old Uma Thurman and 22 year old David Hewlett. Especially the few minutes where David is wandering around in just a Cupid's costume. mnnnrgh there went my brain. Seriously, young!Uma's craziness and enthusiasm was so wonderful, and... seriously, 22 year old David Hewlett, that should just say it all. blond. and slouchy. and kjslkfl.

The best part that wasn't a person making me trip over my tongue was the incredible artwork. In the movie, Chloe is commissioned to do 12 large works for an insurance company calendar. The actual art was done by Timna Woollard, and each piece is a gorgeous trompe l'oeil incorporating a person as part of the canvas. Someone on the IMDB boards made the effort to capture each piece from behind the end credits, and they're really worth taking a peek at, more so than the movie itself perhaps. >> (shortcut: February is the one with Cupid!David. xD)

No quote, because the IMDB doesn't have any good ones and I'm too lazy to scan back through for a good one. Wrapping this up: suggested watching if you're a fan of Uma, David, or sappy family-and-friends, love-is-all-you-need flicks.

Movie: Open House

  • Jan. 13th, 2008 at 7:27 PM
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The movie musical is enjoying a revival right now. However, my fourth movie of the year is decidedly too early for that revival, a no-budget flick with dubious lyrics and unbelievable hilarity.

Open House (2004) is completely fucking nuts from the get-go. Starring Anthony Rapp (Mark Cohen from RENT), James Duval (Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko!), Kellie Martin (from some stuff I never watched), Jerry Doyle (Garibaldi from Babylon-5) and a bunch other people, this musical is about the antics of an open house Sunday.

Joel and Debbie are a couple looking for a house... who like to test-drive the beds, steal little things from one house to leave in the next, and aren't good at singing. xD Barry is the realtor trying to sell the adorable house where a whole bunch of shit goes down. Dave is the hapless jewel thief who stashes his ill-gotten gems in a vase that Joel and Debbie yoink... and things go kind of crazy from there.

Most of the time, Kristin and I kept looking at each other and going "SERIOUSLY?" or just cracking up. xD

The highlight of this movie-- to me, at least-- was Anthony Rapp's song toward the end. He's so tiny and earnest and adorable. Awwww. And the final sequence almost had me on the floor laughing so hard.

Not recommended for someone looking for a good example of a musical, but a cheerful goofy way to spend an hour and a half, if you can stomach the, at times, incredibly bad songwriting.

Across the Universe

  • Jan. 7th, 2008 at 4:18 AM
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Across the Universe. Made in 2007, didn't come out on this side of Lake Champlain and I am perpetually too broke for a ferry ticket on top of everything else... so Kristin found a screener copy online.

One word summary, trippy.

Evan Rachel Wood starred as Lucy, Jim, Sturgess as Jude, and Joe Anderson as Max, Lucy's brother. The whole film was awash not only with Beatles references, but other allusions to the music and musicians of the '60s. Bono was in it as an LSD-promoting trip doctor, and Eddie Izzard as the circusman Mr. Kite, both for the major lulz.

spoiler cut )

And the quote.... well, you get two.

Jude: What are you going to do if you don't go back to college?
Max: What any irresponsible, unmotivated, drop-out would do. Go to New York, like tonight.

Lucy: I would lay in front of a tank if it would bring Max back and end this war.
Jude: Yeah, it wouldn't.

And this is how I feel tonight:


  • Jan. 1st, 2008 at 6:59 PM
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Headache: gone. Appetite: also gone. I'm proud of myself for staying out of bed, this time, though. I think I did better this time because the sun went down and it's not all blinding white outside anymore.

As part of my two-movies-a-week resolution, I am going to post a short review when I finish each movie. And before I went to bed this last time, I hitched my iPod to the TV in my room (the first time it's been used since...August?), and sat down with one of my downloaded-for-Hewlett movies.

Cube is a Canadian horror/thriller released in 1997. What this meant for me going in was "aaaah David Hewlett ten years younger hawt!" What I got was considerably more than that.

I'm not big on horror, or gore, but I managed pretty well... most of the really gruesome stuff is in the early part of the movie, but it's kind of "hoshit where did THAT come from?" The basic idea is that seven people get dropped into this maze made of cubes. Some of the cubes are (very violently but creatively) booby-trapped, and the slowly-dwindling group has to work through the clues in the maze's design to get out of it.

The scenery is pretty boring-- all the cubes look the same except for different coloring, way to recycle a limited set. xD The characters are...kind of grating, really. But hey, you'd be an asshole too if you woke up in a box that was trying to kill you. And as they reveal more of themselves, they get more interesting. It's a short film, 90 minutes, and there are a whole bunch of twists in that hour and a half. And I can guarantee the ending will shake you up and quite probably piss you off. xD

Obviously, my favorite performance was by David Hewlett-- he got a lot of head injuries! Head injuries look kind of good on him. And his character had the best evolution (opposed to the devolution of another character). Second best goes to Nicole de Boer, already smokin' cute two years before she played Ezri Dax on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

And I think I'll end these reviews with a favorite quote from the movie.

Quentin: Somebody has to take responsibility around here.
Worth: And that somebody has to be you?
Quentin: Not all of us have the luxury of playing nihilist.
Worth: Not all of us are conceited enough to play hero.


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