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I have reason to believe that I was just prescribed steroids by Paul Dinello's offbeat, charming clinic-working younger brother. Does he have a younger brother? Because, for serious. David Dinello. Same face structure, similar hair. What.

Anyway yes, it's "a general rash", so I am supposed to take OTC antihistamines and prednisone. I don't care what the hell they give me as long as it makes me STOP ITCHING.

I had to drive to Marcellus with my mom for her appointment first, because the clinic didn't open until 9. Oddly enough, Marcellus is the only place in the area that has crazy hills, and because I didn't sleep, I was kind of motion sick. Aaaaawesome.

But now I am home, and I am nauseous and halfway out of my mind, so I am going to try and sleep now that the sun is up and I should be awake. Circadian rhythm? The fuck is that? I think you're lying. People don't do that.


someone cheer me up and write me a stupid funny little drabble or something? *puppy eyes*

Nov. 5th, 2008

  • 6:11 AM
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So, uh... the death rash is getting worse.

I'm kind of seriously contemplating introducing myself to the wonderful world of Cayuga County emergency rooms. Part of me keeps saying "oh, give it one more day" and part of me is like "oh hell no, I'm starting to look like, Mohinder-gross, let's get something done about it", but most of me just says "emergency room? D:"

At least I got something done while I was up fretting and itching. 1400 words of fic wham bam thank-ya ma'am Mohinder.


Okay, now back to your flist's celebrating Obama. :D

Nov. 19th, 2006

  • 9:35 AM
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Both my father and I are now sick with a totally different form of sickness than the coughing-runnynose-sneezing I've been fighting. AND it's that time of the month.


:( So at least church is cancelled. And it's 9:30, so screw this, I'm going back to bed.

Nov. 18th, 2006

  • 12:01 PM
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Things that do not help my cold:

Staying up until 2, watching Six Feet Under
Sticking tissues up my nose
Vitamin supplements
Pineapple juice

Things that do help my cold:

I.... am going back to bed until I can behave like a human being and not a sick, whiny gigantic running nose.

Nov. 16th, 2006

  • 10:30 AM
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I woke up sicker than I went to bed. :( DAMN YOU IMMUNE SYSTEM.

My mom's leaving for Massachusetts again, staying until Monday, because her sister's finally having that carpal tunnel surgery. I'm waiting until she leaves, because I'm the kind of five year old that wants to kiss mommy goodbye before she goes away, and then I'm going to take a very long, very hot bath, and then clean the house as much as I can because I bet my dad won't bitch at me for staying home if I get shit done.

oh man I hate being sick I feel like crap :(

and to add insult to injury, I'm like, what some frankenstein monster? great. )

Man, OKCupid test results come out UGLY.

Mrf. Finish this tea, wait for mom, go take a bath, pass the hell out again. I hate my throat right now. It's all pain. :( :( :(

Nov. 15th, 2006

  • 10:11 PM
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I just made like a million scene boy icons, so here, have a gratuitous one. Pete Wentz lika da monkey.

Still coughing, still feeling so blah. One more dose of vitameatavegemin Airborne and I hope this sick will be blasted out of me, though.

OH MY GOD WHAT YES~! Christopher Eccleston + being on TV = OTP PLUS IT'S HEROES OH GOD YES *fangasms*

Nov. 15th, 2006

  • 11:46 AM
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People have kept coming in all day and making me talk and move around. :(

My throat feels a little better, post-tea and vitamin, but then I smacked my head into a rack in the food pantry and now I have a headache AND an earache. Somehow being clumsy has given me an earache. Or that could be from unconsciously clenching my jaw.

On the up side, I now have apple-cranberry chutney (oh man a ham sandwich + that chutney + apple slices + lettuce and tomato = DELISHUS), roasted sesame salad dressing (mmmmmmm), and funfetti cake mix, so clearly I must make cupcakes now. Or, not now, in the future. Because I want to pass out now and I still have to be here for two hours and fifteen minutes.


Quick, someone, picspam me with the hotness, please?


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