now I have seven tiny phasers...

  • Jul. 19th, 2009 at 4:35 PM
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Yay, my remixee liked the remix fic! \o/ Success.

My remix was definitely not anything I could have anticipated. The remixer took one tiny part of Five Things Leonard McCoy Is Not, And One He Is and turned it from a sort of funny moment into a serious, action-filled away mission gone wrong fic from Chekov's point of view. Field Lines (The Russian Invention Remix). Go check it out.

When I woke up there was a bag on my chair... full of Skittles and Sulu and Scotty. :D Now I have the whole bridge crew as action figures! Woo!

My cat smells awful. At first we thought he was rolling in dead things, but then Mom noticed how much he was twitching his head and pawing at one ear and the source of the stink is definitely in there. So tomorrow he goes to the vet, and probably I will have to trick him into taking pills, but I am good at tricking him with food. xD My poor kitten.

The inside of my head is doing that unpleasant "hey, you suck" thing again. Tomorrow I have an appointment with Lisa and I can exorcise whatever demons these are gnawing on my brain. I didn't think it would be tasty for them right now, but I guess I was wrong.

This right here is the most awesome TOS music video ever. Because Spock lives and oh, it made me tear up, and it's awesome. know, I'm not even sure if my parents got me a cake. This macro might be a lie.

also born today: Lizzie Borden. :D

  • Jul. 19th, 2009 at 12:02 AM
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Happy birthday to my natal-festivities buddy, [ profile] bigkittywolf! ♥ I wish you everything good for the next year, Rob!


Jul. 13th, 2009

  • 10:35 PM
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~~*~~HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] tiptoe39!!~~*~~

Sorry that this is so late in the day, but I do have that problem with being last-minute... and I tried to use the time to do more stuff! :D (You're still gonna have to wait though, I uh, started many things and will be finishing them over the next couple hours...)

Here are a couple things you asked for!
icon! )

hq screencaps of Torchwood )

*HUGS* I love you much, my polyamorous wife! May year 31 be packed full of awesome goodness!


Jul. 16th, 2007

  • 8:44 PM
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I just watched The Siege with Kelly. It got a little heavy handed but all in all I thought it was really interesting. It was made in 1998, but predicts terrorist cells operating in NYC. Also, Denzel Washington and Tony Shalhoub! Who doesn't love Tony Shalhoub, I ask you. And Bruce Willis plays a pretty terrifying general. I highly suggest Netflixing it!

I was pretty productive today. Tomorrow I'm probably going to pull the dryer out and see if the plug came loose, because dry clothes = bonus of warmth and nice smells. And Kelly got me the birthday gift of doing the dishes for me. xD

I caught a couple hours sleep on the couch early in the afternoon; the cat was being surprisingly affectionate and curled up right next to me for an equally long nap. It's nice having a cat around, I feel a lot less lonely when I'm the only one in the house now. The rat didn't really confer the same sort of companionship, I guess. xD Although I love my ratface dearly. I'm going to change her cage right before I take the trash out tonight.

Kristin got me things in Burlington today. The absolute best is a pill box with a picture of Freud on it. "Don't forget to take your meds!" It's awesomecredible. And a rly cute pink shirt (oh my god I've been noticing an increase of pink in my wardrobe :O ) and a pair of beautiful chopsticks, and a hanging picture holder. I've already put in pictures of Sadie, Oreo, a family shot minus my mom (who was taking the picture) which was taken right after we moved up here, one of Kelly, Dennis and Jigga, and one of just Dennis because he has an infectious smile.

The cat is sleeping on a box of clothes with his tail across his nose. I took a picture and he woke up, but curled back up and went right back to sleep. He's so delightfully adorable. (I know this must be getting monotonous with the cat talk, but OMFG KITTENZ.)

I'm thinking about making dinner and waking Kristin up, not necessarily in that order. I have a good feeling about tomorrow, I think things will go well for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, you all should send me good vibes. xD

I'm very optimistic, and I like the feeling!


  • Jul. 20th, 2006 at 12:10 PM
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My friends are the most wonderful people in the universe.

After work, my orders were to go home and do nothing. So I did. xD I took a nap, actually, until like 4:30. Then Amber woke me up and she and her mother kidnapped me. xD Jan got me a bottle of Boone's Farm for my birthday, rofflecopters. AND THERE WAS A SNAKE ON THE SEAT when I got in the car. I should have known that was ONLY THE BEGINNING.

Upon opening the door to the hotel room (which had a big "PARTY HERE" poster with tropical drinks printed on it), there were immediately these impressions: OMG BALLOONS! Kristin and Kelly, hey! Balloons! ....SHARK?!

They got me a shark. A big inflatable shark. I LOVE IT. I even have it with me now at work. ANYHOW.

There were more snakes, and a certificate of awesomeness signed by Chuck Norris, and a sushi eating kit with chopsticks and sauce dishes, and an FBI agent toy kit with handcuffs and a dart gun and a badge and sunglasses that ended up on the shark, and a copy of Dude, Where's My Car? which I've wanted to see for months now. xD And in the back corner of the room, surrounded by balloons, there was a blunt and a lighter sitting in the hotel ashtray. xD

Kelly and Amber had to go get swimsuits and things, so Kristin and I chilled in the room for a while. We watched an episode of the X-Files (in which Mulder asked, "Why would anyone use poisonous snakes as a murder weapon?"), and then watched Tucker Carlson in Haifa. A car alarm went off and he giggled. You watch Anderson for the news, you watch Tucker to laugh at the news. Oh, Tucker.

At 7 my mom took us all out to dinner at Friendly's (us all = me, Kristin, Amber, Kelly, Julia, and my mom) and regaled my friends with silly and embarrassing stories from my childhood. Basically, I've been pretentious since I said my first word at 4 months. However, my brother is HILARIOUS. Just ask, I'll be more than willing to share, but be warned that a majority of the stories involve foreskin. xD Anyhow, we had a very nice meal and ice cream, and then went back to the hotel to swim, taking Julia with us.

Before swimming, we wrecked that blunt and waited for Dave to get there. I am, by the by, the new shotgun queen, because it is hella fun giving them. Anyhow Dave brought his very gay friend Kyle, and neither of them swam, but while we were in the pool Kristin kept insisting that they'd gone outside to make out. And I think they may have heard. xD;; Oops. Kyle was cool, though, I'd like to meet him again some time, and I got a hug from Dave at the end of the night, so that was happymaking.

We took the shark down to the pool and swam around for about an hour and a half, did a spin in the hot tub, it was all very nice. I love to swim. :)

Back up to the room, there was ice cream cake and we all sat around watching the VH1 Drug Years thingy, which was pretty enthralling really, and then my brother showed up with George and Frank and Rachael, and there was another blunt. Frank gives shotguns like they were named, practically killed me. xD Rachael didn't want to stand in the smoky room, so I went out into the hall with her and we just talked until Dennis decided to leave. I really feel like I'm a bad sister, but it was good to talk to her for a little bit and really pay attention to what's going on with her.

After everyone left, we broke into the Boone's Farm. There were seven bottles of the stuff in the room, and I drank half of one bottle. Kelly had the other half, Kristin had half of one, and I think Amber must have had half because when we cleaned up this morning there was one empty, two half-empty, and four totally untouched. xD; We watched the Colbert Report and the first half of the Daily Show (omgwtfJohnHodgmanisthecutestever), and then passed out. 1:30 a.m., not too bad.

I don't remember my dreams, but I had like four of them and John Hodgman was in all of them. xD

So, yes. Turning 21 was quite a pleasant experience for me. :D Hopefully being 21 will live up to the amazing start of the year.

(I came into work smiling, and my dad was like 'lol are you still drunk?' I said, 'nooo?' and he said "I haven't seen you smiling this wide in months. It's nice."

I was sort of thinking the same thing about him the day of the concert. He was more cheerful then than I've seen him in a long time. Maybe the summer is making things better.)



Jul. 19th, 2006

  • 8:47 AM
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Last night at like 12:15, Amber and Kristin took me to Peabody's (a bar downtown) so I could buy a drink. The bartender told me if I came back today from 8-midnight I could drink free, and he bought me a drink :) So I had a screwdriver to celebreate my natal day, and boy do they make them strong down there.

Today: dentist appointment, work, then unknown festivities the details of which I cannot even begin to imagine. Kristin's orders for me were "after work, don't do anything." I can do that. xD

Also: Kristin made me popsicle-stick versions of six of our characters. They're THE BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD. I'm forseeing some kind of photographic hilarity web-comic-ish thing possible here. Best EVER.

And now I have to go brush my teeth and floss to make it look like I take better care of my teeths than I do. >_> ahaha. Woo!


all is full of love

  • Jul. 22nd, 2005 at 12:32 AM
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from the top to the bottom.

Tried on Mi-Go Brain Canister from the imp today. It was the first BPAL I've hated so much I had to wash it off. I could STILL SMELL IT after washing so I slathered on Two, Five, and Seven and walked around smelling like roses all day. I'm so sad that Mi-Go is so gross. I wanted to love it.

Traded the bad monitor for a tiny but non-shaky one. Still somehow ended up with the same headache after work. I think I might be clenching my jaw without realizing it; I'm so fucking frustrated with my little sisters using my office as a battle arena. -_-

My mommy got me Dead Like Me s2 online today. :D So it should be coming in soon, I hope. Heeee, she left a card on my computer-- "your dad and I got something for you but we won't tell you what until we're sure we can get it for you. hint: it's not chicken pox, you already got that." so all day I chased her around. "Is it Rubella? Measles? Alzheimer's? Is it, uh, a skin rash?" She assured me it wasn't a communicable disease or an STD. xD Ah, so fucked up.

Finished the last page of paperwork for EBW and faxed it in. I think I am now officially the only representative of Essential Bodywear, llw, in New York. LINE UP TO GET YOUR BOOBS MEASURED. *snaps measuring tape*

Dennis decided we should go to the Naked Turtle for dinner (his birthday today, baby brother is 18 now!), thereby securing my position as lowest-maintenance child. xD Julia and Rachael fought, Dennis and my dad talked, I read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and nursed my headache some. I love how when I read R&G, I start talking snarky circles like Guildenstern. (speaking of which, I really want to do a v.2 of the R&G "autumnal" layout I had last year. That was all kinds of sexy. Must remember.)

I hate having to do extra laundry. -_- Alternately, I should have my credit card taken away when I'm in this state, because I tend to reward myself for putting up with having a uterus by buying unnecessary things. Like, um, more BPAL. *looks embarrassed* I'm in a vulnerable state! I BLAME THE FULL MOON. And my headache. Speaking of which. life is small and dull and I'm okay with it being that way. :D Bedtime for me.

post-midnight snack

  • Jul. 19th, 2005 at 1:33 AM
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So I've been twenty for half an hour now. (shut up, I was born at 1 AM.)

.....*yawnstretch* :D yay

SO! Before beddybye. A meme, which I will complete during work tomorrow... (yoinked from [ profile] atorable)

Ask me for "top five" lists of pretty much anything, and I will list you my top five of that thing or things.

Copy into your own journal and give your own top fives if you want.


  • Jul. 19th, 2005 at 12:27 AM
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This humidity is getting RIDICULOUS.

I could barely move all day; spent it lazing around at Jamar's new place with him and Pedro and Amanda and Brandon. I figured out that what I did today is pretty much the exact same thing i was doing this time last year, except without the stress. Movies, trees, video games, sweating. xD

And man, did I sweat a lot. I just. DIE in heat like this. Back to the couch for me, air conditioning > life.

....okay, yes, this is the week of Trees apparently. xD Because a lot of them are getting blown. Um.

Mind. Nonfunctional. Oh, Boone's Farm = good sweet stuff for my pansy lightweight ass. The snow berry is good, so's the wild raspberry. Yum.

Yeah, m'kay, gonna do stuff that doesn't require a brain now. :D

Oh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] bigkittywolf!!!!!

(and happy birthday me~~~~~~ :D)

sweaty summer days

  • Jul. 18th, 2005 at 2:33 AM
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I was supposed to go to Derek's today, finish watching Casablanca, hang out, you know.

Sadly, as we were pulling into his driveway, he was leaving. So I hung out with Dennis and his friends all afternoon. Have I mentioned before what a trip my little brother can be? He's really a lot of fun sometimes.

So we cruised around, blowin' trees and listening to Snoop and sweating because Plattsburgh is hotter and more humid than the entire football team's collective balls, until we ended up at Friendly's for ice cream. Mm. I love me some Friendly's gummi bears. You know the little ones that are tangier than normal-sized gummi bears... yeah.

So for Dennis's birthday (two days after mine = Thursday), I'm going to give him pot and a mix CD, because I know he'll use at least one of them. xD Does anyone have any reccommendations as far as rap goes? That's practically all he listens to; while I want to make him a mix of GOOD music, I want him to actually listen to it, and he isn't exactly a big fan of Dylan or the Beatles. Maybe some Ramones, maybe some Clash, I'm trying to piece it together, but I need rap reccs like whoa. (hm. grey album version of dirt off your shoulder, maybe?)

Came home, baked off my skull, and saw no call telling me to come back, so I slept off the afternoon. I think the town just got more muggy, because there's no way I can sleep now, but I had no problem at 5:30...

I don't know how I feel about school starting in a month. I'm kind of looking forward to it, but not really so much. I just know I can't stay here. Being at home gives me the feeling that nothing I do here counts for anything; being at college makes me certain of it, and makes me worry that I'm getting farther out of touch with the real world, and just... I'm worried, honestly. That's all. Worried.

Anyhow. Too hot to sleep down here. I'm probably going to end up crashed on the couch with the air conditioning killing my ears. xD

Tomorrow I have a package to mail, and an apartment to visit, and a movie to watch with Pedro (and Amanda and Jamar? yes?), and dunno what after that. Then Tuesday... aaaaaaaaaah. Tuesday is my birthday and I don't actually have any plans, not solid ones anyway. Anyone want to weigh in?


  • Jul. 16th, 2005 at 1:39 AM
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I am the winner of the best day in the history of the world. It's too good to be contained in paragraphs.

--saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Kristin, Amber, Jess, and my little sister Julia, paid for by my daddy. IT WAS AWESOME. OMGSOGOOD.
----the reels broke for like 2 minutes; although we saw the entire film, the little fuckup got us free passes back :D :D :D

--Julia knows how to dye hair better than I gave her credit for
----I AM THE MISSING WEASLEY. (they couldn't find me because I was hiding in Ravenclaw.)

--I both looked and smelled very hot. omgmakeup+wolfmoon+ravenclaw.
----omgcosplayers. There were an adorable couple of Remus and Sirius walking around. I got pics.


--I am now the owner of the DELUXE EDITION of Half-Blood Prince (omg, art, COLOR art, beautiful beautiful book, unf); as well as a BOX (I HAVE A BOX. BOX BOX BOX OMG HBP BOX.) and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.
----plus I had sushi and butterbeer and fizzy candy and, just lots of awesome stuff.

--I have pictures.
----my little sister is fucking METAL. xD xD xD

--plans for tomorrow night! ROOF PARTYYYYYYY

--the no-doz is wearing off. I'm gonna go lay down and START READING MY BOOK ZOMG until I can't read any more. Pics tomorrow. Sense tomorrow.


The Music Sharing Post of DOOM.

  • Jul. 14th, 2005 at 1:45 AM
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So. Since 31 of you expressed a more than 50% interest in scavenging my playlists, I put up a nice neat little very big HTML list of all the music I have, and urge you to go to it and make your requests.

I'm going to be picky about this: Please don't ask for music if you're not on my friendslist. A Hobbit's patience can only stretch so far; this is my brithday gift to my friends. Please don't spread this about to people who aren't on my list. I trust all of you, and I don't really like using friends lock, so.

This list is HOOGE. 2.5 MB of huge. Yes, just the list. It's basically in alphabetical order by artist; there are some tracks by H.I.M and Coldplay and Interpol and Placebo that snuck to the very end. I suggest judicious use of the 'find' function if you've got something specific in mind; have lots of free time if you're just going to be looking through idly. xD There's 6085 songs there. So, yeah.

I've got a fast connection, but YSI can be a bitch, and that's what I'll be using to send your requests (unless you have AIM and a fast connection, in which case I'll be more than happy to IM you and transfer files.) Unless you ask for them not to be zipped, I'm just going to stick all your requests in a folder and zip it for sending.

Just to make things easy on me, if you're asking for more than one artist/album at a time (it's easy to do those all at once), please keep it to 10 at a time. Once I've got one zip uploaded, you can definitely ask for more, though!

Do not make fun of anything on the list. Honestly, some of it is my sisters' stuff, some of it came with an FST and I just didn't delete it. I don't claim to like everything on that list. :D

....that's about it for rules, yup. I'll try to get things up within a day of requests, but I'm not making a single guarantee, so. :D Go. Attack it. Ask for anything you like. Comment to this post, I'll comment back with your download links.

edit: BIG thanks to [ profile] proteus454 for hosting the monster playlist of DOOOM. *hearts*


  • Jul. 11th, 2005 at 6:11 PM
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It has been FOUR YEARS since I created my Livejournal. Granted, I didn't use it much the first year, but still!

4 x 365 = 1480.

I have 2863 posts. Almost two posts for every day I've had it. :D

9110 comments received, because all y'all find something to say to me when I'm feeling down, have encouragement for me when I'm low, support for me in the bad times and the good ones, gigantic threads of doomy hilarious comments, irreverent comments on things I don't expect anyone to say anything about. Fangirling, advice, friendship, news, all the things that have been shared in those comments that have affected my life to the point where I can't even begin to measure it.

And now it's a permanent account. All the things this poor journal has been through with me-- good layouts and bad ones, crappy MSPaint icons, more fandoms than I can count, all the ups and downs and friends made and lost and stumbled on...

Here's to many more birthdays for this journal! ♥

To celebrate... naked Anderson Cooper! WOO!



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