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  • Aug. 6th, 2005 at 4:49 PM
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Lying out on the porch in the sun and I think I may have broken my skin's resistance to the sun because I'm both feeling and looking a bit crispy. Ah, sunburn, my old foe, we meet again. Anyhow, I at least got to make it through a chapter of The Hippopotamus; I love Stephen Fry dearly but his writing just feels so DENSE it takes me ages to get through it. And I fed the koi in that stupid outdoor aquarium. At least the fish are pretty, when you can see them through the water; it just got changed today and the poor things nearly died when my sister turned the filter hose out of the tank and all the water started leaking out. Awful, really.

Ow, burn. *hunts down the aloe vera gel*

So yesterday Mandy stopped by and we traded off Tim Roth for Gary Oldman-- I let her borrow Four Rooms to show the new boy in her life, and she let me borrow Track 29, which I'm going to have to watch when people aren't using the only TV in the house with a VCR. *shoos them away* And she sniffed all my BPAL, and I sent her off with two impies. :D Bwahaha. So the army's ranks are strengthened.

I really have to look through the training stuff for Essential Bodywear, I haven't done more than glance through it when I got the box. I'm a bad, bad representative. Yup.

And now, because it was too much fun and I built up a stockpile of seven or eight Sues, have another round of the Mary Sue Doll Meme.

1. Go to the Elouai doll maker.
2. Make an ordinary doll of yourself and save it.
3. Take that doll and, leaving a couple things (nose, eyebrows, whatever) the same, Mary Sue yourself. Make the most blatant Mary Sue you can conceive.
4. Post "Before" and "After" in your LJ. Bonus points if your Sue has a backstory of some sort.

Me again, this time sporting pants and boots and a smile instead of the bored look. :D

And this here is Pretty Soldier Sailor Dannii Ravenclaw, heir of Ravenclaw House and defender of all that is gothsome and cool. She used to live in Japan because her dad was researching the magical wildlife there and she was boarding with Sailormoon's mom and she was so cool that the Sailor Scouts were going to make a WHOLE NEW PLANET just so she could be one of them but she told them not to because it would mess up Astrology forever. So they didn't. And then she lived in America for a while and that was when the magical accident happened that gave her big awesome raven wings which she can actually use to fly with. And then she got transfered to Hogwarts AT HALLOWEEN and of course she's in Ravenclaw and she's the smartest and best student in every class and even smarter than Hermione and more well-liked than anyone else and all the boys love her and Draco and Harry had a duel over who got to ask her to the Yule Ball but she went with Neville because he was so nice. Her Animagus is a Pegasus because she's so pure and awesome. And she's the only person in school who's allowed to play Quidditch without a broom so of course she's the captain of the Ravenclaw team replacing Cho Chang who committed harakiri when she lost the game before Dannii arrived. Stupid Cho.

now back to your regularly scheduled Da

  • Jul. 29th, 2005 at 9:50 AM
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Okay, abandoning the angst because it hurts to think about! Back to fluffier topics and greener pastures.

BPAL: omg *eats Tulszcha with a spoon* This is so delicious. Soft cool mints and something crisper and chillier just underneath.. but it fades so quickly! ;_; I'm going to have to really slather this one on, which is BAD because it's an LE and god, I'm gonna be paying through the nose... Speaking of paying through the nose, I just shelled out $30 for a bottle of Oisin. I can't help it. Irish herbs and flowers and white musk, just thinking about it makes me all melty. So. I am both an addict and an idiot.

I need to start supporting this habit on street corners, I think. "Will blow for BPAL."

Speaking of street corners, Carol started a new RP that's just really awesome: Above Love (and here is the website), which is set in a brothel in NYC and just. So many ideas percolating. I'm still working on my first character, I might (might, possibly, if I think I can cope with another one running around in my head) make another one. So yes. If you like RP, check it out because Carol is teh rock and this game is going to be fantastic.

(and I know it's been a while since I've said anything RPish here, but man, all of a sudden there's so many new ones-- Christien, Colin, Al, Jay, now Dorian. MADHOUSE)

And, um, bras. Anyone feel like having a bra party? xD Or letting me feel them up? From a distance... I'm trying to convince my brother to get his friends together for a party, the boys can guess the girls' cup sizes and then I'll size them and see who was right the most xD Which is horribly chauvinistic, but as many girls as he knows, it might work.

Okay. Work. And stuff. TYPING, WHEE. No, I'm not manic at all at the moment.

skipping the light fandango

  • Jul. 23rd, 2005 at 3:53 PM
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And here I thought I'd be doing better at making several updates a day. I'm really ashamed of myself, really truly. There's so much happening and so little drive to document it, though I have this feeling if I don't write it down I'll just lose it all...

Well. May's well get to it. :D

Yesterday morning, at work... I tried a new BPAL, Hollywood Babylon, which got compared to Maenad and much complimented. I like strawberry scents, they're lovely and carefree and I feel awesomly sexah when I wear them. So that, plus the new bra which apparently makes the sisters look smaller and me look skinnier, well, I'll never say no to looking skinnier. xD So all in all, a good day to be me on a purely superficial front.

Around 11:30 we got a call from one of those entitlement creeps who thinks the Salvation Army is there to hand stuff out no matter what he needs. And my dad, being a big old sap on the inside, sent Amber and Danny and I out to West Chazy to fill up this guy's gas can and get him some milk. Okay, field trip, fun! For Amber's first time driving a 15-passenger van, she did good. :D Of course, we got caught by a WICKED thunderstorm on the way out, driving rain, wind, massive lightning, the whole nine yards. We pulled over twice, just to be safe, and the second time we noticed the rain wasn't really rain so much as ICE... yeah. It was hailing. HAILING. I know upstate New York is ridiculous, but ice falling from the sky in July? Not kosher kthx.

So we got that done, I terrorized Danny and Amber with bad 80's music, and we trekked back into Plattsburgh just in time to meet Amber's mom for going to the collegeways. But we had to pick up Kristin, who had a tree in her driveway, so we waited a little and had lunch and saw a burned-out husk of a car being towed away from Southside Grocery (it got struck by lightning. And someone won $1 million there recently. So now it's odds-even that you'll either win the lottery or get struck by lightning at our little projects quick-stop.) before going to get her.

College... yeah. The best part about the Kehoe Building is traumatizing those around you while waiting in lines. :D Kristin and I have pretty much made an art form of it. Long story short, more forms to fill out! Yay.

Then Kristin and I continued the Jude Law-athon, albeit a bit delayed. This time we watched Alfie and Wilde. Of course, my parents didn't bother us during the movie with all the heterosexual sex, but my mom came in during Wilde when we had it paused on Jude Law's MAGNIFICENT ass as he stared out the window smoking a cigarette. Mmm, Jude Law's ass. Anyhow, she yelled up to my father that we were watching porn, which I immediately protested. "It's not porn, it's a biopic of one of the most influential writers to ever live!" (If she'd walked in during any of the buttsex, it would have been harder to protest. >_>) I still remain convinced that Stephen Fry doesn't get nearly the props he deserves. He's a marvelous actor.

Honestly, the afternoon after that is lost to me. Can't remember anything except my sisters being idiots. At least until Amber came to pick me up around 9:45 for the movie. We (she, I, Kristin, and Amber's new boything) went to see The Island, which was really quite good I think. I know, I know, I'm a pretentous bitch and I overanalyze EVERYTHING, but even after picking it apart I was entirely satisfied with it on a more-than-eye-candy level. (although the plot bunnies... no. Just, no. *roasts plot bunnies on a spit*) Ewan was hot, Scarlett was possibly one of the least annoying female leads I've seen all summer, and the explosions were, while excessive, entirely entertaining.

Kristin and Amber are love, by the way. There's nothing like late-night McDonald's and a rousing, increasingly implausible game of "Who would be on top?" *hearts*

And that's yesterday. Today, today... I had an incredible dream, half of which you don't get to hear because it's a little weirder than I wish to share, the other half involving Kristin and I jumping from roof to roof, climbing in through people's windows, looking around their houses, then going on to the next roof. xD It was bizarre. We didn't steal anything, just looked around...

Then I had to spend an hour or two helping my dad try to fix the family computer, which, no, not happening, we have to send it in for fixing. I love how well my family destroys all technology they touch. xD Of course, I was sort of distracted from the fixing by some incredibly amazing fanfic (oh flist, how I love thee, I follow thy depravities unto new fandoms daily), and then I got a big box of stuff-- omg bras, all my EBW startup stuff (but not my personal new free bra, of course, which is sad because I was totally like "omg yay box! I will wear sexy new bra and go see the boy tonight." except not. And now there's a pajama party? Which, you know, any other time I'm totally for but right now I'm an icky girl and pajamas = not so much with the yay.

....okay I'm going to take a shower now! And then maybe go lay out in the sun and finish reading Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. And then read it again with a highlighter. (Speaking of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, new icon. With many more coming. And I started that layout for the fall, I'll probably be tweaking it through September to put up....)

all is full of love

  • Jul. 22nd, 2005 at 12:32 AM
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from the top to the bottom.

Tried on Mi-Go Brain Canister from the imp today. It was the first BPAL I've hated so much I had to wash it off. I could STILL SMELL IT after washing so I slathered on Two, Five, and Seven and walked around smelling like roses all day. I'm so sad that Mi-Go is so gross. I wanted to love it.

Traded the bad monitor for a tiny but non-shaky one. Still somehow ended up with the same headache after work. I think I might be clenching my jaw without realizing it; I'm so fucking frustrated with my little sisters using my office as a battle arena. -_-

My mommy got me Dead Like Me s2 online today. :D So it should be coming in soon, I hope. Heeee, she left a card on my computer-- "your dad and I got something for you but we won't tell you what until we're sure we can get it for you. hint: it's not chicken pox, you already got that." so all day I chased her around. "Is it Rubella? Measles? Alzheimer's? Is it, uh, a skin rash?" She assured me it wasn't a communicable disease or an STD. xD Ah, so fucked up.

Finished the last page of paperwork for EBW and faxed it in. I think I am now officially the only representative of Essential Bodywear, llw, in New York. LINE UP TO GET YOUR BOOBS MEASURED. *snaps measuring tape*

Dennis decided we should go to the Naked Turtle for dinner (his birthday today, baby brother is 18 now!), thereby securing my position as lowest-maintenance child. xD Julia and Rachael fought, Dennis and my dad talked, I read Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and nursed my headache some. I love how when I read R&G, I start talking snarky circles like Guildenstern. (speaking of which, I really want to do a v.2 of the R&G "autumnal" layout I had last year. That was all kinds of sexy. Must remember.)

I hate having to do extra laundry. -_- Alternately, I should have my credit card taken away when I'm in this state, because I tend to reward myself for putting up with having a uterus by buying unnecessary things. Like, um, more BPAL. *looks embarrassed* I'm in a vulnerable state! I BLAME THE FULL MOON. And my headache. Speaking of which.

...my life is small and dull and I'm okay with it being that way. :D Bedtime for me.


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