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...because it's 4:30 a.m., I'm not tired, and I'm taking a break from the thorough cleaning of my room.

First, the what poet are you quiz tells me that I am Robert Frost )

Secondly, fun pictures:

Third, music!

The Divine Comedy - The Happy Goth
I thought this was a cute song.
Well her clothes are blacker than the blackest cloth
And her face is whiter than the snows of Hoth.
She wears Dr. Martens and a heavy cross,
But on the inside she's a happy goth.

Placebo - Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush cover)
[livejournal.com profile] kikkirhodes asked me for this, so now it's getting the public share.

Basia Bulat - Why Can't It Be Mine?
I know I shared this before, but only one person downloaded it, and that makes me sad, because it's a really pretty song. So... download it, or I will make sad faces.

And now, to the questions-- because some things I can't write a whole entry on.

How do you feel about an 18 year old chick dating a 26 year old dude? Skeevy at best. 20 and 28 isn't so bad, but at 18 it's iffy. Let's put it this way: if I found out a 26-year-old was making a move on my 18-year-old sister, I would be extremely uncomfortable with that situation.

If I haven't talked to an ex for two years and I don't think she wants to talk to me, what do you think is the most creative one-sentence statement I could make in her livejournal? That depends on the impression to be left on her... I would go with, "Whatever you do, don't look out your window tonight."

Is Jonathan Owen a good or bad name combination for a kid? Depends on the last name, but I like it!

And I will request help; I can't tackle Alton Brown vs. Rachel Ray in a death match of smarmy vs. obnoxious. on my own, as I never (no, NEVER) watch the Food Network. PLZ WEIGH IN.


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