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  • Nov. 7th, 2010 at 11:28 AM
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I had a dream that I challenged my friendslist to write Sherlock Holmes/A Series of Unfortunate Events crossovers, and a bunch of you did and they were fantastic.

I woke up like this: :D

Which is considerably better than the hangover I thought I was going to wake up with, because I did like five or six shots of vodka all at once last night between setting up for Erotic Ball and going to dance. And it was a fantastic idea because I had a lot of fun dancing because I was too tipsy to be self-conscious.

So, Erotic Ball was a lot of fun. My friends all had sexy outfits (I think the best one was Shane's, she wore a blue and purple bra, underwear, knee high rainbow socks, and a rainbow flag as a cape... she was a rainbow) and I took a lot of pictures, and I danced a lot with a bunch of different people including one girl who looked a lot like my friend Alex but wasn't Alex and I don't know her name. At one point someone started a centipede dance and that went for like two songs and then abruptly fell apart in the middle of the dance floor.

I did not make any efforts to get laid, because the people I'm attracted to are either freshmen or straight girls and neither of those are good for me. And I'm smart enough to realize that.

I started feeling really exhausted around midnight, so I left the dance before the costume contest and staggered my way back across campus and fell asleep. And last night was the first time I've slept entirely through the night since moving into Dodge.

The pictures will be going up on Facebook as soon as I stop being lazy, and I'll put the ones of me and Felix up here, too. We both looked fantastic. :D

Also, would anyone be interested in pictures of my new room? I never posted any of my room in Weld, but this space is entirely mine and it's already a lot more personalized than my old room ever was.

Now I'm going to drag my ass out of bed and through the cold to get breakfast, and when I come back here I'm going to make my wordcount for the day (I'm doing really well, I'm up to 6850 already) and then watch Brokeback Mountain so I can write this paper I should have done last week. >.>

I typed this entry with nine fingers

  • Oct. 29th, 2010 at 12:14 PM
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Yesterday was really good. Dr. Giaccio put me on Seroquel to help with sleep instead of Lunesta, and I hear it's super-effective, so that might turn out to be something good. The information packet that comes along with Seroquel is terrifying though. It says in big letters a couple of times "NOBODY SAYS THIS IS SAFE TO TAKE" so that's a tad bit worrying... still, I'm only taking 25-75 mg (I'm starting out taking two and adjusting as necessary) instead of the 300-400 people are prescribed to help control their moods, so I'm not overly concerned. I generally don't get very bad side effects from anything, so I'm hoping that holds out here too.

One thing I am concerned about is the potential for weight gain. I know that weighing yourself on different scales gives you different results, but I was weighed at the med center this morning and it said 169, so I'm pretty displeased about that. I was almost down to the 150s in August, I'm entirely unthrilled to be back up around 170 if that's an accurate measurement, and Seroquel is notorious for causing weight gain. I will be absolutely damned if I get fat again, I have no time for that nonsense. If I have to cut back down to two meals a day and go to the gym three or four times a week, so be it, I am simply refusing to get to the point where I feel ugly again.

So the reason I was at the med center in the first place is, I had an accident while I was out meeting Paul last night. We went for dinner to the tex-mex restaurant by the jail, and I slammed my thumb in his car door. It's not broken, it was just squished and pierced in two places. It bled like a bitch, but I got it on ice right away and it hasn't swollen up or anything. I took a first-aid class my first semester at Plattsburgh State and apparently it all sunk in pretty well, because the doctor at the med center told me I did everything perfectly to take care of it, and when she bandaged it back up she just did the same thing I did last night. So that's good, I'm competent in a minor emergency, even if I was bordering on hysterical when it happened. I was laughing and he was like O.O "This isn't funny!" and I just couldn't stop giggling for a minute. Anyways, I got really lucky because it's my left thumb and it's not broken, it would have been a lot worse if it had been my right thumb or if it actually broke instead of just bruising.

Meeting him was nice, though. I've been talking to him on Fetlife for a little over a week now, and he's just as easy to talk to in person as he was online. We hung out for a couple of hours and talked a lot, and it was good. I do like making new friends. We're going to hang out again next weekend, I'm looking forward to it.

I do not have a Halloween costume together yet; I seriously doubt I'm going to put the effort in to assemble one by Sunday, because I have no parties to go to or anything. I wanted to be a Victorian-style Watson, but I can always do that next year. (Unless I do get the cable-knit sweater I asked my mother to find me, in which case I will be perfectly content to be a modern Watson.)

Today in French class I bombed a quiz (irregular past participles, what the FUCK) but I got back my test from last week and I got a 95% on it, so basically I am the shit. And now we're doing the passe compose, which I learned in high school and have no problem with at all (except for those fucking past participles), so I got to be super on the ball today despite barely glancing over the revision (which is why I failed the quiz). And I got to use a super-relevant sentence to demonstrate the plain passe compose: "J'ai attrappe mon pouce dans le portiere d'une voiture." I caught my thumb in a car door. xD

Now I have to do the reading for EdPsych that I should have done earlier this week, and hope he doesn't expect too much of me in class. I think I can get away with minimal participation for one class, I'm usually super involved in all the discussions in that class. And I should be getting my Logic test back, and I think I did really well on it, so I'm looking forward to finding out.
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Today I failed at leaving the house and being social. It wasn't my fault (well not entirely), as I don't drive and the people who were capable of driving were all gone by the time I was ready. But I did find Greg on Facebook, and apologized, and it's okay.

Facebook is getting more of my full-on neuroses than usual lately. I don't know why there and not here... well, here has been getting plenty, I'm sure you all think. xD

I'm three episodes shy of done with the first season of Big Bang Theory now. It helps that the episodes are half as long as the things I usually watch; I haven't been this into getting through something in a loooong time though. Hell, I never even finished watching Supernatural like I planned... Geek humor is doing it for me, though. Which is good that something is.

Tomorrow I am being dragged coerced hijacked, let's go with hijacked, to a birthday party. This chick my sister talks to on campus a lot, Angel, told her that she absolutely has to bring me... so Julia's going to bring me and then leave to go to an AA meeting with her not-a-boyfriend an hour away. So I'm being abandoned at a party for at least four hours. I have about a third of a bottle of Absolut (it's BYOB), and I have a feeling I'm going to need a fair bit of it if I'm going to be very social. Hooray for alcohol, right?

What I'm MORE excited about tomorrow is a big book sale that's happening close to the prison. I don't expect to find anything I'm looking for specifically, but it's been too long since I've been able to have a nice long browse and I'm looking forward to the chance. (Like I don't already have a to-read pile up to my hip...)

I'm starting to break out all over my cheeks. I don't usually have this problem and it's kind of bumming me out, I'm afraid it might be a mixture of hormones and still-getting-used-to-this-medication. It's just coming up on one month taking it (I know because I'm getting the refill tomorrow) and I'm still not sure what's a side effect and what's just me, but like I said, I don't usually break out like this, even with hot and cold running hormones.

Oh, I should probably fit in studying some time this weekend, too... Eh.


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