May. 26th, 2011

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I wrote a poem!

It's not a very good poem but I wrote it! I haven't written poetry in years, so I'm really excited by the proof that I can still do it, even if only ineptly!

I actually woke up with the first two lines in my head and went from there. Let's hear it for inspiration!
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The past 36 hours have been pretty much solid gold WIN.

There was the Mountain Goats concert, which was actually only John Darnielle. That was... incredible. Just, completely astounding. I don't think I've ever felt so bizarrely comfortable about a performer before... I don't watch a lot of YouTube videos and I've only seen a couple of pictures, but the expressions he made while he was singing were weirdly familiar. And oh, he did so many songs from The Life Of The World To Come and they dug into me. Between me and Julia we got almost the entire set on video... I haven't had a chance to review the recordings yet but they'll be up on the Tube of You soon enough.

Seriously, watching him whale on his guitar was somewhere between a drug trip and a religious revelation in intensity. I don't think I've felt a performance that deeply since my very first concert (Conor Oberst did a number on me, let me tell you), but this was a lot more positive an experience.

Concurrent and consequent to the concert (lol alliteration much) was ~*~meeting [ profile] moorishflower and her mom~*~! It's always something of a shock to meet someone for real and see what the pics didn't get across... for some reason I was expecting her to be shorter, lol. xD But no, she was perfectly sized for hugging, as it turned out. ♥ She's entirely adorable and sweet and a lovely person all around. And her mom was really cool. xD Julia ended up talking her ear off until three in the morning, but we all had fun, I think!

I didn't make it out of bed to see them off, though; I stayed in bed until almost 5 with a killer headache. Seriously, somebody has been stomping around inside my skull; if I haven't taken a pill for it I've been in pain for the past two and a half days. But I did manage to tamp it down after a while, and then Julia and I went to the drive-in tonight. We caught the last half of Julie and Julia, and all of The Ugly Truth (mm, Gerard Butler.) and Inglourious Basterds again (mm, Shoshanna). It's COLD now, I brought my warm blanket and had to turn on the heat every half an hour or so for a few minutes. Drive-in closes for the season after the first weekend of October, maybe we'll hit it one last time.

I should go to bed now, probably. xD I might do a podfic before I do, since I'm awake and feeling kind of energetic and I have a lot of them to do for the fall free-for-all.
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Oh, yes.

Yes, yes, yes.

That was so good, I need a cigarette cookie.

As soon as Obama's serious face broke into that smile when he walked out into the open, my heart rate kicked up. That speech made me want to cry.

However, the reaction shots of Bush when Obama said things like "restoring science to its proper place" were too good to blur with tears.

As soon as that music hits the internerd, somebody point me its way? (totally obviously John Williams. very movie-epic. xD and I know I caught a melody from a hymn I like in there.)

You guys, I am so very excited for the next week. I can't even deal with thinking about four years, I have to take it in small chunks or I may go all aflutter.
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Renaming Delicious tags is an arduous task. D: On the positive side, I'm getting a chance to weed out all of the things I don't really like after all. I kind of saved a whoooole lot of SGA fic and I know it can't all be as good as I remember.

Tomorrow. Oh man. Tomorrow holds so much potential on so many levels.
At or around 9a.m., I have to get to Cayuga Community College. Hopefully (oh god, crossing my fingers) my transcript from SUNY will have arrived, proving that I have done the prereq for Abnormal Psych, and I can register right then. It will definitely not happen before 9:30a.m., so I won't be able to attend the first day of class, and with any luck I will be home by the time class is over so I won't be able to get a copy of the syllabus from the teacher.

I will hopefully be home because at 11:30a.m. the swearing-in ceremony starts, and I would desperately love to be able to watch it live. I am not sure what the chances of this actually happening are, but I can hope. I don't even care if my parents are around making fun of me. Fuck them, this is the best thing to happen to the country since January 20, 2001.

...ew, I just looked up the book for the class and it's at least $87 if I get it online, $97 if I find it used at the bookstore. Ack.

God, I'm all flustered-like about doing the college thing again. :/ STOP BEING AFRAID OF FAILURE BEFORE YOU START DANIELLE, IT IS A LAME-ASS THING TO DO. *breeeeathe*

After tomorrow, I have February 2 to look forward to. So close to new Heroes. So very close. New canon, please. *grabbyhands* The previews freaked me out so hard, I can tell this one will be a knuckle-chewing, muffled-"eep!"ing episode.

Agh, I shouldn't have napped, it's 10 already and I don't even know what I'm doing, what am I doing? AGH

does what it says on the tin.

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Tomorrow, we're going to wake up in the same beds we sleep in every night. See the same people, feed the same pets, sit down at the same computers.

But tomorrow, we're going to do it, not just with hope, but with the knowledge that hope became victory. And tomorrow, we won't see any more shit-slinging ads, or any political ads at all. Things will go back to normal, but they will not be the same.

And you know what? I don't want to gloat. I'm glad I was right and my mom was wrong, but I don't need to be a bitch about it, because like my mom said: God will make sure that the right person will win. She can't make me believe in her God, but she can listen to her own words, and I'll be happy, but I won't be a jerk.

Because tomorrow, there's nothing to argue about. The world will go on, but everyone-- every country, every person who threw their tiny bit of hope out into the world, everyone-- will be a little bit better off for the certainty, the security in knowing that yes we can became yes we did.

So I'm going to go to sleep. And when I wake up, I might go to HuffPost wondering what the latest last-minute trick is, and I'll have the shock, the elation, the absolute wonder of realizing again that in a couple of months, Barack Obama will be sworn in, and I will finally, for the first time in my politically conscious life, have a president in whom I can place my trust, my pride-- and yes, my hope.
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It'd be nice to get my native accent back! And have REAL fish and chips, and clam chowder, and all the delicious Portuguese food I can't get here! AND, WEED!

Oh, and it looks like Obama might be winning?





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