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William Beckett shops in the girls' section, and he wears it SO well. He's too pretty to be real. And he is surrounded at all times by shrieking teenage girls and boys, lol.

Gabe Saporta is a cult leader. Really. And he has the prettiest smile in the world.

+44 played "The Rock Show". I never thought I would hear that song live. Kristin and I wigged when we realized what it was. xD

Also, FOB covered "Beat It". Yes, Michael Jackson. And it was AWESOME OMG.

Joe Trohman's hair and his stubble rock my world. Also his guitarskillz, but mostly the JEWFRO. And the constant motion! And basically I am in love with him forever and ever amen.

I left my iPod recording through the Cobra Starship, Academy Is and FOB sets; I will discover the audio quality (poor? or not even worth the bytes suck-ass-poor?) tomorrow. Also I grabbed a bit of video of each of those three, which will also come tomorrow because I want this stuff on my computer, not my sister's.

Some ten year old kid in a striped polo totally had a concert crush on me wandering the lawns at SPAC, and it was hilarious and adorable. He and his buddies were throwing a tennis ball against the bathrooms (which are in a hyuuuuge old stoneworked building) and when I went to move out of their way he was like "No don't leave! D:" and I was like "lol, I'm just going to sit on the grass." and then I watched them while Kristin stalked William Beckett unsuccessfully.

SPAC (That's the Saratoga Performing Arts Center) really is a gorgeous venue and lawn seats are cheap; anyone from Plattsburgh who's heading there for a concert should give me the heads up and I'll see if I have moneys to join because, damn, the pretty and the acoustics and, just, gorgeous spots everywhere. The hippie in me was well pleased.

My dad drove us down and waited in the car, he even parked next to the tour buses for easy post-show stalking which didn't happen because it was over at 10:45, hoooooly balls long show but so, so worth every minute of the time.

My throat is sore as hell, and I have some white noise going in my head, but I would not trade it for the world because I earned every raw cell screaming for boys I love and singing words that aren't mine but they let us all use anyhow.

And at the end of the day, I got to reply to a beer-soaked and vaguely offensive MySpace message with a ballbreaking torrent of words that basically boils down to: "I'm too busy for you, little boy, and I have a man in my sights anyway." :D Possibly cruel of me, but fuck it, if he was expecting more then he should have said so. We had nothing in common anyway.

I'm going to bed stinky because I'm too tired to shower. Tomorrow: packing in earnest, possibly moving a few things over to the apartment, Wal-mart fo'sho, basking in the continued afterglow. A+!

eta; also here is Kristin's post and she has pictures, lots and lots of pictures mostly of William Beckett, lol.

I forgot to mention that FOB played "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today" and I cried because that's the first song of theirs I heard and, well, I was crying a lot during their set because I'm an emotional wimp and cry when I'm happy. But, god, their set was SO GOOD. Not just IOH stuff, but all their albums, and not just singles. I was so pleased.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash!

Oct. 28th, 2006

  • 4:07 PM
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So yesterday was AWESOME. Kristin went all-out with the Halloween shit, and zombied us up somethin' good.

don't click if you don't want to see a gaping hole in my scene-zombie cheek! )

So then we went to the Mathematicians concert, which was INCREDIBLE. We met up with Mandy ([livejournal.com profile] victoriansquid), who was perfectly dressed as the Swedish Chef, and I helped carry stuff in from the band's van because I remembered how absolutely cool and down-to-earth those guys were and they could use a hand, so... yes. (I'm a groupie or something.) But yes, the first band was Oh So Insidious, and they were pretty good... the lead singer danced like a William Beckett wannabe, and during their performance I coined a new word:

fauxmoerotic. It's the fake gay interplay that happens between band members on stage.

I think I'm clever. Anyway, then the Mathematicians were on, and I fucking rocked my geeky little heart out. No band can make me dance like they can, partially because I dance like a fucking spastic dork and it's embarrassing at anything but a geek rock concert, and partially because they ROCK. I think I almost fell over during Input/Output. xD

They have a new CD out, so I bought it and had them all sign it-- and Dewi Decimal remembered me getting a broken drumstick signed at the Halloween show two years ago. xD And Kristin and I pinned our robot buttons to Pete Pythagoras's sweatervest. They're all so funny and so NICE, I love them to death. xD

They're doing another show in Burlington on November 17th. I really, really want to go.

After the show, we hung out with Amber and picked up Julia and some McDonald's and went back to chill in Amber's room. We just sat around talking for literally like two and a half hours. It was awesome.

I just slept until like 2:30. And when I woke up, the cat walked out of my room. I was like "What the hell, Oreo. Were you watching me sleep? You're creepy." The cat is trying to steal my soul.

Anyway! Today, I think, is devoted to watching movies. But first I'm going to make some tea and some soup and chill out for a bit.

Aug. 18th, 2006

  • 2:23 PM
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I just had a dream that Tasmanian Devils went extinct. I have no idea what triggered this dream, but it made me sad. And now I have learned that devils love to lay out in the sun. The more you know!

Wooooould anyone be interested in seeing the Decemberists with me in Montreal? There's got to be some other dirty hippie indie kids around... they're playing the Metropolis on November 5 and tickets are, according to the website, $19.75 Canadian. It would kick ass, come on. :D

Last night, as I failed to mention, my sister assaulted me in Wal-Mart (she pushed me and made me fall down. ;_; I have a bruise on my hip now.), and then I scored season 1 of Prison Break. So the weekend plans involve Amber, Kristin, whatever recreational substances of varying legality we can scrape up, and EVERY EPISODE OF PRISON BREAK IN ORDER. We can totally do it in two days, which is good because SEASON PREMIERE ON MONDAY AAAAH. :D :D :D

What else... oh, a little linkdump.

Why Jon Stewart should run for President. It's going on, what, two-three years people have been saying this? xD

This one courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] sdragon: Getting free stuff from the most virulent of Christian propagandists, for fun and profit. Apparently, you can get three free copies of the Narnia movie every time you try this! xD And that's about the only thing worth anything. Yeah.

Okay, it was a VERY small linkdump...

And a meme, proving that broken English is HIlarious:
I am flower named speccygeekgrrl !
I consist of my friends!
Are you flower too?

Now, I have chores to do around the house to earn $10 so I can see Accepted. It's like being thirteen again! xD

oh baby don't stop, bury me and fade to black

  • Nov. 30th, 2005 at 10:31 AM
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Yesterday was just a freaking trip and a half, oh my god.

Let me preface this by saying I'm not sure if I lost my voice at all because I can't hear anything very clearly in the vocal range. Raindrops, sure, phones ringing, things falling, but you look at me and try to speak and I'm all trying to lipread because from my sister's voice to my dad's voice is all covered in ringing. (which, to reference, are the highest and lowest voices I have had a chance to not hear since leaving the concert. xD)

So where do I start. Um.

Yesterday was hectic to say the least, at work... Lots of people coming in, lots of vouchers and food pantry orders to fill. Busybusy. But Kristin and I still had time to poke about the backstories of our D&D characters, and omg have to play more. xD So excited about more playing. I'm actually kind of excited about, you know, not letting Noran die. I didn't care so much on Monday, but-- he's cute! I like him. And the 'fraternal banter' with Darrin is just too good to stop. xD

So that was that, and now... okay! After work. I got mail! All those empty imps I'd been waiting for, plus a sweet bonus bookmark because they were so late. It's very peratty, and OMFG [livejournal.com profile] himekokurai I CAN MAKE YOUR MISK. U DECANT FINALLY. (If I can find the package I had ready for you, now. -_-) AND ALSO. I got a package from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] vash_donutangel, oh my god, LUSH STUFF. *loves all over* Figs and Leaves and Sakura and omg! I can't wait to take a bath and use the hell out of that bomb. :3 And jesus, that sandalwood/satsuma orange/floral blend is delicious. SO MUCH THANK YOU. ♥♥

So it took a little while to get on the road, 4:30 instead of the 12:30 we'd been planning the day before, due to a big change in who was going. As it ended up, my dad drove Shell and Ai and I up to Montreal-- we got lost at the end of it, Mapquest forgot a street and I had to go into a gas station and ask the nice man behind the counter for directions in a halfassed blend of English and French. Finally we found the place, and the line was HUGE, and it was raining and I had left my hoodie in the car, and there was a group of teenaged girls behind us very loudly and badly singing MCR songs in Canadian accents. We kept warm by plotting their deaths. xD

The venue was awkward, a sports stadium-- rather, a tennis arena-- partitioned off into coatcheck and merch table and concessions and the actual audience area. The leading bands were okay, but god, I wish I'd thought to bring earplugs-- I think the first one was Circa Survive, and I kind of liked them even if the singer did dance like he was having a seizure. The second was Thrice, and... yeah, I kind of like their single, and the banner they had was definitely cool, but they are, um, better recorded. TOO GODDAMN LOUD.

Okay, we were standing maybe 15 or 20 feet from one of the speaker arrays. But still. The speakers were giving feedback because they were too loud. EXCESSIVE.

And then, god, the soundcheck for MCR was so long, I thought I would die. xD And then finally, the curtain dropped and it was just one long orgasm from then on. THE THINGS GERARD WAY DOES WITH HIS HIPS. I think he can only do that in Canada because it's got to be illegal in the US. The way he had the crowd wrapped around his little finger was just great. And they played all the songs I'd hoped they'd play-- not just the singles, but my favorites-- You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, Give 'Em Hell, Kid, Hang 'Em High. And they played a new song, it was incredible, I cannot wait to hear whatever that gets put out on. (illegal bootleg download? anyone? plzkthx?)

And then, god, the encore. I'm Not Okay. I could barely sing along, I'd screamed myself so hoarse; I could barely jump, I'd jumped so much, but I did both for that song. xD And then a big explosion of shiny silver and red scraps, and they were done and gone.

We fought our way back to concessions and paid $10.75 for two cups of water and a cup of powerade. Cups, because they wouldn't give us bottles, even though we were leaving. I drank mine before we even found my dad in the car, which took way too long because we were deaf and I couldn't just call him and find where he was, I had to send lots of txt messages. xD So, so parched. Next time I go to concerts, I'm bringing earplugs and smuggled water. For reals.

We sold the extra ticket, since Julia didn't want to come and was pitching a bitch fit. Got $60 Canadian for it, so we each got a t-shirt. xD My very first tour shirt! And, um, stopped for sammiches and drinks at a gas station before heading home, which was a quiet ride because my dad was the only one who could hear. xD

So in short, JESUS CHRIST. My Chemical Romance puts on a great show, and Canadians are incredibly polite-- I don't even think I saw one successful mosh pit, and no deathly crush of bodies. And less smoking than at the Hammerstein. xD So, um, six thumbs up, and now I'm going to go puncture my eardrums to get this ringing to stop! :D

concert in a nutshell:

  • Nov. 19th, 2005 at 1:44 AM
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more of an update when I, you know, regain feeling in the rest of my body.



(also, I think an old black guy on the subway thought Julia and I were lesbians; he said we were "so beautiful" and "femininely beautiful" and went on to some shocked-looking Asian kid about how to apporoach women like us. *_* Um, WEIRD.)


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