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  • Dec. 10th, 2006 at 2:08 AM
femmealunettes: (*Christmas - Pete and Patrick)
I don't think I've ever been so directly responsible for something that turned out so almost-perfectly as Crunkmas.


So many people were delighted today. It was wonderful. Jenn Dwyer got me this incredibly soft stuffed cat, brown and black, and I named it Terra.

Shit, today was incredible. Just, so so good. I love all my friends. I met some awesome people tonight (I think the best was Mike, Amber's friend. He's very talkative! And wants to sell a '96 Nissan Ultima for $500 and Julia's like "omg yes!")

I think I like being social. Or I did today, anyway. I resisted the urge to live inside my head.

Sobering things: the fat crackhead who lived upstairs from Kelly and Amber died today. There was an ambulance and a fire truck and everything... also, the cops came by and arrested a hockey player after some racially-fuelled violence, uh, directly across the street from our little party. :O

But all in all: excellent times. Quite a success.

(Note to self: stop being so fucking desperate and go out and find someone already.)

Note to [ profile] pocky_slash: I'm listening to Katy and Scott right now, and it's the most perfect thing I could be listning to. ♥


Merry Crunkmas!

  • Dec. 9th, 2006 at 10:48 AM
femmealunettes: (*Christmas - Pete and Patrick)

:D That's right, I am back in the Crunkmas spirit. And god knows I need to be; there's 32 people I know of that said they'd be here for this shit, and Kristin and I are making cookies. There's still a couple gifts that need wrapping, some unexpected people showing up, but it's all good.

Last night turned out very well. Kristin came over, we didn't get a whole lot done. xD But we talked a lot and that's always pretty awesome. And I talked to a bunch of people who were tripping ass on shrooms, which was pretty damn funny to tell the truth.

Okay, for those who don't know about the magical holiday that is Crunkmas: Crunkmas is celebrated on the Saturday before everyone goes home from college for winter break. You get as many people as you want (in this case, it's illegal numbers of them) and have people bring their own sources of inebriation (and enough to share if they want), and party your faces off. Give people Christmas gifts early, because people who leave aren't there for the real thing. Get crunk. Get fucked up. Have fun with your friends. (If there's a shoplifter among you, he or she is the Crunkmas Fairy. Have them get cute little shit for people.)

And that, my friends, is the spirit of Crunkmas. (Not to be confused with Chronicah, which is December 20, and involves weed-related partying and stoner-themed movies.)

I'm really excited. We're all planning on dressing up nice and having metric asstonnes of fun. So now Kristin and I are going to bake cookies, I'm going to catch a shower and get as prettied up as I can without the sweater I was planning to wear, and we're going to go have a merry fucking Crunkmas! Woo!


Dec. 8th, 2006

  • 10:23 AM
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Mmm. I love it when I come off as an asshole and I don't mean to. I mean, when I want to be an asshole, that's all good, but most of the time... yeah whatever.

*punches things*

I come home and I pass out and then I just wake up feeling like I never laid down at all. And I forgot to pop all those little white pills this morning.

Last night I got most of the Crunkmas stockings mostly filled, at least. I think I might need to get some wrapping paper; some things are just too big to fit in there. (Mostly things in boxes.)

Is it selfish to feel a little sad about this Crunkmas thing? I'm doing so much planning, and people are expecting me to do more, apparently, and I'm just... not as excited now as I was before. Which is why I don't want to try what I got last night yet. Everything I do is a veneer over a thick layer of misgivings, suspicions, insecurities. And they only get worse.

...seriously, when you do everything you can for someone and they demand more out of you, that's... yeah. No. Can't live it.

ANYHOW. [ profile] sixwhitelies tossed me the letter N for that "ten things what delight you" meme, so:
1. Nicking things.
2. Never Having to Say You're Sorry, Being From Jersey Means
3. Nurturing people.
4. Neil Gaiman.
5. Nate O'Reilly.
6. Nougat-filled chocolate.
7. New sweaters.
8. Notebooks.
9. Naps.
10. Neatened-up rooms.

If you want a letter, say so.

Mrr. I'm going to finish making these mixes for people so I can mail some goddamn packages already. The day after Crunkmas, my room will be so much cleaner just because there won't be people's gifts taking up space. xD Once I finish sending all the packages, it'll be even cleaner.

*kicks things* I feel so petulant today, and it's retarded. Whatever. (I hate it when people say 'whatever' to me, but fuck it, I can end an LJ entry with it.)


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If anyone feels like it, I tossed myself into the Holiday Love Meme.

Yesterday I wrote something that I didn't think was so great, but got a really good response from the community where I posted it. I'm so not used to getting feedback that it surprised the shit out of me to get a lot of it on something I thought was pretty shaky anyway. But hey, I have like six other prompts to catch up on, so I shouldn't be all "lol i'm popular on tehinternetz" just yet.

It's nasty cold out. Winter has finally come to the North Country, and it blows goats. The worst part isn't even the temperature, it's the wind. It has teeth. It goes right through everything and into your bones.

It seems like every night just kind of happens to end up with a blunt these days. I'm definitely cutting back after Crunkmas and Chronicah. Speaking of Crunkmas, Kristin and I started decorating stockings last night and today I'm going to sew on the bells and doodads and things. xD Some of them are done-ish, some of them are pretty empty. Marilyn's getting a 40 of a beer that doesn't suck too bad. xD She puts the 'crunk' in 'crunkmas'.

I think I must be mentally vacant. I've had bruises on the tops of my thighs for a while now, and I didn't realize it's because of all the shifting around I do at my desk at work. The drawer... yeah. I need a new brain. xD



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