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For some reason Semagic isn't working today. I don't know what's causing that. It's not a huge deal, just a minor annoyance. Is anyone else having issues with it or is it just me?

Today... oh, today. Today I did something I haven't done in months, and around 1pm I ingested 150ml of dextromethophan, my old buddy DXM, and went on a robotrip for the day.

I felt optimistic for the first time in a long time. I have been getting down into an emotional rut, and having an afternoon of joy was a stone to hopefully kick me out of that dug out path for a while. I didn't do anything special-- I raked the lawn, did that meme answering from before, cleaned a little, wrote a little, and watched Twelve Monkeys with my mom. Which, wow, that is some shit to watch on the tail end of a robotrip. xD And I just watched the first two episodes of Cougar Town with Julia.

The only thing that set today apart from what it would have been was that I was a little bit dizzy, music sounded cooler, and I really enjoyed everything I did. Everything.

It was like taking a vacation. Tomorrow I have studying to do; Monday I have a Botany test on stems and roots and I really know absolutely nothing about those things, but I'm not stressed out about it. I still feel like things are okay, and that's not the DXM any more, that's me. Things are going to be okay, I just have to remember that instead of letting myself get all freaked out and panicky like I've been doing.

Today was cathartic. I really needed that.


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James and his giant peach have nothing on Dani and her friends.

Magnificence in all aspects. The world is brighter, more beautiful, more efficient, more open, more lovely, more loveable.

I love everything. ♥

Jeremyjiggaglalll has some excellence in his ipod, and we are crossbreeding libraries.

[livejournal.com profile] d3adstar is a Jen! how we love her! oh so much!

I dance and spin and sing and it's lovely. Why can't I be this free all the time? Hugs and snorgles all around.

And hey, I can still self-edit. Take that, typos!

Ben and Jerry's, nuts, Bawls, muffins. I am bepigtailed and blissful.


Mar. 18th, 2007

  • 4:23 PM
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Happy St. Patrick's Day indeed.

Last night: pretty much awesome interspersed with bouts of complete insanity. The police were involved at one point. A lecherous, possibly pedophilic French Canadian hitting on my little sister, also involved. Both of them were summarily ejected. xD

A whole bunch of people threw up last night, but I just fell over a lot. No puking for me. (Couple few shots of whiskey, couple blunts, no puke.) In the end I got a little bit of cuddles in with Johnny K, the friday night mystery man who I haven't seen for a few weeks. Sharing a futon = very little sleep, very little blankets, very little of anything except warmth and snores, really.

I feel good today, though. A few adventures, a bit of oot-and-aboot, but mostly just relaxing in the apartment with video games and pizza and Sunday afternoon tv.

Is it bad that reading Cosmo gives me ideas? I think so.

I kind of want to dig out my headphones and just chill with some music for like half an hour. Antisocial of me, but sometimes I just have to close off and think. Or not think, if that's what I need. I'm not sure which one it is right now.

May. 17th, 2006

  • 1:06 AM
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Can you name 13 people you can think of right off the top of your head? Anyone you're thinking of, in no order. Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 13 people. Absolutely no cheating and switching positions on the list, either! Ready, Start!

1. Kristin ([livejournal.com profile] furryhatsrock)
2. Amber ([livejournal.com profile] jobsdhq311)
3. Summer ([livejournal.com profile] _emomuffin)
4. Carol ([livejournal.com profile] insomniac_tales)
5. Kierstin ([livejournal.com profile] kikkirhodes)
6. Kait ([livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash)
7. Cordi ([livejournal.com profile] st_tabularasa)
8. Byn ([livejournal.com profile] bunnidarling)
9. Raoul ([livejournal.com profile] st_raoul)
10. Alex ([livejournal.com profile] dream_aloud)
11. George Tyndall
12. Anderson Cooper
13. Dave

and les questionnes. )

Today was WEIRD. Very very weird,and hopefully not to be repeated in its entirety ever again, but the last half was very nice. Kristin and Amber and cruising around in the lovely warm rainy weather, blowing trees all over town, and the heart-attack moment on the CCC campus was really not a problem at all. We had incredibly good ice cream, and played lotto tickets (a base investment of $5 netted us $6 more when we ended, I think?) and went out on the dock in the rain.

Talk of getting an apartment, potentially. I hope so. It would be nice. ♥

Still no hours at work. Every day this week at the thrift store, then. And tomorrow the marching orders are given for all the Salvation Army officers that have to move. Cross your fingers for us; we all want to stay. And I have an appointment with Dr. Clark-Rubin at 1:30. I've been on Lexapro for two weeks and I feel pretty damn good.
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I want to be extravagant right now! I don't know why. I want a manicure and a pedicure and a haircut. I want to wash my face until it shines. I want to bleach my teeth and dye my hair and learn how to walk in high heels. I want to smell wonderful and look five times as good as that.

I want to use far too many adjectives at once, a whole endless string of description for the simplest things. I want flowers and birdsong and rainbows, for god's sake!

Lying here before, when I got back from lunch with my mother, napping on the chair, I could hear birds that sounded like cell phones and computer chirps. I know they were birds, though! It's a digital spring, my darlings, synthetic life bursting at the seams and Mother Nature is catering to the silicon babies of the world.

I shaved my armpits today before my appointment. How stupid is that? Neatening myself up to be told I'm going mad, it's like putting on your Sunday best to be stood up by someone you didn't really want to go on a date with anyhow!

My analogies are broken, I think. I'm all strange in the head tonight, which is both perfectly logical and ridiculous at once. I haven't even taken my first pill yet.

I want to do drugs! I want to drop acid and take shrooms and have mystical visions. I want to trip my ever-loving tits off, hallucinate jellyfish, hear the universe calling my name and tell it what it wants me to say.

What am I talking about? I have porn to write and a mood theme to finish and... what! WHAT?


sad meme in snow

  • Feb. 21st, 2006 at 2:06 PM
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I have lived through 107/159 things )

...yeah, memes =/= actual thought. Last night I got baked and did a *lot* of RP planning, mostly about Sean and Mickey. And I thought a lot. Kristin was like, "You're weirding me out, and I know you do the same thing when you're sober, but stop thinking so much." I couldn't help it.

I also came up with the RP Rule of Longevity: "Being happy isn't interesting." Which explains not only why some things die early, but life in general. Which is scary. I freaked out pretty good after that came to mind.

And now... um. I think Amber's bringing my computer down to ResNet to get fixed, which is awesome because he started fucking up hardcore when I moved him to the dorm, and Kristin and I are getting tattizzled, and it's snowing. I think that's all.


  • Dec. 31st, 2005 at 2:14 PM
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I put on Blood Moon straight out of the shower and now I have BIG RED PATCHES on my neck and elbows. But not my wrists or behind my ears, oddly. (eta: It looks like I have hickies. I don't think I've had an honest-to-god hickie in like three years. But that's what this allergic reaction is looking like. xD)

Anyhow, no more Blood Moon right after scrubbing. I'll wait until I get, you know, that natural oil stuff back on my skin. Oh my god, Blood Moon is my unwashed hippie scent.

And I cut myself in the shower! But now my legs are all smooth and shit, and I have the cutest sushi bandaid on my ankle. Small price to pay to be ADORABLE.

And now Kristin and Amber and I are going to go take this whore of a town for all she's worth! Wooo!

...I should eat something before I start drinking. xD

Anyhoo, possible phone posts later, but if I don't see y'alls before tomorrow, Happy New Year, everyone. May 2006 bring you all of the joy and none of the disappointments of 2005. More joy, even. LOTS OF IT.


  • Nov. 18th, 2005 at 2:18 PM
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Okay. The train? Was busted. I broke my glasses on the bus they used to take us to Albany, the train broke 15 minutes out of Albany, we were supposed to get to NYC at 7:40 and we made it there at 9:45. JESUS H.

But you know what? Fuck the travel, fuck the broken glasses, fuck all that because WE MADE IT. I have a spare pair, I can tape my broken ones (they broke at the nose, very Harry Potter), we got here okay, My little sister surprisingly rocks, and HI WE'RE HERE WITH SHELL AND AI FINALLY.

And last night, HARRY POTTER. AND MEETING KAIT. [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash=love. also love, and spoilers )

In short, *orgasms*.

Then AFTER the movie, the car battery was dead, so we had to wait around. Until like 4 AM. It was okay, we had car raves, and Jason did a dramatic reading of "The House That Crack Built". xD

And, and, and, I LOVE BEING HERE.

Now to get ready for the concert, which is at 6. *FLAILS*

halfway here

  • Nov. 9th, 2005 at 2:24 AM
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I'm... really out of it. I need to finish something. A book, a log, a thread, hell, finishing a thought would be nice. I'm just. So, so out of it. I can't think at all.

Making icons, though. Or finding new ones. This one's Jarhead, which I never reviewed but it's an excellent movie; I ended up buying the book but I can't start it until I finish one. (I really need to finish Dharma Bums so I can take it back to the library.) I'm finding a bunch of Closer icons; trying to replace some of my older ones with things I love now.

The blazer/hoodie I got? Is eerily like what Loki wears in Dogma. I'd do the angel of death if he looked like Matt Damon, for serious.

Um, found out that the empty imps I've been expecting haven't even been mailed yet; the lady's sending them tomorrow, so hopefully they'll be here by the time I leave for NYC. Which, by the way: EIGHT DAYS OMG. I got my train tickets in the mail Monday; Julia and I shouldn't even have to check our luggage, hopefully. (One suitcase apiece, plus a backpack each. Purses don't count in carryon, so I think we'll be okay.) I'm nervous, a little; I've never been on a train before. Only subways. Nervous but excited.

Today I went out with my little brother and his best friend to smoke a blunt. George rolled a very tight, very sweet little honey blunt, and we clammed his car, and it was very nice and I got very very stoned. My brother and his friends are good people, and it's really nice to be able to relax with chill people.

Also today, my father's friend wrecked out van. So we're working out of a rented minivan for the beginning of kettle season, or until the van can get repaired, at least. Am I the only one who wouldn't feel safe riding in a van that's been hit twice? Bleh.

Have to work in the morning. Note to self, get a gift bag from the Hallmark room. Also note to self, you're a douchebag, go to sleep earlier, you fool.

and in the wake of the poem is left...

  • Sep. 19th, 2005 at 1:49 AM
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Now that poetry has been handled, I suppose I can actually make a post. Since I haven't done that in two days. Meep.

Friday there was a movie, and it was good. Cry_Wolf. Not as scary as I thought, much better than I'd dared to hope. A male scream queen! Run bitch run as applied to a cute British boy! What's not to love? Plus, it was excellently executed. I give it thumbs up.

You know you've reached your limits for your mall when even shoplifting gets boring. The next time I'm in, I have to fill out applications for places. I'm thinking movie theater, FYE, Bath and Body Works, Hot Topic, Borders, and maybe Sears. The holiday crush is almost upon us, after all, and my dad's been hinting me toward getting something else to do after the officeworkday is done. So, yeah.

Saturday... was yesterday. Jessica's birthday, and oh crap, I forgot to take pictures like I wanted to! Anyhow it was an adorable box full of smelly fun things Kristin and I went in together to get her and fill with imps. A box, 10 imps, soap, candles, lots of smelly fun and a rubber duck. xD And Kristin's mom made yummy spice cake, and we did LOTR puzzles, and messed with the fog machine and I tormented cats with bellyrubs. xD And we drove around listening to what I swear is just someone's iTunes library on random, it's the best radio station ever.

Today, honestly, was a fun kind of bust. After church we went to the Jade for lunch and Dennis and I left early, ended up at Bootleggers smoking up in the tower on the miniputt course with George and Matt. So I drove around all afternoon with my little brother and his friends, listening to rap and enjoying it a little too much, now that I think about it, man, those were some awfully misogynistic lyrics but some killer beats. Hm. And then I came home and flopped and have been steadily working on getting a character site together for all my RP boys (and girl). Aside from all the chunky information bits, I'm done with four of them, halfway there on three, and not even touched on four. (I have too many characters.) And once I finish it, I still have the issue of not owning any webspace, which I should do something about.

Let's see, other news. I'm thinking about making a friendscut, mostly just to trim off people who don't post, but kind of for people I don't think I have much in common with. So if you're sick of me clogging your flist, say so and we can do a friendly mutual cut. :D

I've gotten upwards of a gig anf a half of music from Glass Danse, an album-share-type music blog. It's hot. Except for the rapidshare thing, and I got so ticked with the waiting that I kind of bought a month's subscription and scoured out the archives in one night. So if you want anything from there and you catch me online, let me know and I may already have it. xD You know I love to share.

I'm so antsy waiting on the mail now, it's getting to the verge of my pouncing the mailman when he comes in. *_* "DID YOU LEAVE A PACKAGE AT MY HOUSE? Okay have a nice day now. :D" And my BPAL box is literally on the verge of overflowing. I may have to relocate bottles into one box and imps in another... Or, you know, sell some instead of giving it away. xD Much as I like sharing, it's not the brightest idea to just hand out all these things I've been pouring my paychecks into. (Except the things I got to send to people. And I need to figure out who gets what and whether it's just safer to wait until visiting or risk the mail.) And, um, three pending lab orders. I suck.

....and it's almost 2 am, and I have work in the morning, so let's consider this wrapped up. *smooches for you all*

shoot that holy water like cheap whisky

  • Sep. 6th, 2005 at 11:24 AM
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I haven't made a decent, meaningful post in ages. And ages means Friday (because no, a dream and music aren't particularly meaningful), so I have a lot to catch up on.

Friday night Kristin and I crashed the dorms for partying on with Amber (and Jess, and Mett and Ben who Jess went out and dragged back in because she's social), got sort of drunk and ended up playing drinking games and confusing the hell out of poor innocent Ben. I can't help how easy it is to make boys uncomfortable when there's three of us all rapid-fire and stuff. I tried to get him to talk, but it was a no-go. Sad really.

Also that night we coined the euphemism "5 cent deposit" ("Is THAT what kids are calling it these days?") and unsuccessfully taught Ben how to play I Never. And I got some writing done before bed (yes, while drunk). And Amber has the best lava lamp ever.

Saturday we went to Burlington and I got to witness firsthand the marvels of Kristin's amazing walking discount. (SUSHI BANDAIDS. HOW COOL IS THAT.) And I spent too much money on funny cards and breath mints (chai flavored mints! COME ON. Also, "Oscar Wilde's Fruities", which I would like to send to [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash if I can resist eating them long enough) and a kickass black and blue pinstriped shirt and Hello Kitty flipflops (and a pair of hot sunglasses, discounted), and a Ville Valo poster I want to put up by my bed except my dad will mercilessly mock it.

We walked all up and down Church Street and hit comic shops and chocolatiers and pet dogs (or I did, omg so many dogs! I PET AN AKITA AND A HUSKY AND A BEAGLE PUPPY.) and I convinced Amber to get a pipe because I am, in fact, a bad influence. Half the time we had Becky with us, who was *gasp* shorter than me, so I felt almost tall. xD And we had lunch at this crappy pizza place playing early 90s Michael Jackson the whole time, and the pizza made me and Kristin sick. But it was a kickass day no less.

Sunday was church, and I ended up staying home and watching House with my mom and talking to her most of the night. It was good times. We don't do the mother/daughter thing nearly enough. Scariest part of the day: My dad decided to take a nap in my bed. Let me repeat My bad-backed dad decided to take a nap in my loft bed five feet off the ground. And he liked it and threatened to make me sleep with my mom so he could keep my bed because it's comfy. xD

Yesterday was largely-- okay, entirely-- spent RPing and watching the CSI marathon on Spike. Gil Grissom is possibly the sexiest man on TV, if brains = sexy, and they do. Unf.

And today I'm at work. And right when I got in, a lady whose dog had been skunked came into my office, and now the whole office smells of skunk and I've been breatihng over my wrists just to not gag. (mmm, Carnivale. Spicy.)

So that's that.

I'd love to tell you more....

  • Aug. 22nd, 2005 at 10:46 AM
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Okay! Back on the getting-the-weekend-told. I kind of fell asleep last night instead of doing that follow-up post. xD

When we last left out heroine the wedding was in six hours. I'm pleased to report that the ceremony was beautiful and went smoothly, that my mom only cried a little as she was doing the service, that the bridesmades were all lovely and the bride herself was positively radiant, that no one got belligerently drunk and punched anyone else, and that the open barmen didn't card me or Kristin at all. xD Spiced rum punch = yummy and leaves your breath fruity, not boozy, so you can talk to your parents afterwards.

(In other news, my little sister Julia is either very vindictive, very stupid, or both. She has spilled beans on both me and Dennis and it's the kind of thing that will get her beaten in the future.)

So we left the reception early, as none of us (and by us I mean myself, Kristin, Dennis, George, and Julia) could stomach the seafood or the crappy DJ. Drove around New Bedford and Dartmouth a little bit, got lost a little bit, smoked pot in the parking lot of the Dartmouth Wal-Mart (the boys were homesick) and got way too much food at Friendly's. Amusingly enough, I don't know about the boys, but Kristin and I were in bed by midnight. And then SNL was on. WITH THE SCISSOR SISTERS.

Watching Jake dance around = perfect thing before bed. Also, I now have a weapon to counter my sisters when they rant about Simple Plan. I just start going on about Scissor Sisters and they WILT. :D

Sunday... we packed up everything, and went back to Friendly's for breakfast with my Vovoa, uncle Mike and cousins. My family is just insane. All of it.

Driving back up to NY with George and Dennis and Kristin was definitely one of the weirder car trips of my life. At one point we were doing probably around 85, following an SUV doing just a little faster than us, when a statie popped up behind us out of nowhere and flashed his lights... to pass us. So we let him. Then he passed the rabbit. He must have been sneaking up on someone, I have no idea, but that was scary as hell for about a minute. xD And we got shakes at Ben and Jerry's at a truck stop plaza, and had Olive Garden for dinner, and did I mention the smoking? Yeah. That tends to happen a lot around Dennis. xD

Aaand... home, sleep, crazy-ass dreams, now I'm at work, so ends the tale. xD It's good to be home.

You should all keep telling me how much you love me, because I'm an attention whore. :D *dances*

stuff all at once!

  • Aug. 20th, 2005 at 2:53 PM
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Zomg. So much time between updates. I AM NOT DED I PROMISE.

So, um. Bus ride from NYC to Providence took like an extra hour, yay traffic, but I swear to god I saw TWO HAWKS, one by the Foxwoods casino, one closer to Rhode Island. It was pretty awesome.

My family is all insane and Kristin is learning where I get my crazy from. xD Yesterday we went to the Olive Garden with my mom and sisters, and the waiter was JUST like Nate from TDF2. Not looked like him, but acted JUST like him. So now Josh is all like "roffles, oh hi yeah here I am!" so. xD And we went to the ocean, and there is a complete dearth of seaglass on the West Beach! So we may have to go to Clark's Cove for some primo beachcombing. At some point.

Yesterday was the rehearsal dinner; which, wow, yeah my family is all batshit insane, especially the parts that are only becoming family tonight. (by which I mean Josh's sister Sydney. Who is insanely creative and awesome.) There were a lot of completely toasted people, I had a mini-breakdown in the bathroom, got the Powerpoint slideshow done and everyone liked it, and by the end of the night I'd made a BPAL order (Harvest Moon zomg, also more than that yikes.), got lit with my favorite aunt and uncle (that'd be Alison and Bob), had an alcoholic drink in a bar (ponta delgada, I think it was called, a total dive that didn't even card, and all I had was a smirnoff watermelon. which tasted like boozy candy.) and basically had one of the weirder family-related nights on record.

Deana had Nana's wedding dress made into handkerchiefs for all the daughters and granddaughters. The silk has gone all cream-colored with age, it's beautiful. And the lights were flickering in the tent and no one was doing it, so we're convinced it's Grandma. xD

And now... showers need to happen, and the wedding is in six hours, and then the reception, god only knows when we'll all get in tonight. *bounce*

(also, skip=200? jaaaaaaysus. y'all post like fiends.)

the flip of a card

  • Aug. 17th, 2005 at 2:58 PM
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Last night was awesome fun. We all got drunk and played Drinking Trivial Pursuit, at which Jonathan pwned because he's a frightening repository of 80's pop culture. Then we switched over to I Never, which, you know, adopting the house rules here for future games. xD I really wasn't THAT drunk until the absinthe came out... just whoa. It's much better when it's not raw, that's for sure, but I'm definitely feeling the holes in my brain. xD

And I still feel vaguely... not so much drunk as entirely out of it right now. Out of step with the real world. And everything I'm doing, once again, is pissing someone off. Which really I should be used to by now, but still manages to upset me when I realize it. Whatever.

I'm just doing my (very) little part to make up for being a complete suck-ass while Shell and Kristin and Jonathan are at the Bronx Zoo. Because if I went, I would have passed out. But I'm not passing out here, at least not until I finish what I started. So I don't know. There was a point to this, and I'm pretty sure that it's I'm having fun here, except for the part where I'm a fuckup. Again.

quel jour

  • Aug. 13th, 2005 at 6:03 PM
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Yeah, some kind of day. And it's not over yet!

As my drunken stumble of a post earlier might have tipped you off, last night I went with Amber to her boyfriend's house and ended up drinking a lot of shots (I mean a lot, like six or seven) and half a White Russian and a Mike's Hard Lemonade. So those who know me know I'd be pretty trashed, for me, which doesn't involve a lot of stumbling or slurring so much as a lot of kissing my friends and giggling drunkenly at whatever's going on. (I can actually break in pool when I'm drunk, unlike when I'm sober.) And the Trvial Pursuit 0wnage, and geekery, and I need to make one more post with better security in a bit to address the rest of the night.

Not much sleep was gotten. Amber and I left around 9:30, I got home, talked to my parents, was told they'd be leaving tomorrow, took a shower and fell asleep in my parents' bed, because my sister was in mine.

(I dreamed about going to a high-class Burger King with a dress code, with Weevil and Keith Mars, and the hostess was picking on Keith's jacket and I was like "hey, bitch, back the fuck off." and then we ate at a picnic table anyway. *shakes head* Strange.)

And then when I woke up, there was a packed suitcase on the bottom of the bed. My parents changed their minds and decided to skip town early. They're gone off to Niagara Falls, driving half tonight and the rest of the way tomorrow, leaving me and my brother to the house until I leave, when Dennis will start having parties and orgies and whatnot. They gave me Julia's cell phone so I can call them every night and let them know how I'm doing.

So it's pretty much up to me and Kristin when we leave for NYC. I still need to pack, and I'd like to clean up the house; I have laundry to do, preparations to make... I'm excited. :D

zombie drinks!

  • Aug. 13th, 2005 at 1:41 AM
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even when drunk, I pwn at trivial pursuit.


cxhjvb suyf'', sm drunk]

Amber is more drunk than I am clearly xD I love her

she also made out with me. mmmm amber. except boy cooties.

and I got a purple belt from Tony!

and I made him a livejournal. he is my partner in Trivial Pursuit pwnage.

:D yay this is fun!




  • Jul. 19th, 2005 at 12:27 AM
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This humidity is getting RIDICULOUS.

I could barely move all day; spent it lazing around at Jamar's new place with him and Pedro and Amanda and Brandon. I figured out that what I did today is pretty much the exact same thing i was doing this time last year, except without the stress. Movies, trees, video games, sweating. xD

And man, did I sweat a lot. I just. DIE in heat like this. Back to the couch for me, air conditioning > life.

....okay, yes, this is the week of Trees apparently. xD Because a lot of them are getting blown. Um.

Mind. Nonfunctional. Oh, Boone's Farm = good sweet stuff for my pansy lightweight ass. The snow berry is good, so's the wild raspberry. Yum.

Yeah, m'kay, gonna do stuff that doesn't require a brain now. :D

Oh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] bigkittywolf!!!!!

(and happy birthday me~~~~~~ :D)

sweaty summer days

  • Jul. 18th, 2005 at 2:33 AM
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I was supposed to go to Derek's today, finish watching Casablanca, hang out, you know.

Sadly, as we were pulling into his driveway, he was leaving. So I hung out with Dennis and his friends all afternoon. Have I mentioned before what a trip my little brother can be? He's really a lot of fun sometimes.

So we cruised around, blowin' trees and listening to Snoop and sweating because Plattsburgh is hotter and more humid than the entire football team's collective balls, until we ended up at Friendly's for ice cream. Mm. I love me some Friendly's gummi bears. You know the little ones that are tangier than normal-sized gummi bears... yeah.

So for Dennis's birthday (two days after mine = Thursday), I'm going to give him pot and a mix CD, because I know he'll use at least one of them. xD Does anyone have any reccommendations as far as rap goes? That's practically all he listens to; while I want to make him a mix of GOOD music, I want him to actually listen to it, and he isn't exactly a big fan of Dylan or the Beatles. Maybe some Ramones, maybe some Clash, I'm trying to piece it together, but I need rap reccs like whoa. (hm. grey album version of dirt off your shoulder, maybe?)

Came home, baked off my skull, and saw no call telling me to come back, so I slept off the afternoon. I think the town just got more muggy, because there's no way I can sleep now, but I had no problem at 5:30...

I don't know how I feel about school starting in a month. I'm kind of looking forward to it, but not really so much. I just know I can't stay here. Being at home gives me the feeling that nothing I do here counts for anything; being at college makes me certain of it, and makes me worry that I'm getting farther out of touch with the real world, and just... I'm worried, honestly. That's all. Worried.

Anyhow. Too hot to sleep down here. I'm probably going to end up crashed on the couch with the air conditioning killing my ears. xD

Tomorrow I have a package to mail, and an apartment to visit, and a movie to watch with Pedro (and Amanda and Jamar? yes?), and dunno what after that. Then Tuesday... aaaaaaaaaah. Tuesday is my birthday and I don't actually have any plans, not solid ones anyway. Anyone want to weigh in?


  • Jun. 28th, 2005 at 2:43 AM
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Goddamn, it's still too hot out. Bleh all over this weather. BLEH.

So, uh, today. Post-work. Was good! Yeah. Scott and Josh came and picked me up, then we picked Kalena up, then we joined William and Eric (Kristin, remember the twins on Facebook? The Lost twins? THEM.) and got on our way to Montreal.

I like Montreal a lot. It's a nice city, very clean compared to, say, Boston or New York City. Especially the subway, my god, so clean and shining!

Anyway, lots of little mishaps, we ended up seeing Howl's Moving Castle at 9:45 instead of 7:15, it was good times.

Movie critique: whatever you do, for the love of god, don't read the book first. I would have enjoyed it SO MUCH MORE had I not already read the book. Barring adaptation pickiness, it was another excellent Miyazaki film, and the dub was actually pretty good! Still don't get Sophie's random accent, but whatever. Christian Bale as Howl gets my sincere thumbs up, as does Billy Crystal as Calcifer. The animation was pretty, ESPECIALLY the scenery; it was easy to tag as a Miyazaki work just through the backgrounds of fields and mountains. (plus the scarecrow and the dog = immediate ID. so his style.)

And having gotten back in at 2 am, I'm going to cut this short and go the hell to bed, because I do have work tomorrow, EW. (and still that sore throat! dammit. I wish it would go away.)

edit: Who's a big fat iconmaking loser? Yup, that'd be me. (damn, I love me some Howl, though. gonna re-read the book tomorrow, I think. Mm.)


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So today. Christ. Was very very weird and I love the world.

My brother's graduation, and I talked to my dad a lot outside the field house, and there was an interesting and non-cliched speech by a valedictorian! I was impressed. And fuck, but my little brother's popular; even still he chose to spend his post-graduation hours with me and his best friend and his (very newly ex-)girlfriend. Poking smot, as George put it. It was nice; way too hot (like 100+ degrees with humidity) but still relaxing and fun.

Then I watched a couple episodes of Veronica Mars, chilled back, figred I'd stay in, until Amber called and guilt-tripped me into coming to Derek's because he wanted to see me. I'm not complaining, I like spending time with Derek, but I had to shower and everything! ugh! (no, just playing.)

So. Yes. I feel so guilty for just flitting off with him and leaving Amber all alone waiting for her no-show puppy! But god, I really just like being around Derek so much. We just flopped around and watched the Simpsons and talked and kissed and talked and just lay there not saying anything sometimes, just petting each other's hair, and being close and quiet. It's so nice. Just to cuddle, you know. Nice.

And apparently I'm predictable, because he was angry about something at one point and I was talking him down, like "let it go, man, just cut it loose and let it go!" and then I apologized for being all new-age psychotherapy inner peace-y and he said "I knew you would be"... he's got me typed! that's so scary, that I'm so predictable.... but it's okay. I want to be able to surprise him sometimes, that's all.

I'm so tired now, so I'll stop being stupid. (tomorrow I have to write about my dad. Now that I've started with my brother I maybe should do an entry about each person in my family, just because I don't think I've ever gone into anything about them on here really. But dad first, because of today's talks. also, music post.) (also, someone find me nice VMars icons. Preferably with lots of Logan and Duncan.)

Yeah. I love the world today.


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