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  • Jun. 13th, 2007 at 2:39 PM
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Still too many back posts, sorry guys! Keep me posted on what I should know.

Internets on Monday. Tonight, a trip to finance said internets, provided I can find a ride to the mall.

Today so far has involved a lot of laughing at myself from the past. BAD poetry, BAD fanfic, and a whole lot of clipped out comics and old chorus sheet music. I have no idea where I'm going to put this stuff but whatever, I might just rent a small storage space for my winter clothes and memoirs.

I have never lived in such a tiny room as I live in now. I barely spend any time in there when I'm not sleeping or getting dressed because, well, there's no room. Once I put my headboard together things will... probably get worse, lol. But then I can shove all the boxes between it and the wall.

Yesterday was pretty rock-awesome. I had my first appointment with Dr. Gitlin, which went swimmingly, and now I have MY OWN PRESCRIPTIONS instead of stealing my dad's pills, yey. Mandy came over to hang out for a bit, which is always delightful and I have so many hearts for her. Amber and Kristin and I did a wammert run, productive as usual. And Derek took me out to dinner at the new Indian restaurant around here, Karma #1.

PLATTSBURGHIANS: The Karma #1 is located in the Stonehelm Motel, way out in the boonies of Beekmantown, and it is AWESOME. The food isn't expensive, but it's plentiful and delicious and authentic. The waitress, at least last night, was this delightfully bubbleheaded girl who was stunned to see us come in. xD Seriously, go give your patronage to this place. I had the chicken tikka masala, Derek and Sam had the chicken vindaloo, and we were all absolutely knocked over with deliciousness. (Next time I might have the vindaloo, it looked good, but I'm definitely getting the samosas. Man I want samosas. xD)

This weekend Kristin is running a D&D game, and she's taking me through a practice dungeon tonight just to get the hang of it. I'm going to play a druid, I think it'll be fun and interesting and I've never done it before.

And now, I go back to packing away my childhood! Including my prom dress, which I am afraid to look at the tag of and see how much I really can't fit into it anymore. But it was a long, long time ago.


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