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Okay. I'm all packed up. With the exception of the blanket and pillow I'll be pulling off my bed as I leave tomorrow, everything that's going with me is stuffed pretty much to the brink of not being able to zipper up my duffel and Bag of Holding which, uh, totally doesn't live up to its name, I should have been able to fit everything in there without it bulging! xD But it does an admirable job. I have presents... very little ones, for a couple of people, and the quilts for Hunter and Kensie because kids get my love more, lol. I hope they like the quilts as much as they liked the books I brought last time... or more, because I don't think a couple of books suddenly turned Hunter from an X-Box kid to a reading kid. xD

I'm excited and worried even though I know there's nothing to worry about. More excited. I know where I'm staying, I have a vague idea of what I'll be doing while I'm there, hopefully I'll get to see everyone and spend at least some time with each of them. I'm kind of apprehensive about seeing one or two people... mostly a "do they secretly want to see me or am I the only one who cares?" kind of thing.

You know, fuck it, I'll come out and say it: I'm worried about seeing Kristin. This is worse than seeing an ex because for five years she was pretty much my other half and then there was the messy breakup that left me feeling more raw and hurt than any romantic relationship ever did, and last time we saw each other we pretty much agreed that it was stupid to be mad still but we're not friends any more and sometimes I still wake up and think "wow, weird dream, I should tell kristin--oh right, not." So I'm going to see her, more likely than not, and she'll be all unaffected like she is and on the inside I will be five years old holding out my hand waiting for my best friend to take it and that's going to pretty much ruin me for social interaction that day unless I get too stoned to care, which, honestly, I probably will anyway. Hooray for drugs.

So there's that one little problem with my whole gleeful little trip. But aside from that I'm just excited and happy because I miss everyone so much and I want to hear everything they've been doing even though I don't have a lot to say for myself because, hello, my life is pretty much interesting only on the internet and even then it's not a sure thing. "I got into a bunch of new fandoms" isn't going to cut it for small talk with... pretty much anybody except Kristin and maybe Amber, and Amber already knows because she reads my LJ.

Really, I just need to shut up and go to bed and stop worrying because my friends love me and everything is going to be fine. Right? Everything is going to go just fine.

Maybe if I keep telling myself that, I will start believing it, and then I won't have a panic attack instead of going to sleep, because I really need one of those like I need a hole in my head.

(but on the plus side my dad loaned me money against my book buyback funds so maybe I can get my semicolon tattoo after all. Nothing fancy. Times New Roman, about a font 36, simple and clean and classic and right behind my right ear. At this point it's as much for the pain as it is for the symbolism, which is probably a little bit fucked of me, but at least I'm not hurting myself, right?)
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Okay. Okay. So I had a dream that [livejournal.com profile] piping_hot, [livejournal.com profile] tiptoe39, [livejournal.com profile] doctor_caduceus, [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower and I were like... walking around some town together, except we were all our Vortex characters, and we saw something shady going on? Oh, it was a kidnapping! So we went to go investigate except when we got there and Piping!Sylar TKed open the door and we went in, we all turned back into ourselves... the house was all "ooh mystic" with lots of round tables with candles and gauzy table cloths and there were decks of tarot cards on all of the tables.

We all sat down at one of the tables where there were laptops and we started RPing out the rest of the kidnapping scene... then some lady came in and started playing the part of the kidnapper, except she kept reading things and we had to stop and listen to her, and it was like she couldn't read. It took her forever and her posts were typo-ridden and awful.

And then we were all outside a Stewarts (gas station/convenience store with AMAZING ice cream), still with the laptops, still RPing, except I had my brother's two pitbulls to watch. I got tired of waiting for the kidnapper lady to be done, so I left the table and Tippy came with me and we played with the dogs until Moorish and Doc and Piping also abandoned the interloper.

....and that was my dream. Feel free to WTF with me.


  • Jan. 10th, 2009 at 1:13 AM
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Amount of writing done today: minimal.

Amount of... well, anything much done today: also minimal.

Amount of hilarious fun in the [livejournal.com profile] broomcloseted chat room: MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! xD

Seriously, I am so glad I kind of tripped into being part of the Heroes fandom. In [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets people always complain about how batshit their fandoms are, and I have seen nothing but love with the people I've met since October. Everyone is so nice and there is so much cracky fun and, just, you guys are all awesome. ♥

So, I want to write 250 more words before I go to bed, but I have hit a wall on Erased (which is what I am tentatively calling the sequel to Marked) and I am stalling out on everything else as soon as I think of it. *sigh* So I'm going to call a halt to it, do a meme over at [livejournal.com profile] drive_thru_rx, and hit the sack.

Oct. 7th, 2006

  • 12:24 PM
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Yesterday involved a lot more hanging out with people I hadn't expected to than... I expected it to? xD And it was good. Hanging around with Kelly and George is always fun, and now that they hang out together again, that's a lot better a situation. Kristin got her hair cut, and it looks adorably porcupinish in the back, and we saw The Departed, which was REALLY GOOD... I'm a sucker for Boston accents, even bad ones, and Matt Damon's isn't bad. Unf. The story tripped me up a little at the end, because I totally fail at identifying people later on in movies (no short term memory + 2 and a half hour movie = "...whaaaat?!"), but mostly I thought it was very quality. Lots of people getting shot in the head.

Today, the plan is to go help paint Kristin's bathroom, walk over to Kelly's and pick up (hopefully) the money for the things I just ordered her online, come back to Kristin's and veg, perhaps with movies or other suitable entertainment. Not a complex plan, but one that will do nicely, I think.

So, apparently Tower Records got bought out and they're having a massive clearance sale. And when Kristin and I go to NYC in five days, we'll be staying something like a few blocks away from the Village Tower Records. So that's going to have to be hit up most mightily.

God, it's cold out! 50 degrees... and I know this is going to seem balmy in a couple of weeks. I just feel a lot colder than I should these days.


  • May. 12th, 2006 at 3:58 AM
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I forgot to mention (god, today's been BUSY), my court date has AGAIN been adjourned; I have to go back June 1 now. But that's okay! So.

Basically, today has been the best day ever. xD Kristin and Amber and I went to Friendly's and split a sundae, which was numlicious, and then we picked up Jen and the night really kicked off. xD A run to Wal-mart armed us with $1 squirt guns (and lipstick, omg flavored lipstick I want to eat my lips!), and then we went rolling around town squirting the drunks and avoiding the po', who were all over the place. I think we saw them more than twelve times, the same ones a couple of times, but still, sheesh. A heavy police presence for a Thursday night.

And then we came back and ran around Memorial Field having a truly legendary battle of the squirt guns. AMAZING. We have to do it again so much during the summer, because holy crap that was fun. :D

I've been half-stoned all day on lack of sleep and badly-timed medication, and I'm just dazed and giggly now. Laundry's in progress, packing is in progress, it's all good.

and now, more meme action (hot!), as tagged by [livejournal.com profile] furryhatsrock:

Ten real people you would have sex with:

1. Stephen Colbert (my husband)
2. Matthew Gray Gubler
3. Jensen Ackles
4. Kristen Bell
5. Adam Brody
6. Kirsten Vangsness
7. Seth Green
8. David Krumholtz
9. Jake Gyllenhaal
10. Clive Owen

I could go on. I could so go on. But I won't. Not today, at least.


  • Dec. 31st, 2005 at 2:14 PM
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I put on Blood Moon straight out of the shower and now I have BIG RED PATCHES on my neck and elbows. But not my wrists or behind my ears, oddly. (eta: It looks like I have hickies. I don't think I've had an honest-to-god hickie in like three years. But that's what this allergic reaction is looking like. xD)

Anyhow, no more Blood Moon right after scrubbing. I'll wait until I get, you know, that natural oil stuff back on my skin. Oh my god, Blood Moon is my unwashed hippie scent.

And I cut myself in the shower! But now my legs are all smooth and shit, and I have the cutest sushi bandaid on my ankle. Small price to pay to be ADORABLE.

And now Kristin and Amber and I are going to go take this whore of a town for all she's worth! Wooo!

...I should eat something before I start drinking. xD

Anyhoo, possible phone posts later, but if I don't see y'alls before tomorrow, Happy New Year, everyone. May 2006 bring you all of the joy and none of the disappointments of 2005. More joy, even. LOTS OF IT.

oh baby don't stop, bury me and fade to black

  • Nov. 30th, 2005 at 10:31 AM
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Yesterday was just a freaking trip and a half, oh my god.

Let me preface this by saying I'm not sure if I lost my voice at all because I can't hear anything very clearly in the vocal range. Raindrops, sure, phones ringing, things falling, but you look at me and try to speak and I'm all trying to lipread because from my sister's voice to my dad's voice is all covered in ringing. (which, to reference, are the highest and lowest voices I have had a chance to not hear since leaving the concert. xD)

So where do I start. Um.

Yesterday was hectic to say the least, at work... Lots of people coming in, lots of vouchers and food pantry orders to fill. Busybusy. But Kristin and I still had time to poke about the backstories of our D&D characters, and omg have to play more. xD So excited about more playing. I'm actually kind of excited about, you know, not letting Noran die. I didn't care so much on Monday, but-- he's cute! I like him. And the 'fraternal banter' with Darrin is just too good to stop. xD

So that was that, and now... okay! After work. I got mail! All those empty imps I'd been waiting for, plus a sweet bonus bookmark because they were so late. It's very peratty, and OMFG [livejournal.com profile] himekokurai I CAN MAKE YOUR MISK. U DECANT FINALLY. (If I can find the package I had ready for you, now. -_-) AND ALSO. I got a package from the lovely [livejournal.com profile] vash_donutangel, oh my god, LUSH STUFF. *loves all over* Figs and Leaves and Sakura and omg! I can't wait to take a bath and use the hell out of that bomb. :3 And jesus, that sandalwood/satsuma orange/floral blend is delicious. SO MUCH THANK YOU. ♥♥

So it took a little while to get on the road, 4:30 instead of the 12:30 we'd been planning the day before, due to a big change in who was going. As it ended up, my dad drove Shell and Ai and I up to Montreal-- we got lost at the end of it, Mapquest forgot a street and I had to go into a gas station and ask the nice man behind the counter for directions in a halfassed blend of English and French. Finally we found the place, and the line was HUGE, and it was raining and I had left my hoodie in the car, and there was a group of teenaged girls behind us very loudly and badly singing MCR songs in Canadian accents. We kept warm by plotting their deaths. xD

The venue was awkward, a sports stadium-- rather, a tennis arena-- partitioned off into coatcheck and merch table and concessions and the actual audience area. The leading bands were okay, but god, I wish I'd thought to bring earplugs-- I think the first one was Circa Survive, and I kind of liked them even if the singer did dance like he was having a seizure. The second was Thrice, and... yeah, I kind of like their single, and the banner they had was definitely cool, but they are, um, better recorded. TOO GODDAMN LOUD.

Okay, we were standing maybe 15 or 20 feet from one of the speaker arrays. But still. The speakers were giving feedback because they were too loud. EXCESSIVE.

And then, god, the soundcheck for MCR was so long, I thought I would die. xD And then finally, the curtain dropped and it was just one long orgasm from then on. THE THINGS GERARD WAY DOES WITH HIS HIPS. I think he can only do that in Canada because it's got to be illegal in the US. The way he had the crowd wrapped around his little finger was just great. And they played all the songs I'd hoped they'd play-- not just the singles, but my favorites-- You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, Give 'Em Hell, Kid, Hang 'Em High. And they played a new song, it was incredible, I cannot wait to hear whatever that gets put out on. (illegal bootleg download? anyone? plzkthx?)

And then, god, the encore. I'm Not Okay. I could barely sing along, I'd screamed myself so hoarse; I could barely jump, I'd jumped so much, but I did both for that song. xD And then a big explosion of shiny silver and red scraps, and they were done and gone.

We fought our way back to concessions and paid $10.75 for two cups of water and a cup of powerade. Cups, because they wouldn't give us bottles, even though we were leaving. I drank mine before we even found my dad in the car, which took way too long because we were deaf and I couldn't just call him and find where he was, I had to send lots of txt messages. xD So, so parched. Next time I go to concerts, I'm bringing earplugs and smuggled water. For reals.

We sold the extra ticket, since Julia didn't want to come and was pitching a bitch fit. Got $60 Canadian for it, so we each got a t-shirt. xD My very first tour shirt! And, um, stopped for sammiches and drinks at a gas station before heading home, which was a quiet ride because my dad was the only one who could hear. xD

So in short, JESUS CHRIST. My Chemical Romance puts on a great show, and Canadians are incredibly polite-- I don't even think I saw one successful mosh pit, and no deathly crush of bodies. And less smoking than at the Hammerstein. xD So, um, six thumbs up, and now I'm going to go puncture my eardrums to get this ringing to stop! :D


  • Oct. 15th, 2005 at 5:37 PM
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Which, basically, sums up my day so far. Lots of flopping. Yesterday was not so floppy.

Yesterday, after work, Kristin and Jess picked me up and we went around for a bit. Pizza Hut, Bed Bath and Beyond (where they don't have cameras, but do have a very very large candles section!), the mall, and then we went bowling with Amber and her daaaate for the evening, a guy I went to high school with. And then to the porn shop. Seriously, dramatic readings of titles and backs of DVDs = HILARITY.

It was a good day. And now I'm all floppy and lazy today. I got imps, Blood and Nefertiti and Kathmandu, and Blood is DELICIOUS. :3 I'm really getting things neatened up down here... sort of. Neat for me. And I'm cleaning up my hard drive, and I really am going to finish my website, I'm settling in to finish it right now, and once I do that I'm going to do some work in the corrolary blog, and you'll all be "ooh! aah!" and I'm going to have to confess that I stole Kristin's ideas for all of it. *breathe*

Aw, Brendan Fraser. He's in such goofy movies, but I enjoy them anyhow.

My cat is so cute. :D

When I'm done with this, I'm going to watch one of these goddamn netflix DVDs I have. Because I've had them for over a month now, and hi, I've wanted to watch Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels for ages. xD


  • Oct. 10th, 2005 at 11:11 PM
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LJ is just... a total non-priority right now. I've been making so few updates, I feel... okay, I don't feel guilty, I just feel lame for not having anything better to update with.

Yesterday Kristin and I went to Lums for dinnerkfast. xD Seriously, the good times. Also, Phil Collins loves me. I'm like the high priestess of easy listening. Or the oracle or something. I TOTALLY CALLED IT.

So, um, have you guys seen the BMW movies with Clive Owen? Hotness, is all I'm saying. Okay, I'm also saying I ordered the DVD. Come on, it was like $4 for hotness at my eternal beck and call. Mmm, Clive Owen. (How fickle my tastes are.)

What else... I got Igby Goes Down for $7 last week, I'm going to be rewatching that soon. Um, still haven't watched Pete and Pete, I don't know what I'm waiting for. (*cough*netflixmovieshadforamonthohgod*cough*)

I have packages to mail tomorrow morning, BPAL out the wazoo. Yay for sellinz. Also I have to deposit money in my account so I can pay for my brother's new used X-Box on eBay. And hopefully, BPAL arriving tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Um um um. Julia's birthday. She got an iPod Nano and a cat. We're keeping Oreo for real. I'm very happy about that, she's a sweet cat. I should post those pics, except, lazy. I should also be making a music post, but lazy and I have no theme...

um, yeah. I'm boring, and my life is RP now, and that's ok with me. Because I'm having fun.

oh, right. speaking of RP: if I show you something and you express no interest, I will not push it. If you actively express lack of interest, I will assume you want no part of it. So if A and B are true, and C is a no-comment post saying how left out you feel IMMEDIATELY AFTER a post saying you don't want in except just to be in, you're not even interested, and it's not even a formal game, it just kind of grew around a character I made and one someone had already and one someone made.... and we all play together in other games... and you don't even want in, let me reiterate this again, since you kept pointing it out... If A and B are true, I am not understanding why C is true. k?

*drags the dramallama out back and shoots it, indulges no further*

...okay, I just downloaded Golddigger, I think I need to go die now. xD

and in the wake of the poem is left...

  • Sep. 19th, 2005 at 1:49 AM
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Now that poetry has been handled, I suppose I can actually make a post. Since I haven't done that in two days. Meep.

Friday there was a movie, and it was good. Cry_Wolf. Not as scary as I thought, much better than I'd dared to hope. A male scream queen! Run bitch run as applied to a cute British boy! What's not to love? Plus, it was excellently executed. I give it thumbs up.

You know you've reached your limits for your mall when even shoplifting gets boring. The next time I'm in, I have to fill out applications for places. I'm thinking movie theater, FYE, Bath and Body Works, Hot Topic, Borders, and maybe Sears. The holiday crush is almost upon us, after all, and my dad's been hinting me toward getting something else to do after the officeworkday is done. So, yeah.

Saturday... was yesterday. Jessica's birthday, and oh crap, I forgot to take pictures like I wanted to! Anyhow it was an adorable box full of smelly fun things Kristin and I went in together to get her and fill with imps. A box, 10 imps, soap, candles, lots of smelly fun and a rubber duck. xD And Kristin's mom made yummy spice cake, and we did LOTR puzzles, and messed with the fog machine and I tormented cats with bellyrubs. xD And we drove around listening to what I swear is just someone's iTunes library on random, it's the best radio station ever.

Today, honestly, was a fun kind of bust. After church we went to the Jade for lunch and Dennis and I left early, ended up at Bootleggers smoking up in the tower on the miniputt course with George and Matt. So I drove around all afternoon with my little brother and his friends, listening to rap and enjoying it a little too much, now that I think about it, man, those were some awfully misogynistic lyrics but some killer beats. Hm. And then I came home and flopped and have been steadily working on getting a character site together for all my RP boys (and girl). Aside from all the chunky information bits, I'm done with four of them, halfway there on three, and not even touched on four. (I have too many characters.) And once I finish it, I still have the issue of not owning any webspace, which I should do something about.

Let's see, other news. I'm thinking about making a friendscut, mostly just to trim off people who don't post, but kind of for people I don't think I have much in common with. So if you're sick of me clogging your flist, say so and we can do a friendly mutual cut. :D

I've gotten upwards of a gig anf a half of music from Glass Danse, an album-share-type music blog. It's hot. Except for the rapidshare thing, and I got so ticked with the waiting that I kind of bought a month's subscription and scoured out the archives in one night. So if you want anything from there and you catch me online, let me know and I may already have it. xD You know I love to share.

I'm so antsy waiting on the mail now, it's getting to the verge of my pouncing the mailman when he comes in. *_* "DID YOU LEAVE A PACKAGE AT MY HOUSE? Okay have a nice day now. :D" And my BPAL box is literally on the verge of overflowing. I may have to relocate bottles into one box and imps in another... Or, you know, sell some instead of giving it away. xD Much as I like sharing, it's not the brightest idea to just hand out all these things I've been pouring my paychecks into. (Except the things I got to send to people. And I need to figure out who gets what and whether it's just safer to wait until visiting or risk the mail.) And, um, three pending lab orders. I suck.

....and it's almost 2 am, and I have work in the morning, so let's consider this wrapped up. *smooches for you all*

it goes fast; you think of the past

  • Sep. 16th, 2005 at 10:54 AM
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I just finished eating a cup of frosting and whipped cream. ._. And it tasted damn good. I also just realized that the shirt I am wearing now (the button-down shirt, not the t-shirt) is one I haven't worn since Grandma's funeral; it still has the coupons I stuck in the pocket on the ride home.

I woke up at 9, stayed in bed trying to reel in my dreams until 9:20, gave it up as a lost cause at 9:25 and ended up at work for 9:40. WEIRD.

Also, 13 went to powder on me in five minutes today. ;_; It lasted longer the last time I put it on. And now there's a sort of vague citrusy-dark scent under the powder, but still powder. FOO. I cry.

Today, todaytoday, there is a birthday party for the Jessica, whose birthday is tomorrow. And I'm going to take pictures before I wrap her present because it's really very cool and I'm definitely going to make things like this put-together present in the future. :D yay. And I have to write out her card. WOO.

And also today, I have to call BHSN and be like "hey bitches, you never called back, wtf, don't make me go all crazy on your asses. YAR." and hope that they, I don't know, put me on a waiting list that ends before, um, November. Because I really don't want to have to check into the psych ward at CVPH just to get back to school. I would be very upset if I had to do that, actually. I'd do it, but I wouldn't like it.

Aha! Also today we're going to the movies! Cry_Wolf, which is totally not my type of movie but is oddly remeniscent of the first round of To Die For, so seeing it anyway. :3 And hey, one of the actors is Sam from Supernatural! Hawt. Thumbs up.

...okay, I'm going to get one of those scenty wall things from Bath and Body Works, because this office stinks like whatever they make in the soup kitchen and it's bugging me out. SPICED CIDER HERE I COME. Eventually. Can I write it off as an expense? Probably not. But can I try? Hmmm.

Man, I love my work playlist. Totally nonoffensive, totally groovy. *dances in swivel chair* And I hate it when I can't understand people with accents, I feel like an ass. I AM SORRY MR. TURBAN YOUR ENGLISH IS NOT GOOD AND MY COMPREHENSION IS FAILING. ;_;

....this is a good place to stop, I think. Mmm, frosting.

*insert exploding head here*

  • Sep. 9th, 2005 at 3:01 AM
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Wow. Oh man. I love how I can think everything is going okay and then BAM a whole load of stuff just drops on me like one of those 100-ton anvils from Monty Python. Squish.

So right now my dad is pissed at me because it's 3 AM and I'm not in bed, and I won't wake myself up in the morning, which is really fucking something coming from him because he knows exactly where I get my insomnia from (it's hereditary, like most of my mental issues, and my mom is pretty sound asleep right now), and his ass is never out of bed before 10:30, and just RRRGH. STABBYFACE. So he's mad at me.

And I can't exactly go to bed now, when my mom told me I needed to be backed for Amy's wedding and we're leaving tomorrow right after work or something. (Amy, for those playing along at home, is my deceased grandmother's ex-husband's new wife's daughter from her first marriage. Or, if you please, my mom's step-dad's step-daughter. Total blood relation: 0%) And I'm of course totally packed if by totally we mean not at all, ahaha, because I spent all evening writing letters and downloading music/being sent music by [livejournal.com profile] kikkirhodes who is now responsible for about 60% of my daily music consumption, no complaints here.

(bonus round: Anderson the iPod is making a really loud and scary whirring noise and taking FOREVER to update. So, um, glad I got that extended warranty now, ahahayeah. -_-)

So I'm packing for that. Sort of. And I got my credit card statement, which, um, yeah, first time I've seen it THAT high, maybe I should get them to take back that increase they gave me. Except they want me to be in debt, so that won't work. For me. For them it works fine. Because I am a disgustingly impulsive buyer and oh man, I need a real job and not this cakewalk at the Salvation Army, nice as it is. Except I'm really not cut out for anything more complicated than burgers, I think, and I already fucked myself over on that one (oh no, not fast-food, I'll sell you my soul and my limbs and my childhood memories but don't make me work fast food again).

And, fuck, I don't know, everything was going so well up until I gave myself a heart attack on the Pump machine. (B, F, C. I hate Beethoven Virus with so much of my soul. At least the remaining part.) Kristin and Amber and I totally fucked the mall with gigantic strap-ons of swift fingerlyness, at which Kristin is the ultimate queen. (Like, $90 of stuff between the three of us? Score.) I got Julia's birthday present, lots of lip gloss, new laces for my Chucks, pins, all good. Kristin got me a sweet pair of gloves and barettes and more lip gloss than I will ever use in my life, yum. And we ran into Jen, and man, I must look innocent or something because I beeped coming into FYE and I beeped going out and I totally could have lifted so much stuff in there but I didn't because hey, I beeped, they could have checked me and I'm lucky they didn't.

So yes. Mall was good. Work was good. Between the two, also good. Up until Kristin and Amber left after we watched The O.C. (shut up, okay? She made me.) everything was good. And then, not so good, and I suck as a human being, and now I'm going to shut up and pack and write addresses on things and just, I don't know, getting out of town won't make a difference, none of this will make a difference, and I don't know what I'm doing still.


/end whineybitchmode.

shoot that holy water like cheap whisky

  • Sep. 6th, 2005 at 11:24 AM
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I haven't made a decent, meaningful post in ages. And ages means Friday (because no, a dream and music aren't particularly meaningful), so I have a lot to catch up on.

Friday night Kristin and I crashed the dorms for partying on with Amber (and Jess, and Mett and Ben who Jess went out and dragged back in because she's social), got sort of drunk and ended up playing drinking games and confusing the hell out of poor innocent Ben. I can't help how easy it is to make boys uncomfortable when there's three of us all rapid-fire and stuff. I tried to get him to talk, but it was a no-go. Sad really.

Also that night we coined the euphemism "5 cent deposit" ("Is THAT what kids are calling it these days?") and unsuccessfully taught Ben how to play I Never. And I got some writing done before bed (yes, while drunk). And Amber has the best lava lamp ever.

Saturday we went to Burlington and I got to witness firsthand the marvels of Kristin's amazing walking discount. (SUSHI BANDAIDS. HOW COOL IS THAT.) And I spent too much money on funny cards and breath mints (chai flavored mints! COME ON. Also, "Oscar Wilde's Fruities", which I would like to send to [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash if I can resist eating them long enough) and a kickass black and blue pinstriped shirt and Hello Kitty flipflops (and a pair of hot sunglasses, discounted), and a Ville Valo poster I want to put up by my bed except my dad will mercilessly mock it.

We walked all up and down Church Street and hit comic shops and chocolatiers and pet dogs (or I did, omg so many dogs! I PET AN AKITA AND A HUSKY AND A BEAGLE PUPPY.) and I convinced Amber to get a pipe because I am, in fact, a bad influence. Half the time we had Becky with us, who was *gasp* shorter than me, so I felt almost tall. xD And we had lunch at this crappy pizza place playing early 90s Michael Jackson the whole time, and the pizza made me and Kristin sick. But it was a kickass day no less.

Sunday was church, and I ended up staying home and watching House with my mom and talking to her most of the night. It was good times. We don't do the mother/daughter thing nearly enough. Scariest part of the day: My dad decided to take a nap in my bed. Let me repeat My bad-backed dad decided to take a nap in my loft bed five feet off the ground. And he liked it and threatened to make me sleep with my mom so he could keep my bed because it's comfy. xD

Yesterday was largely-- okay, entirely-- spent RPing and watching the CSI marathon on Spike. Gil Grissom is possibly the sexiest man on TV, if brains = sexy, and they do. Unf.

And today I'm at work. And right when I got in, a lady whose dog had been skunked came into my office, and now the whole office smells of skunk and I've been breatihng over my wrists just to not gag. (mmm, Carnivale. Spicy.)

So that's that.

cleanup efforts...

  • Sep. 2nd, 2005 at 2:07 PM
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My mom knows JUST how to wake me up now. "Danielle, you have three packages and you're not getting any of them until you get out of bed." Better believe I was on my feet in a minute flat.

And oh, god, White Rabbit smells so good, Carnivale smells so good, Nyarlathotep does too. The Raven makes me sneeze, Twilight would be lovely except it has JASMINE in it and jasmine is the smell of cat ladies to me, I can't stand it...

So mostly, I made out great. xD And it was 2 packages, not 3, one was my sister's pillows. (She ordered Simple Plan pillows on eBay. Which I would mock more if I didn't know Kristin had a Placebo pillowcase.)

And my dreams were hella weird but not nightmarish, so woo! All crazy vampires and government projects and it was just bizarre and hilarious and I think the Lone Gunmen showed up at one point.. O.o;

And now, I'm going to spend all afternoon cleaning until someone gets online I can RP with, because I am bored. And tonight Kristin and I are going to crash on campus with Jen and Amber and party on, and tomorrow we're going to Vermont for the day and doing Church Street. Woo! Yay for awesomeness.

it's coming

  • Aug. 28th, 2005 at 3:21 PM
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I can taste it, sort of, feel it already. It's in the wither of the sunflowers and the yellow of the corn stalks. It's the sad looks on kids' faces, the sudden fullness of Plattsburgh's belly as it swallows up the college students and asks for dessert.

It's got nothing and everything to do with the seasons, and it's a month early but it's autumnal already.

Today I'm going to find someone to drive me down to the junkyard with the digital camera. I want to take pictures of the wrecked Jetta. Dennis says it looks even worse now that we've had a chance to walk away from it and get past the shock.

Yesterday was good. I needed to get out of the house, and ended up at the mall with Kristin and Amber for dinner and a movie. Amber had to leave and met us later at Borders, but Kristin and I saw Brothers Grimm, and it was really really good. As fucked-up as I expected from Terry Gilliam, really. :D I liked it a lot. Then we played a round of Pump afterwards and almost died. xD Failed Beethoven Virus, because I never don't fail it, but maybe if I tried it FIRST when I'm not all exhausted already I'd be able to get a D. Will have to try.

We tromped around Borders for a little while, harrassed the cafe girl that I went to high school with, I spilled a mochaberry on my lap in the car. Then TDF6 started at midnight and there goes my life for the next two weeks. xD

Today, I think, will be spent looking for more pictures of Babydaddy (because he's my round 6 PB) and maybe trying to clean/rearrange my room a little. Maybe. If I can get a hand from Dennis that would be better. >_> And trying to find a ride. That's my day.


  • Aug. 18th, 2005 at 9:52 AM
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I don't want to leave you can't make me. *kickflail*

...okay, yeah, I have to leave. Me and Kristin are all packed up for the long haul back to the Port Authority, and from there to Providence, where my dad will pick us up and take us to New Bedford.

BUT I DON'T WANT TO GO. :( :( :(

I've had so many kinds of fun here with Ai and Shell and Jonathan, I don't want to stop having the fun. New York City is so big and cool and there's so much more to DO here...

But I have to go back to the family. Back to being the resident indentured geek. Making a crappy powerpoint presentation and writing a poem I just really can't handle writing about how my grandmother's dead but some bunch of roses on a chair is supposed to take her place for the wedding? Um, no. No thanks I'll stay here.


But this was a million zillion types of awesome, and now people have to come visit us in Plattsburgh so we can show them, um, the farms and Point Au Roche and what a michigan is. xD

Okay, going to finish things up and get ready for going. (*sigh*)

the flip of a card

  • Aug. 17th, 2005 at 2:58 PM
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Last night was awesome fun. We all got drunk and played Drinking Trivial Pursuit, at which Jonathan pwned because he's a frightening repository of 80's pop culture. Then we switched over to I Never, which, you know, adopting the house rules here for future games. xD I really wasn't THAT drunk until the absinthe came out... just whoa. It's much better when it's not raw, that's for sure, but I'm definitely feeling the holes in my brain. xD

And I still feel vaguely... not so much drunk as entirely out of it right now. Out of step with the real world. And everything I'm doing, once again, is pissing someone off. Which really I should be used to by now, but still manages to upset me when I realize it. Whatever.

I'm just doing my (very) little part to make up for being a complete suck-ass while Shell and Kristin and Jonathan are at the Bronx Zoo. Because if I went, I would have passed out. But I'm not passing out here, at least not until I finish what I started. So I don't know. There was a point to this, and I'm pretty sure that it's I'm having fun here, except for the part where I'm a fuckup. Again.


  • Aug. 15th, 2005 at 7:26 PM
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okayokayokay. Covering things quickly.

Taking the bus = less suck than a plane, more suck than a car. ow. My side will never be the same. However watching New York and New Jersey go by in pre-dawn cloudlight = awesome.

The first thing Kristin and I did in New York City was get hustled for $10 by a bag-totin' guy. I hate looking all innocent and shit, people like to take advantage of it. If I hadn't been tired and confused, I'd have been like "Okay no thanks I can find it on my own." But, no. Also, Port Authority PA system = far too loud for 6:10 am.

And then Ai rescued us! And we had breakfast at Starbucks (yum, chai and cinnamon-chip scone) and walked around the edges of Times Square and took the Metro out to the Bronx. It took like an hour, I never really get the whole idea of how BIG the city is until I'm going through it. Still, it's awesomeness. xD

Ai and Shell's apartment = the rock. Seriously cool. McManus the Kitty = nose-killing cuteness. Finally meeting Ai and Shell and Jonathan in like omg real life = no words. Just YAY.

:D :D :D :D :D

Tomorrow we're doing like downtown stuff; Wednesday we're doing the Bronx Zoo. And, um, STUFF OMG.

p.s. Bam Margera + Ville Valo OTP. xD

tick tock

  • Aug. 10th, 2005 at 12:21 PM
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Amber asked for it. Really she did. :D

Okay. So did I mention that yesterday I got in Oisin and two frimps with it? Lovely, but jasminey, so I hesitate to try them. Oisin is absolutely gorgeous, though, all light musk and herbs. It faded so quickly, though. ;_;

Also yesterday Amber and Kristin and I went to Borders and encountered both Joe (ah, Joe, my curly-haired bookshop boytoy, how I lust after you), and Dr. Ostry, who is well along with the sprog-tummy. Meep. So I congratulated her and she said she still had my books and I need to drop by CVHall and ask the secretary to let me into her office so I can get them back. Neil Gaiman. FINALLY I'll be able to reread Good Omens. :D

And my parents are being really, really okay about the whole college thing. Which shouldn't surprise me at all, because I know they love me, but I was so scared anyway. Yay irrational fears. But they keep telling me they just want me to be happy, that that's the most important thing. Dad even suggested going down to Florida for a few months (to live with Vovoa) and getting a job down there.

Even better than that, though, he offered to drive me down to the Bronx on Tuesday and stay with Ai and Shell until Friday, then go to New Bedford for Deana's wedding. (Jesusgod that's coming up really quickly. o.o; ) And he said Kristin could come, too. Which, you know, HI SUPER OMG YAY! :D Whether or not everything works out remains to be seen, but fingers crossed.

The reason he's going down in the first place is that one of the men from our church, Mark, is having open-heart surgery at Cornell. He said when he gets back and gets better he's taking me out to dinner. xD I hope someday I have his utter assurance that everything will be okay.

And in conclusion, [livejournal.com profile] zombieday. Get infected, yo. Spread the zombie love. National Zombie Appreciation Day!

riding through the city with a shotgun

  • Aug. 6th, 2005 at 4:49 PM
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Lying out on the porch in the sun and I think I may have broken my skin's resistance to the sun because I'm both feeling and looking a bit crispy. Ah, sunburn, my old foe, we meet again. Anyhow, I at least got to make it through a chapter of The Hippopotamus; I love Stephen Fry dearly but his writing just feels so DENSE it takes me ages to get through it. And I fed the koi in that stupid outdoor aquarium. At least the fish are pretty, when you can see them through the water; it just got changed today and the poor things nearly died when my sister turned the filter hose out of the tank and all the water started leaking out. Awful, really.

Ow, burn. *hunts down the aloe vera gel*

So yesterday Mandy stopped by and we traded off Tim Roth for Gary Oldman-- I let her borrow Four Rooms to show the new boy in her life, and she let me borrow Track 29, which I'm going to have to watch when people aren't using the only TV in the house with a VCR. *shoos them away* And she sniffed all my BPAL, and I sent her off with two impies. :D Bwahaha. So the army's ranks are strengthened.

I really have to look through the training stuff for Essential Bodywear, I haven't done more than glance through it when I got the box. I'm a bad, bad representative. Yup.

And now, because it was too much fun and I built up a stockpile of seven or eight Sues, have another round of the Mary Sue Doll Meme.

1. Go to the Elouai doll maker.
2. Make an ordinary doll of yourself and save it.
3. Take that doll and, leaving a couple things (nose, eyebrows, whatever) the same, Mary Sue yourself. Make the most blatant Mary Sue you can conceive.
4. Post "Before" and "After" in your LJ. Bonus points if your Sue has a backstory of some sort.

Me again, this time sporting pants and boots and a smile instead of the bored look. :D

And this here is Pretty Soldier Sailor Dannii Ravenclaw, heir of Ravenclaw House and defender of all that is gothsome and cool. She used to live in Japan because her dad was researching the magical wildlife there and she was boarding with Sailormoon's mom and she was so cool that the Sailor Scouts were going to make a WHOLE NEW PLANET just so she could be one of them but she told them not to because it would mess up Astrology forever. So they didn't. And then she lived in America for a while and that was when the magical accident happened that gave her big awesome raven wings which she can actually use to fly with. And then she got transfered to Hogwarts AT HALLOWEEN and of course she's in Ravenclaw and she's the smartest and best student in every class and even smarter than Hermione and more well-liked than anyone else and all the boys love her and Draco and Harry had a duel over who got to ask her to the Yule Ball but she went with Neville because he was so nice. Her Animagus is a Pegasus because she's so pure and awesome. And she's the only person in school who's allowed to play Quidditch without a broom so of course she's the captain of the Ravenclaw team replacing Cho Chang who committed harakiri when she lost the game before Dannii arrived. Stupid Cho.


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