it's a male duck.

  • Nov. 18th, 2009 at 10:13 PM
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Oh, Glee. you know I watch it with my father, right? )

Were the segments really short in today's episode? It felt like there were more commercials than usual. Jarring.

I forgot to pick up my new meds today. :O Have to do that before class tomorrow. Which means waking up early. I would complain, but I only have to go to these classes five more times and that's a happymaking thought.
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Gleeeeeeeee )

in short: I wanted to slap every girl except Tina and hug every boy except... no, I kind of wanted to hug all of them.

Oh, Glee! It does what it says on the tin!
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no really it's eerie

anyway, Glee! )

FRINGE IN 22 1/2 HOURS! *flail*

high school drama, fr srs?

  • Sep. 10th, 2009 at 11:09 PM
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I can already tell I'm going to want to stab Terri every time she's on screen for the ENTIRE REST OF THE SHOW.

cut. )

You guys, I don't even understand my reaction to this show. I just know that I want more of it.

hold on to that feeling

  • Sep. 10th, 2009 at 6:16 PM
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Oh. And about Glee:

STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY, PEOPLE. xD Bob Bishop's secret passion for showtunes was the shame of the Company, y/y?

I pretty much hate Rachel like burning. And Terri, there is nothing LESS interesting to me than a pregnancy storyline. And I realize now that I cannot STAND the whole wide-eyed thing that Jayma Mays does, it was okay for two episodes of being Charlie but seriously I just want to hit the top of her head and see if her eyes pop out because it looks like they're about to. She looks like a freaking Bratz doll.

But considering that I don't like half the main cast, it's really compelling, and my cover-loving soul is just eating up all the music, so I guess I'll stick with it. xD That version of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" alone was too amazing to pass up. And I, like everyone else who saw it, got chills during "Don't Stop Believin'". Cause, DAMN. It almost makes me nostalgic for high school and my own young, hot chorus teacher, except I wasn't good enough to make any of the exclusive choirs.

...yeah, I'm still nostalgic for Mr. Verity though. He was scorching hot.


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