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I put up with bullshit coming into my inbox all the time. Off-color jokes, racist jokes, halfassed "inspirational" forwards, all the junk my overly credulous aunts and mother send me.

Today I turned [livejournal.com profile] one_hoopy_frood's post into an email. I hope it becomes a forwarded thing, but at the very least I hope that my family will spend as much time reading it as they spend on "ur my best fwend, send this to 23521 people if you love Jesus!" forwards.

eta: My dad just answered my mail with "Nuke it all and let Allah sort it out."

If I didn't look just like my parents, I would swear up and down I'm not related to them. I am so fucking disgusted right now. I don't know if he was joking and I don't care, it's revolting.

okay seriously this is getting fucked up

  • Mar. 8th, 2009 at 11:33 AM
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I am 90% sure that my mother used Splenda instead of sugar in the cinnamon-sugar mix for putting on toast.


I think I'm going to have to hoard real sugar in my room for baking purposes.

(no, that's an exaggeration, but I'm serious about the Splenda D: )

Head hurts, slept poorly, back to bed after I finish this apple.
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Ah, fuck.

I just showed my mom Keith's Special Comment and she was like "yeah well, did he just use a murderer's statement to try and make his point?" and I was like "uh." and she was like "you know just because they're a loud and angry minority doesn't mean they're right" and I went "JESUS CHRIST MOM, IT'S NOT ABOUT BEING RIGHT, IT'S ABOUT LOVE" and she's all "they're still wrong"

and then we fought for like half an hour and I cried and she accused me of being gay because obviously there's no way to be this upset about something that you're not completely personally invested in, and I was like "Yeah mom, I'm a crazy rampant lesbo, are you going to kick me out?" and she laughed because she thought I was being sarcastic, but I really don't think she'd believe me if I told her that I was bi at this point, she'd just think I was trying to piss her off.

I just. cannot BELIEVE. that she would rather hide behind five fucking verses of a 2000-year old multiple-mistranslated book from a society that has about as much to do with the modern world as first grade has to do with college. Yes. Human nature is the same. Yes. There are valid ideas that should be adhered to. But this slavish devotion to cherrypicked portions of a book that lets you tell OTHER PEOPLE how they should live parts of their lives that have no impact on ANYONE but that person and maybe the person they love, that's about as endearing as the people who walk around quoting memorized lines from Napoleon Dynamite. Yes, we see that you can learn how to parrot unclever ideas, now get the hell out of my face and leave me alone.

And then she's all "well you don't believe there's a single valid religion worth its adherents do you." and I said no. I should have said yes. Buddhists have never started shit with anyone, as far as I know. I am down with that.

I'm not saying people can't believe in whatever they want to. That's your choice, just like who you love is your choice. But just like who you love and what you do with them, keep your religion out of the public eye, because no one wants to have dogma or homemade porn of you and your unattractive partner shoved in their face.

AND THEN she had the gall to say that the reason Hitler had Catholic priests killed in concentration camps was because "he knew they were right." UM WHAT? That was when I get really speechless and told her I was done talking to her for the night, I'm sorry, that makes no fucking sense, please get out.

...and I'm still crying. And pissed off.

and to top it all off, my Yuletide recipient still hasn't posted a "dear santa" letter. Come on and give me some fucking tips for your story so I can distract myself already.

yeah I'm not going to sleep well tonight, I can tell that already. I am fighting the urge to take my last few cigarettes and chainsmoke out my window because I am that fucking agitated.


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