oh Jack, you're hilariously petulant

  • Mar. 22nd, 2009 at 9:12 PM
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I love that when the ~gay prince~ gets mad, he goes on a shopping spree with his war buddies on the national treasury's dime. xD Don't get mad, make your country pay for Rolexes and Benzes for your friends!

Kings. Yes. xD Super good. I really really like Michelle Benjamin, which is refreshing, to actually like the hero's love interest. She's smart and insistent and oooh she's got a deep dark secret, I want to know what it is. (Michael Green, the exec producer, said "if you can guess what's happening, I'm doing it wrong." Well, I'm guessing. We'll see.)

Right now, I don't see any slash potential for this show, which coming from me is something you may never hear again. It's not just that Jack hates David and they have no screen time together, it's also that Jack is simply ~not pretty enough~ for David. It's true. xD

I need more Kings icons. Come on, fandom, pick up quickly so I can have nice things!

Speaking of having nice things, it is a total drag to come back to an inbox full of comments and have them all be people gushing over each other de-anoning. I mean, it's good for the fandom, but... I want attention! *whine* Anyway tons of people are showing their faces, so keep checking the lists and you might find out who's written your favorite things.

Doing a little bit of spring cleaning today, I found: Eats, Shoots and Leaves, the audio recorder attachment for my iPod, a packet of BPAL I put together to mail out but the person never paid me, and a lock of my own hair from when I was maybe 12, before I'd ever dyed it, most of it contained in one of those nifty hair wrap things. My hair used to be so long...

I keep having these bizarre half-dreams in which Zachary Quinto asks me to follow a set of directions. Sometimes it's easy stuff like making a sandwich, earlier it was putting together puppies (?!) to chase down a cat... I don't even know.

Okay, back to maintaining the lists. I have a feeling I'm going to be doing this for at least another week. If people keep posting to the meme, though, I'm gonna start punching bitches in the face... >.>

OH ALSO: the ads for the new NBC show, Southland? I was like "who is that guy, who is that guy..." Duh, it's Ben McKenzie from The O.C. Now I have to watch the pilot, at least, because I totally had a crush on Ryan Atwood. xD Now if only Adam Brody could get back on TV...
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I feel very lost right now. Not so much that I don't know where I am, but as if someone misplaced me.

While I was in the shower today, I heard "You Might Think" by the Cars, and it made me wonder why I only have one Cars song on my computer. Hm.

I am about halfway through the first episode of Kings, and oh my goodness, this show is excellent. It's a modern retelling of the story of David (like David and Goliath, yes, that's the first part) and so far it's really stunning visually and it's very seamlessly modernized. It's on Sunday nights on NBC, and. Seriously you guys. The lead actor looks so much like a young Matt Damon.

Yes? It's not just me, right?

Oh wow, I just went to look it up on the IMDB, and apparently they're really going to work in the rampant subtext of Jonathan being in love with David on the show. That is really cool. :3 If they handle it right, anyway. I still have like 45 minutes to watch, I just already like it so much (and I have a short attention span) that I wanted to post.


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