my own damn Friday Five

  • Nov. 17th, 2006 at 9:47 AM
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1. Eating oatmeal raising cookies with milk is equivalent to eating oatmeal with raisins made with milk.

2. Gravity plays favorites, and I am not a fortunate son lady. Last night I tripped and planted the flat of my forearm into the wide arm of Kelly and Amber's couch. Not only did I SNAP THAT ARM OFF THE COUCH (?!?!), I thought briefly that I had broken my arm. Now I have a bruise, and it hurts. :(

3. I do not want to do anything today that involves leaving South Catherine Street between Macgaulley and South Peru. Yes. I want to stay on my own goddamn block. Walk to work, walk back, PUT MY SHIT IN ORDER. I seem to have lost a checkbook. This needs to be rectified TOUT SUITE. (Of course, this is probably not going to happen. invariably someone kidnaps me.)


5. BEST NEWS EVER: [ profile] furryhatsrock's mom is in remission! :D :D :D :D This is great news, and I am incredibly happy for/with them.


hey kid you'll never live this down

  • Nov. 13th, 2006 at 2:06 PM
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Who's the best person in like the world?

It is [ profile] furryhatsrock, verily.

She did all my kettle-calling for me today, because she is love. And while she did that, I got all the stats caught up and some stuff done for Christmas Bureau, and yeah.

This is basically Kristin:

And she did fix it. ♥

side note: lmfao Tamiflu causes the crazies! I COULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT.




  • Sep. 16th, 2006 at 6:12 PM
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It's been a threat for MONTHS now... and finally, it has come to fruition.

That's right. The anti-tattoo has been inked. AND IT HURT LIKE A SON OF A BITCH. But: It's awesome! Kristin and I are sneaky awesome VFD people now. (I just need to finish my disguise kit...)

First, though: picspam of cookie night.

not work safe cookies! Unless you're the gentleman pornographer. )

Cookie night: for the win. But even more win, and what you've all been waiting for.... DUN DUN DUN TATTOOOOOOOOOOOO!

the world is quiet here. quiet and PAINFUL. )

Yep. We are awesome.
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First, so no one can pay attention to it: the 66% positive meme. Plz?

Second, OMFG BURLINGTON YAYZ. Kristin and I, as planned, took the ferry over from Port Kent to Burlington. Yesterday was cold and dreary and a little rainy, and the lake was very unhappy. And so then was my stomach. Green? Me? Quite possibly. When we got off the ferry, we took a taxi out to the hotel (and on the way, saw the cute blond boy from the ferry hugging his girlfriend for like an hour on the sidewalk. Awww.), which was conveniently placed RIGHT NEXT to the mall. Sweet! So we ransacked that through (I got the cutest black and blue, Asian-patterned silk, bustier thingy), went end to end and then left again, much improved for the trip. CHUCK NORRIS PINS. Seriously, whoever made those for the WIN. "Love doesn't hurt. Chuck Norris does." Hell yeah. After that, we went back and swam around the hotel pool. I did laps until I got out of breath... so basically five lengths of the pool. Chilled in the hot tub some, ordered up Italian to the room, and watched Dane Cook on HBO. He's funny as hell, I didn't realize that before, but man... anyone got a Dane Cook CD they want to throw my way? I'm willing to trade, I have almost 10,000 songs on my computer and there's got to be something to trade with anyone. xD

Anyhow, that was yesterday. Today was a whole different story, because last night also involved a bunch of amaretto and coke, and I woke up.... with a hangover. :o I never get hangovers, but I've been actually taking the pillz, so it turned out badly for me. We checked out and waited like half an hour for a cab, tried to stash our bags in a bike locker but ended up just leaving them in the back room of a skate shop (Local Motion, if you ever hit Burlington check it out) by the waterfront (people in Burlington, seriously, are SO NICE and so easy to trust), looked through a handcrafted-t-shirt-art-gallery next door, and then took the long walk up to the Church Street marketplace.

The restaurant we went to for lunch, The Five Spice Cafe, was not only right on the way there, but INCREDIBLE. So good. All Asian foods, and the way the lunch works-- Kristin looked it up and we had the Dim Sum brunch-- was that everybody got an empty plate, and then the waiters would circulate through the room with big trays full of little dishes, each with a different food on them, and just hand out what you wanted. I had noodles with sesame peanut sauce, sesame chicken in a dumpling wrapper, some chicken with a berryish sauce on it, samosas, grilled eggplant which was spicy as hell, and something called "Evil Jungle Prince", which is basically the best name for food ever, even though I didn't like it too much (chicken with coconut-lemongrass sauce...?) It was awesome, anyhow, and on the way out some old guy was like "How'd you like it?" and as we talked to him I realized he was the owner. xD Which was cool.

Church Street was, as ever, most excellent and today was even more special! This weekend was the fortune cookie sale-- which means that a lot of businesses on that street had a bowl of fortune cookies with 10 to 40% discount tags in them, and when you checked out you got to pick one. I always got 10%, but still! And the lady at Full Tank (a most wonderful head shop) gave me 20%, because she was awesome. So I got pipes as gifts-- a very belated one for my brother, who LOVED it, thankfully, and one for George for helping me fix my computer up, and one for me because that's how I roll? It's cute, anyway. And I'm going to pass the dormouse on to my sister as a birthday present in a month.

At 3 we met up with [ profile] insomniac_tales's sister, Becky, at Ben and Jerry's, and chilled there with delish ice cream in waffle cones, then did the other half of the street with her. I ogled the paperback edition of Areas of My Expertise, actually physically licked the audiobook copy (I'm healthy, don't worry), and left Borders empty-handed because I'd gotten like five books at used bookstores already. Got some Fresh Mint tealights at Yankee Candle for me, when I went to get big candles for my mom. Also hit up The Body Shop and got some edibly delicious-smelling perfume (satsuma and vanilla), lip gloss, and tea-tree face blotter tissues. Also also hit Lindt Chocolates and got mad crazy chocolate. I came this close: |----| to getting a bar of 99% cocoa chocolate, but I got the 70% instead because 99% would put me off chocolate for a month.

We got sandwiches at a great place next to the Flynn Theater, but I can't remember the name of it, and we ate in the park across the street. On a bulletin board were posted about ten or twelve pink and blue sheets with big ampersands in the middles, so I took my sharpie and added "hearts;" to all of them. xD It was awesome fun, and Becky is incredibly cool, but that is where the Vermont adventure ends, because from there we got our stuff and caught the ferry home.

Upon getting home, I crashed a bit, then went to deliver pipes and hats to Dennis and George. Like I said, they both liked them-- George liked his hat the most, he said he wouldn't even take it off to shower xD -- and I got to see my brother's apartment for the first time. It's pretty nice. They (he, Kyle, and the other guy who lives there, Kyle's brother) have a four month old pit bull puppy named Riley. Frank brought over his pit bull, who is I think a year and a half old, Smoke, and Riley was trying to eat Smoke. xD All biting, and the bigger dog was like "*sigh* kids..." and batting it away. It was pretty funny.

Came home, took a nice long bath and listened to the first disc of Dispatches From The Edge, finally, which was not a good thing to do in a candlelit bath tub (walls of water! mass graves! suicide! yeah, I feel way relaxed.), but now I'm all clean and warm and ready to call it a night.

Today was a good day. I am happy. :)

Jul. 11th, 2006

  • 7:46 PM
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Kristin and I are TOTALLY going to make a scrapbook for all our characters.


Jun. 21st, 2006

  • 10:50 PM
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I have paint in my hair and in my cleavage, on my pants, possibly up my armpits. I don't know. Paint EVERYWHERE.


Kristin and her mom = almost all moved in, at least the important things for now
Cleaning = mostly done
Painting = Kristin's room down, four more to go
Nasty-ass refridgerator and oven = clean
Me = pushy and stubborn
New stripey awesome curtains = Kristin's
Totally wasted from exhaustion = me.

I'm taking a shower and PASSING OUT HARDCORE. Go me! Helping people is good work, but tiring. xD



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