May. 9th, 2011

  • 12:42 AM
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If anyone else wants an invite to [ profile] volution I still have three referrals open.

I am still not done with this paper, however I did just ingest a decent quantity of caffeine so I am not sleeping until I get it finished.

May I just take this moment to say: fuck Psycholinguistics, fuck it right in Broca's area. Or maybe Wernicke's area. Fuck it somewhere where it will distrupt its grasp of language, anyway.

May. 1st, 2011

  • 2:11 PM
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Things I can do once I finish my Psycholinguistics presentation:

-take a shower
-watch Doctor Who
-continue writing about Jenny and Mark's weekend
-smoke a cigarette
-have something to eat
-check Facebook

Things I can do while working on my Psycholinguistics presentation:

-listen to music
-think about all the things I can do once I finish it

Apr. 28th, 2011

  • 11:03 PM
femmealunettes: (...wait for it.... : Spock)
So I think I've figured out what I want to do for my thesis next semester.

There's a link between bipolar disorder (and other affective disorders, but bipolar's the one I'm interested in) and creativity. I'd like to explore the expression of creativity in bipolar individuals and if/how that expression changes under pharmaceutical treatment.

This is something that's personally interesting to me, as a bipolar person whose creativity was impacted once I was being properly medicated, but it's also something I think I can explore in an objective fashion... and milk a long paper and a poster project out of, in the long run. I'll have all summer to think about it/start doing preliminary research, but I have to announce it to my advisor by the end of next week, I think.

I hope this will turn out better than my doomed Facebook project, anyways.


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