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Now, I know not many of you have been my friend since the days I was at SUNY Plattsburgh-- it's been a long time since then, and I've changed a lot as a person (for the better, I hope) and my politics and priorities are a little more developed now than they were in 2004.


I'm the secretary of the campus equivalent of GSA. :D It's called SAGA, which stands for Sexuality and Gender Activists, and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I hope there won't be as much backbiting and infighting as there was in SOUL, but the first meeting was really good, and apparently it was the largest SAGA meeting ever-- there were 23 people there. And I was the only sucker who raised a hand when they asked who wanted to be secretary. xD Felix is the treasurer now, so between the two of us we've got half the officership of the club all tied up. And the co-chairs seem pretty awesome (and, um, the guy is cute and a snazzy dresser and identifies as bisexual and he gave me a Significant Look when I made a Hitchhiker's Guide joke, HI THERE) and just, I am being Involved In Campus Organizations, it is something I used to do and it's something I'm glad I can do again.

Also, one of the co-chairs of Sex Collective told me who to ask about the internet radio station, so OMG YAY SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN THERE. And the other co-chair is in my Media and Power class so hey, now I actually have someone to sit next to on purpose instead of just gravitating to the seat I've taken by default since day one. I'M MAKING FRIENDS :D

And in Sex Collective we started talking about size issues (of all kinds) and when the conversation drifted (as it does) to circumscision, I got to tell both the funny stories about my brother's uncircumcised peener. I never thought my mother's hilarious embarrassing stories would get play on a college campus, but people laughed. xD

So yes. Today was moderately stressful, but I unwound a lot after 7 pm, and now I feel really cheerful and well-socialized and happy about things. And tomorrow I will Do All The Things, and maybe get to use my adorable umbrella, and tonight there is a thunderstorm and I'm going to take a shower and just, my face is doing this now: :D instead of this: :<

So I end where I began today, with a smiling John Watson and a \o/! (well, not end, I have a couple of memes to do tonight, but end this post, anyway)


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