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  • Feb. 26th, 2010 at 12:45 AM
femmealunettes: (*tub time*)
Now I have a tub icon! I was going to use one with more nudity, but I liked the carelessness of this one better. (Plus, the bitch in the other icon is way skinnier than I am.)

Lush just posted a box set of 9 bath bombs and I wants it, precious, I wants it so bad. I still have a pretty tidy stash of bath bombs and bubble bars, but I have hoarding tendencies and it's always better to have more than fewer.

I've only been charting it for two days, but my eating patterns are pretty consistent, and I can tell why I'm still (slowly) losing weight even though I've been skipping the Wii for a week or so now: I'm eating about 600 calories fewer than the base amount I need to every day. I'm not anorexic or anything, I just usually only eat two meals and a snack instead of three meals, and I've been snacking on apples, because when I go with my mother to the grocery store I can pick out good things to eat instead of going with whatever's in the house. I'm almost out of apples anyway.

I need to be drinking at least two more glasses of water a day, but I've been trying to pick up that habit for months and it's just not that easy for me to do. Maybe if I got my ass back into gear I could fit another glass in around Wii time.

I should go to bed so I can be up for the Mythology study group at 11... if campus is even open tomorrow. We're taking a pretty fair hit from this weather today. Have I mentioned how much I hate snow? Because I really, really do. I hate it. I need to remember to bring the first Dresden Files book, because I'm loaning it to Matt in trade for some compilation of Serenity stories and essays or something to that effect. And I don't know when we're going to the movies. We're going to see Shutter Island, which might be a moronic choice for a date movie because I hate movies that freak me out and it looks pretty freaky and the last thing I want to do is come off as some wilting flower pansy-type girly girl. Yeah, I have issues...

...and I really shouldn't be this worried because we get along and I went on OKCupid and checked like, all of his publicly answered questions against mine and we basically agree on everything except kids and wow, yeah, it is way too early to even think about talking about kids so it shouldn't be an issue. And I'm trying to talk myself into thinking he's cute, and I don't know if it's going to work, but I want it to because it would be nice to be in a relationship.

I'm also talking to some girl who goes to Wells on OKC, and we're all "Tarentino!" and "books about dragons!" and it's fun. I might ask her if she wants to meet up when I go to visit the campus again, because Alice did say she wanted to bring me to meet one of her friends who's a professor there, and it would be cool to already have a friend on campus.

See, Livejournal? When you aren't active enough I have to cheat on you with other social networking sites!

Also, I completely have Police and the Private by Metric stuck in my head, so you all should download it, and this is entirely your fault, [ profile] asimaiyat. (But the playlist is helping!)


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