• Sep. 16th, 2006 at 6:12 PM
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It's been a threat for MONTHS now... and finally, it has come to fruition.

That's right. The anti-tattoo has been inked. AND IT HURT LIKE A SON OF A BITCH. But: It's awesome! Kristin and I are sneaky awesome VFD people now. (I just need to finish my disguise kit...)

First, though: picspam of cookie night.

not work safe cookies! Unless you're the gentleman pornographer. )

Cookie night: for the win. But even more win, and what you've all been waiting for.... DUN DUN DUN TATTOOOOOOOOOOOO!

the world is quiet here. quiet and PAINFUL. )

Yep. We are awesome.


  • Sep. 16th, 2006 at 3:08 PM
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omg, tattoos?!?!

When I return, I will be inked :O :O :O

Sep. 7th, 2006

  • 1:33 AM
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Kristin and I have spent the last, uh, three or four hours with the Series of Unfortunate Events books piled up between us, throwing ideas back and forth and taking notes.

The shit we think we've found out has blown both our minds. Familial relationships that terrify me to think of. Confusion (Who's R? And what is the Duchess of Winnipeg's name?) and conspiracies and just, oh man, too many things.

Lemony Snicket gives my brain such a hard-on.

In other news, today I found a 1984 reprint of the 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book. Sweeeeeet.
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Poetry whooooooooore. Yes. I love poetry like more than a friend. I really need to write some, again. I'm at my most unhappy when I'm writing my least poetry, and I know that's a correllation and not a causality, but still.

My ears are ringing. Playing my music too loud, I expect. My headphones-- earbuds, blue with bits that wrap behind my ears-- aren't very fortunate, but lucky is in the eye of the beholder-- at least still, and this is with a knock on wood, they work. So pax tecum, hopefully they'll keep working... I know I'm not optimistic, is this uncharacteristic? I could just steal new ones; I've had fun with these.

STILL RINGING GAH. I want to poke my ears with sticks. Or pencils. Something.

Last night, I had the single best croissantwich of my life. The croissant was buttery, the cheese was melty, the egg was fluffy, the bacon was crisp. It was perfect. We drove back through the drive-thru and tipped the lady-- she was working there all alone, and she looked so surprised that we came back to tip her. xD

What else... last night also was A Series of Unfortunate Events on the audio comentary, and... yeah, I think I have a crush on Lemony Snicket. xD OH MY GOD. He's just... clever out the door, across the street, possibly also downtown. I'm stoked about the VFD tattoo, whenever we get to doing that. xD

I... am in a startlingly good mood! I like it.


Jul. 10th, 2003

  • 5:07 AM
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red sky in morning, sailors take warning

I grew up in a fishing town and the first rhyme I can remember had nothing to do with sheep or mice or mother goose.

red sky at night, sailors delight

I don't remember where I heard it. Probably from Nana, or Vovoa.

I can remember watching the TV and seeing the threats of Hurricane Bob come closer and closer to home. The morning of the day it struck, the sky was bloody. I had stayed up all night watching Nickelodeon and the Weather Channel.

red sky in morning, sailors take warning

I've heard it differently in different areas. I've heard "shepherds" or "farmers". Even if I lived in the most land-locked town on earth, I would still remember the way I learned it as a child.

By the way, the sky is on fire.

This is what it's all about

  • Jul. 9th, 2003 at 5:26 AM
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I think I realize now that my on-and-off insomniac tendencies are a really amazing thing, because I'm sitting here and watching the most amazing sunrise. There are lots of clouds, not the puffy kind (cumulonimbus?) but the flattish, ripply kind with lots of shadow, and the whole lot of them used to be this dark, dark purple, almost grey, but now only the very top edge is that color, and the rippled shadows on the bottom of the clouds. It was a rosy dark pink near the bottom, but now that's moved up and the edges close to the horizon are peach and light pink and absolutely glorious, and the whole lot is getting brighter and brighter every time I look up, and the sun still hasn't cleared the mountaintops yet, and the birds are just loud enough to override the drone of the air conditioner... and I'm sitting in my bed, hunched over my laptop awkwardly so I can peer out the window, keeping the pinned-up curtain pushed back with one hand. The pinks keep getting lighter and lighter, and the purple keeps fading away, and now the sky is blue instead of greyish muddy dark, and the pink is fading into gold, and this is all happening in one gigantic arrowhead of clouds just above the point where the sun rises, because the clouds to the side are still darkdarkpurplegrey, and I swear I could touch some of these clouds, they're so low-hanging....

The birds are black against the clouds, and I wish, I really wish I'd kept my dad's camera, because this is too beautiful for me to even begin to describe at all well. The birds are flying in arcs and swoops in front of the gold and pink and violet, and the sun still isn't up yet(!), and I want to take the screen off my window and hang out of it and stare, but I'd probably fall out knowing me, and I'd drop the air conditioner out at any rate, which would get me killed just as quick... And now the pink is gone, and it's pale gold and violet.

The trees are black, and the birds are black, and the streetlamps and houses. Everything looks black against the horizon, and the purple clouds off to the sides are getting pink underbellies now.

Why isn't the sun up yet? It's been an awfully long time since the clouds began to change...

Today in the mall with Kristin and Tai, I forget what we were talking about, but I told Kristin that there would be no day like today (to do something), and Tai said "It's Tuesday?" Yes. "There's a Tuesday every week. Of course there'll be another day like today." And I made the argument that there is never a sunrise or a sunset exactly like another one. The clouds are never exactly the same, the colors change, the way you view it, the wind and the temperature and myriad small details that make every one unique... and he said "I'm going to set up a camera and take pictures of all the sunrises and sunsets, just to prove you wrong."

I wish he had. I wish he'd set up a camera and taken rolls and rolls of this sunrise, because it's glorious.

The gold is fading into ivory, into white. The violet backs are turning grey again.

My hips hurt from my awkward slouching position. I shouldn't have done this, perhaps. It might have been a stupid idea to watch the sunrise again.

I do love to watch sunrises, though. I should count my insomnia a blessing on days like today.

The colors are nearly gone. Except for a few stray mare's tail clouds that are still rosy, the colors are diminished into white and grey and a hint of yellow. For all this, I still cannot see the sun.

Rational people would see the light, follow the changing colors, and assume that the world will follow its usual course and that the sun will rise, as usual.

I am not always rational, intelligent though I may be told I am. I like to see the proof that there will be another day. I love the night, and I hate to sleep through it; my fears are magnified at night, when no one is around making life-noise so I know I'm not alone, and when the light I have is artificial and manufactured.

I like to see sunrises, and I watch them until they are done. I sit up, and I talk to people, and I ramble on in insignificant posts which most people will understandably skim by and ignore. If anyone reads it, though...

I did my best to transcribe a sunrise, though my best is admittedly poor.

Ah, there's the sun. I'm done now.


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