a full day, and one tomorrow too

  • Sep. 9th, 2010 at 11:33 PM
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Today I did a lot of things... I went to all my classes, hung out with Felix, went home and did my laundry and dug out all my winter clothes to bring to campus, read the first couple of chapters of The Golden Compass (like I need to start another book, reading is the one thing I shouldn't want to do for leisure right now), was driven at unlikely speed back to campus so I could make the Treasurers' Roundtable meeting to take notes for the actual treasurer, put away all the clothes (and they all fit in the drawers, except for the shorts which I don't need any more anyways), did my French homework (well, part of it), and made a playlist to bring in to be played at the dining hall. I think it's a pretty decent playlist, actually. I might put it up here, if the upload speed isn't completely abysmal.

Tomorrow I am going to breakfast with Matt at 8:30, and then I am coming back to my room to do my EdPsych homework until I have French at 10:30. Then I have a meeting with my new advisor at 11:20, then time for lunch and to switch out my textbooks, then class from 1:30 to 4:10. And then it will be the weekend... which does not mean rest and relaxation. It means lots and lots of catching up in the online workbook for French, a lot of revisionary reading for my media classes, making sure I'm caught up in EdPsych, and potentially helping my mother out with Tomato Fest. Dad suggested I do it, and then sweetened the deal by offering to pay me to help, as if I wasn't willing to do something to make my mother less stressed without monetary compensation. Well, I'm certainly not going to complain if he wants to give me money.

Here is something really interesting that Professor Meij showed during Mass Media today:

Now, I am really tired, so I am going to bed. This seems early compared to most nights this week, but it's really not early at all. I just think so because Emi stays up really late.


the prettiest ice skater

  • Feb. 18th, 2010 at 7:58 AM
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Okay, normally I'm pretty neutral about Johnny Weir... but this is too awesome.

He's so shiny and spinny!

...this will probably be the only Olympics-related thing you see from me, so enjoy it. :P



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