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  • Dec. 24th, 2008 at 8:59 PM
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The Wish List, hooray! One note: This meme has been alive since 2004. That's kind of incredible, isn't it?

da rules )

1. Mail. Write me a letter, send me a postcard, find something you don't want any more that you think I might like and stick a mailing label on it. I adore getting mail from my friends, but it doesn't happen a lot. You will make my week even if you just scribble down a little "hey what's up?" Heck, send me a PostSecret, I'll never know which one of you it is, and I promise I'll keep your secret. Or, you know, a Christmas (/winter holiday) card is good too. :D

2. Music. Make me a mix CD, upload me a playlist, or just toss a couple of songs at me and say "hey, these made me think of you." You guys know how I am about music! I'll be delighted with anything you do with me in mind.

3. Wallpapers, icons, or an LJ layout. If you have some Photoshop skillz, you are automatically better at it than I am. I will adore and make a huge grateful deal about anything like this.

4. This may sound corny, but hell with it: Call up your local Salvation Army, and offer a couple of hours to stand at a collection kettle and ring the bell. You don't have to do it alone; it's more fun with a friend, actually. I know I bitch about it a lot, but really, donating your time like this can make you feel so good about the world if you go into it with an open heart and a good attitude.

5. Anything handmade. Bookmark, bracelet, cat toy, doodle-sketch, a hat, a scarf made out of old t-shirt scraps, I don't care, as long as YOU make it, I will love it. ♥

6. Anything on my Amazon wishlist, but most most most especially If Not, Winter. I have been craving this Sappho collection/translation for a while now, and it is my number one do-want.

7. Recipes! Give me one that's been in your family for ages, or something you found in a magazine that makes your tongue have orgasms, or something you use as comfort food. Even better: mail me cookies. :P

8. Something that smells nice. A candle, oil for a fragrance burner, incense, perfume samples, bitty bottles of lotion, chapsticks, whatever, anything! Just no jasmine. I don't do well with jasmine.

9. Write something for me. An original story, a poem, or fanfic, I don't mind. Hijack one of my Yuletide prompts, dash off a drabble about whoever I'm squealing about this week, compose a limerick about why we're friends, or go all stream-of-consciousness and just let out whatever's in your head.

10. Be excellent to each other, dudes. Be conscious of the people around you, and work to make their lives better. Hold open a door. Reach a higher shelf for someone short. Pick up something from the floor for an older person. Make dinner for your family. If someone is sad, hug them. If someone is happy, share their joy. If someone is scared, let them know that they aren't alone, and that things will get better. Be the butterfly flapping its wings: I'll feel the ripple effect from it sooner or later, after all.

This is my address!

Now, leave me links to your wish lists, darlings! I try to do something for everyone I see. ♥

(Man, now I have to go get Christmas cards to be ready to put up THAT post soon. I wonder where the leftovers from last year are...)

LUSH Wish List

  • Jun. 11th, 2005 at 11:29 PM
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Bath Bombs:
Honey Bee
Fox in the Flowers
Hot Java
Ginger Bomb
Butterball ***
Waving Not Drowning

Bubble Bars:
Blue Skies
MA Bar
Two Timing Tart

Bath Melts:
In the Nude
Dreamtime ***

Shower Gels:
Sonic Death Monkey
Back for Breakfast

Temple Balms:
Party On

Lip Balm:
Chocolate Whipstick
T Tree Simplex

Massage Bars:
Into Thin Air
Wiccy Magic Muscles
Shimmy Shimmy
Cosmic Dreamcatcher
Soft Coeur
Sleepy Head

Soap Off The Block:
Demon in the Dark
Red Rooster
Honey I Washed The Kids
Ooh La La



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