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  • Mar. 11th, 2010 at 3:27 PM
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I've had kind of a lot of needles stuck in me lately. My skin holds a bruise really well and it didn't even have a chance to lighten between getting blood drawn and having contrast dye put in.

It's weird to think that there's something foreign pumping through my veins right now, that if you look at me the right way you can see what's going on under my skin.

It was pretty neat to see my brain though. The technician showed me all the different views and pointed out where my eyes and inner ears were, made obvious by the absence of anything on the screen. Recently I saw some pictures of what an Alzheimer's patient's brain looks like, and my brain was fat and healthy looking.

And best of all, on the way out of the medical complex, I glanced over into the mirrored wall and saw myself walking out, and I look fucking fantastic. I can see now why people keep telling me I look like I've lost weight. I can't see it in the mirrors in my house, but what I saw today convinced me, I'm looking pretty good compared to a year ago. I've lost like 15 pounds since last January. As of 1/20/09, I was 180, and today I'm coming fantastically close to 165.

I just... finally I can see it, and that makes me feel really good about myself in a way that just the numbers didn't really make me feel.

So I guess that's the state of my body address. xD

feelin' all right

  • Mar. 8th, 2010 at 4:16 PM
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You know... I'm done with a lot of junk now.

That presentation I was worried about? Went fine. I probably could have done it all myself since, uh, isn't it awkward when people can't read smoothly from a presentation? I hate that. But despite the fact that I sounded like an announcer and Jessie sounded like a middle schooler, our presentation was solid and people were interested by it. Using video clips definitely made ours the most interesting, ha. Plus we went first, so we would have looked good anyway. So yeah, Ethics is done, I'll have my grade by the end of the week.

All those papers for Western Civ? I never have to do another one, and I got full marks on all of them. I don't need to wait for my grade, I'm dead certain I got an A.

The Mythology midterm? I studied like an industrious little student and even though I studied a couple of the wrong things, I wrote intelligently and defended my points and I think Bower will respect that. I'm not expecting an A, but I'm not NOT expecting an A, you know what I mean? I could get an A. Or I could get a B and I'd still be pretty happy. I don't have to worry about it any more.

I got one of my debt collectors off my back for good today. Thank goodness for financial aid (and I am going to be saying that a hell of a lot, I can tell).

I'm going to Wells on Wednesday to hand in my acceptance card and make my down payment and handle the financial aid thing.

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow to talk about these seizurelike things, finally. (I also have an appointment with Lisa that I need to cancel or delay.)

Right now... everything is all right. And that feels really good. :) PLUS, it was so nice out today that I got to wear my Chucks for the first time since autumn. Pinstriped Chucks are kickin', hell yes.

happy funtimes weekend

  • Jan. 17th, 2010 at 8:39 PM
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I have made it home from a rather spectacular weekend! My luggage is still in Syracuse... in my dad's car, because the Salvation Army function my parents are at runs through to tomorrow and I didn't realize I'd be going home with Julia tonight in Mom's car. Oops. xD

Thank you all for the effusive outpouring of congratulations re: my dry spell being broken. :D I didn't know you were all so intrigued by my (barely existant) sex life, but apparently it's a cause for a party whenever I get laid! The boy works as an Apple Genius. He almost convinced me to buy a Mac, and that was before I even slept with him. xD

So. Very brief rundown of the weekend. Friday, Brian picked me up from the train and I met Ben (the boy in question) and Danielle, Brian's roommate from Las Vegas. She has glasses and long braids... it was like looking into a flashback mirror. Very eerie. xD Then we went to pick up Brian's wife, April, and the five of us went to the Crossgates Mall and to Friendly's for dinner. Then we went back to the apartment and watched the worst episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 ever... yes, I'm talking about Manos: Hands of Fate. Oh, it was even worse than I remembered it being from the last time I watched it in like tenth grade. The MST3K references were thick in the air during all conversations this weekend, I could hardly keep up with it. xD

On Saturday Dan and Carolyn arrived, and so did another Dan (Hausner) that I also attended middle school with, so that was cool. Other Dan works at a ski lodge in the Adirondacks, and he knows the Saranac Lake longboarding gang. I was like, "yeah, I know the guy who leads that gang..." xD Other people also came who I didn't know, but more people seemed to know each other than not, and there was always someone telling a story about something! April made lasagna and Brian made chicken and Dan DeSousa made bread, so dinner was awesome and delicious. Then we played a game of Apples to Apples that ended up taking something like four hours because we got sidelined telling stories about teachers we'd had and then another group of people showed up and we started over. xD It was super fun.

Somehow, twelve people managed to sleep in a two bedroom apartment... or, eleven people slept and I tried desperately to sleep and never quite made it there. Floors + snoring people + not being home = no sleep for Dani. It's okay, I messed around on my iPod from 6am until when people started waking up around 9. I read a 31,000 word fanfic, that kept me pretty well occupied. xD

Brian made most excellent pancakes with nutmeg in them, and also bacon, for a most win breakfast, and I watched an episode of Venture Brothers with Ben and April and Danielle, and then it was time to go because I thought my train was closer to 4 but it was actually at 1:20. It was so nice to be amongst complete and shameless geeks for a couple of days, and even nicer to see people I haven't seen in so freaking long. (And, you know. Nice to get some. ♥) I had a fantastic time, and now that I know it's so easy to get to Schenectady I will have to visit Brian and April more often!

I slept most of the train ride home.... then I slept for a few hours at the hotel my parents are in for the Salvation Army function. I'm not fully rested, but I will be able to stay conscious to see Youth in Revolt, which is what Julia and I are about to go do! Wheee, Michael Cera is so adorable, and the movie looks pretty funny.

Finally: Take a picture of yourself as you are. Don't edit it, don't stop to put on makeup, just photo cap you RIGHT THIS SECOND!!

what up. )
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Christmas shopping is finito~! I got my brother a sweater, a very nice cable-knit green sweater, and I incidentally purchased the sweater vest I wanted to get for myself on Black Friday but they didn't have it in my size at the time, for the same price they were on the most evil of shopping days. Double-score. :D I also got myself some Bed Head hair taffy, which should be all kinds of fun to play with, and some eye makeup from Victoria's Secret, and a pajama set from Aerie. Julia bought me panties for Christmas because she's all Sheldony about equitable gift pricing and I got her a gift card to Sephora for the same price as 5 pairs of panties, so it all worked out neatly for everyone.

OH MY GOD IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY. I have to double-check my packing, and pick an outfit for tomorrow (hello new sweater vest), and watch the last episode of White Collar and Monday's BBT and some more of my Yuletide source and I am so not going to have this story finished by the time I leave so I'm resigned to working on it in between hanging out with everybody, undoubtedly there will be lulls in the action in which I can write about girls looking at the stars and stuff along those lines. And I need to experiment with this hair taffy so I can look spectacular when people see me for the first time in half a year.

Yes, I am way too concerned with how people are going to view me. I have been doing well for myself lately, physically and scholastically if not so much emotionally, and I am vain and want people to notice. My friends are not as shallow as all this posturing probably makes them sound. I'm doing it for myself more than for them, honestly.

But finally, and most importantly: [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower I GOT YOUR PACKAGE TODAY! ♥! I have named the pig Olivia and she holds a place of honor on my bed now. Your absolutely lovely picture is now hanging out in the middle of all my Star Trek action figures. One of the books will be coming with me to Plattsburgh-- haven't decided which one yet-- and I really can't wait to plant the morning glories and see all their tye-dyed beautifulness! ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you so much, love!


  • Dec. 14th, 2009 at 6:06 PM
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Things Which Are Awesome:

1. I zipped through my Forensics final, as I knew I would.
2. I have 20 workouts so I will be getting at least a C in my phys ed course, SUCK IT, REQUIREMENTS
3. My mommy got me a surprise haircut as a finishing-finals present. it's.... really fucking short. )
4. Somebody AWESOME got me these sweet fingerless gloves and an iPod cover to match! Who did it? Thank you, they are the CUTEST ACCESSORIES EVER. My hands are owls, ftw! ♥!

So even though I sat by a kettle for three hours without being able to ring (because standing inside at Tops means no bell) and my uterus is full of tiny dwarves with pickaxes, today basically wins. :D
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The past 36 hours have been pretty much solid gold WIN.

There was the Mountain Goats concert, which was actually only John Darnielle. That was... incredible. Just, completely astounding. I don't think I've ever felt so bizarrely comfortable about a performer before... I don't watch a lot of YouTube videos and I've only seen a couple of pictures, but the expressions he made while he was singing were weirdly familiar. And oh, he did so many songs from The Life Of The World To Come and they dug into me. Between me and Julia we got almost the entire set on video... I haven't had a chance to review the recordings yet but they'll be up on the Tube of You soon enough.

Seriously, watching him whale on his guitar was somewhere between a drug trip and a religious revelation in intensity. I don't think I've felt a performance that deeply since my very first concert (Conor Oberst did a number on me, let me tell you), but this was a lot more positive an experience.

Concurrent and consequent to the concert (lol alliteration much) was ~*~meeting [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower and her mom~*~! It's always something of a shock to meet someone for real and see what the pics didn't get across... for some reason I was expecting her to be shorter, lol. xD But no, she was perfectly sized for hugging, as it turned out. ♥ She's entirely adorable and sweet and a lovely person all around. And her mom was really cool. xD Julia ended up talking her ear off until three in the morning, but we all had fun, I think!

I didn't make it out of bed to see them off, though; I stayed in bed until almost 5 with a killer headache. Seriously, somebody has been stomping around inside my skull; if I haven't taken a pill for it I've been in pain for the past two and a half days. But I did manage to tamp it down after a while, and then Julia and I went to the drive-in tonight. We caught the last half of Julie and Julia, and all of The Ugly Truth (mm, Gerard Butler.) and Inglourious Basterds again (mm, Shoshanna). It's COLD now, I brought my warm blanket and had to turn on the heat every half an hour or so for a few minutes. Drive-in closes for the season after the first weekend of October, maybe we'll hit it one last time.

I should go to bed now, probably. xD I might do a podfic before I do, since I'm awake and feeling kind of energetic and I have a lot of them to do for the fall free-for-all.
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all parts of my Dell order have been shipped

I don't get why they used FedEx for one and UPS for another and I don't even know how they're sending the third but FLAIL OF JOY, MY SHIZZ IN THE MAIL, PERHAPS IT WILL COME THIS WEEKEND

*gleeful dance*

Also? I have enough data to make my extra credit now. 12 people did it, and it divides neatly into 4 family, 4 people I know in person, and 4 people I only know internets wise. DATA SETS. LOTS OF AVERAGES. THE DISCREPANCY BETWEEN SELF-JUDGMENT AND OUTSIDE OPINION. IT'S FUN.

AND. I didn't realize that last night was episode 2 of Glee, so I have that downloading now, and I'll be downloading Vampire Diaries because Julia wants to see it and since I knew I would be downloading it I didn't watch it because commercials are lame. xD And I don't have class tomorrow, so I can stay up watching TV all night if I want to (which I don't, but I could, at least until 2 or 3)

And tomorrow I am going to be making alfredo sauce from scratch for dinner. :D Chicken and broccoli alfredo, hells yes.
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Okay so I have never actually been to a renaissance faire before today, so I had no idea what to expect. IT WAS SO COOL. Julia and Rachael decided not to come, so it was just me and my parents all day. We saw a silent comic (HIlarious), a dunking (well, several dunkings in the guise of a trial, lol. the evil sheriff's evil son: lickably cute), Midsummer Night's Dream with just the fairy and actors storylines (they did the lovers on a different stage later), falconry (omg, eagle owls are HUGE and COOL), and a silent act with two washerwomen at a well (my parents saw it before and it wasn't silent, they said this version was lame and it kind of was). Also, most of the roaming food vendors were a) very cute, b) very loudly making innuendos about their wares, or c) both.

In between all the acts, there was wandering. SO MANY SHOPS SO LITTLE TIME/MONEY. I could have maxed out a credit card there, good thing I don't have one. xD In the end, I left with one tiny lavender pouch to keep my purse smelling nice, a sweet blue hat with silver trim and feathers on one side, and a simple but gorgeous blue dress that fits me like a glove and makes my ass look FANTASTIC. :D I came about this close [--] to getting a tarot reading but I'm glad I didn't because I wouldn't have been able to get my hat and the hat is way better.

I probably shouldn't but I am taking a nap because, whoa, 8 hours mostly on my feet in the sun being all excited is tiring. xD

eeeeeee I totally want to do that again this time in my sweet renfaire garb so I can hit up that actor for ye olde facebook page url. You know, among other reasons. >.>


  • Jul. 17th, 2009 at 9:37 PM
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Oh my god where do I even start. The necklace! The lizard matches my tattoo! I AM NEVER TAKING IT OFF. and dhfskjdhf! The Star Trek pin! Thank your mom for me, that is so freaking cool!

AND SO MANY BOOKS ♥ I am racing through the end of Pretties so I can get to Assassin's Apprentice~~~~ eee!


and that body spray is already getting heavy use. Pomegranate and apple are two of my favorite scents!

so in short: aaaaahthankyouthankyouthankyou! ♥!


...so for everyone who isn't [livejournal.com profile] moorishflower, lol, the reason the body spray is in heavy use is because Butcher smells like dead things, and trying to bathe him resulted in a wet, angry cat, and my mom and Julia and I all smelling like dead things too. I showered and I lit incense and I can STILL SMELL IT except I know I can't, but my brain is telling me I can and it's driving me up a wall! So, wonderfully delicious fruity body spray!

Tomorrow morning, my family is going to the Renaissance Faire! I've actually never been to one before, I am super excited about it. The big question of the moment is: do I wear a skirt and risk chafed thighs, but look super cute, or wear shorts and be less cute but probably more comfy? I haven't made an effort to be cute in a while...

and later I can has cheezburger! no, rly!

  • Jul. 7th, 2009 at 4:47 PM
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Things I Have Acquired Today:

- one bag of Skittles
- one workable idea for my Remix fic
- an area approximately three feet by five feet of clear space on my bedroom floor
- five Star Trek action figures (!!!! Kirk, Spock,McCoy, Uhura, and Chekov. They didn't have Sulu or Scotty. My search must continue.)
- one box set of the Black Rose Saga of Revolutionary Girl Utena
- a happy

That's right, I has a happy.


  • Jul. 2nd, 2009 at 11:55 AM
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Strange dreams in which Kirk was a kindergarten teacher and McCoy was a priest. WTF?

Sleeping pattern is back to the usual fucked up: fell asleep at 11, woke up at 1, fell asleep at 2, woke up at 4, fell asleep at 5, woke up at 9:30. Thinking strongly about double-dosing Lunesta tonight and seeing if I can sleep the whole night through, or if I'm doomed as long as I'm on Lamictal. It only took me this long to figure out which pill was making me insomniac because stopping taking my medication is a stupid idea, lol.

I have an appointment in 2 hours, and I'm hoping to at least start something by then. I've got the hand-painting fic partially figured out, and really the setup is the hard part, once I get into the swing of it I'm set.

Rachael might be coming to the mall with us today. As long as she's not with her friends she's more tolerable to be with... she really is funny when she's not being a brat. She just turned 16 a week and a half ago. Julia's turning 18 in four months. I feel so old, you guys, my baby sisters are growing up.

Oh, I got my financial aid award total yesterday in the mail... and it's about $1000 more than the cost of tuition. Not to mention the $2500 from the Salvation Army, I am SO paying all my billz especially the $300 I still owe for probation in Plattsburgh omg oops and giving my parents money for supporting my sad ass and maybe, just maybe I will get the iPhone I have been lusting for since it came out. :3

Heck, maybe I'll splurge and get pants that fit, now that I'm not a 38 waist any more. xD

Okay okay getting to writing now, I just had to flail a little bit! :D
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Vermont legalized gay marriage! And they did it AFTER a veto by the governor! It's the first time the legislature has been the deciding factor, and oh man, HOORAY FOR VERMONT!

...now click my eggs! xD

Apr. 3rd, 2009

  • 1:33 PM
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Iowa's Supreme Court gave the legal thumbs-up for same-sex marriage.

Iowa. Come on, New York, if Iowa can do it so can we!

In honor:

Dar Williams - Iowa

I've never had a way with women
But the hills of Iowa make me wish that I could
And I've never found a way to say I love you
But if the chance came by oh I, I would
But way back where I come from, we never mean to bother
We don't like to make our passions other people's concern
And we walk in the world of safe people
And at night we walk into our houses and burn

Iowa oh ooo oh, Iowa oh ooooh ooo oh I Iowa

How I long to fall just a little bit
To dance out of the lines and stray from the light
But I fear that to fall in love with you
Is to fall from a great and gruesome height
So you know I asked a friend about it on a bad day
Her husband had just left her
She sat down on a chair he left behind, she said
"What is love? Where did it get me?
Whoever thought of love is no friend of mine"

Iowa oh ooo oh, Iowa oh ooooh ooo oh I Iowa

Once I had everything, I gave it up
For the shoulder of your driveway and the words I've never felt
And so for you I came this far across the tracks
Ten miles above the limit and with no seatbelt, and I'd do it again
For tonight I went running through the screen doors of discretion
For I woke up from a nightmare that I could not stand to see
You were a-wandering out on the hills of Iowa
And you were not thinking of me

love song ♥


  • Feb. 3rd, 2009 at 4:41 PM
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I got my permit again. 2 weeks and I will have a shiny new photo I.D., yaaaaay! It went much more quickly than I thought it would, too.

I walked from the DMV to Cayuga Counseling Center, which is totally uphill and I didn't realize. But on the way, I stopped at the Riverbend Cafe and got a triple-espresso frou-frou drink made by a totally adorable redheaded boy, yaaaaay!

I had my appointment with Dr. Mehrhof, and he prescribed me Lunesta so I don't have to steal my dad's, yaaaaay!

I went to both the Admissions and Business Offices, and I am completely cleared on being a resident of this county, plus my SUNY transcript made it here, and my PHS one will probably be here in a week, yaaaaay!

My dad mailed all my Paperbackswap books for me, yaaaaay!

It's my mommy's birthday and I actually have a card for her, yaaaaay!

I totally rock the hell out of this sweatervest today, yaaaaay!


eta: this is a very interesting secret. someone should work on this.

how do you say "om nom nom" in Japanese?

  • Jan. 17th, 2009 at 5:09 PM
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Mom and Dad aren't that far away, they're just on the other side of Syracuse, and they're going to a Japanese restaurant and Dad is coming to pick up Julia and me right now.

On top of how much I got done today, I declare January 17 to be OFFICIALLY MADE OF WIN.


ps, this icon is totally not because of Hiro's ethnicity, it is because it is my BEST DAY EVER! icon. But I will definitely take him for dessert, check please.

it's like... comicsmas!

  • Jan. 7th, 2009 at 4:41 PM
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[livejournal.com profile] maggiesox I GOT THE BOX



Oh man, I am totally just going to lie around and read Y: The Last Man first, because I'm already halfway through that one, and then Ex Machina which I am SO PSYCHED to be able to get into, AAAAAAAHHH \o/

is your bed made?

  • Dec. 28th, 2008 at 9:56 PM
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and now I am a supreme being of leisure! )

Now I'm here, tipping back Mike's Hard Berry (omg YES FINALLY), chilling out to Vampire Weekend, and generally enjoying the progress of the day, namely: IT HAS BEEN WIN.

Oh yeah, and I got a copy of Wanted that comes with a fabric poster of Angelina Jolie. I will wake up with her badassness in my face every day! \o/


  • Dec. 26th, 2008 at 3:10 PM
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[livejournal.com profile] beachkid, I just got the books, OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have entirely made my Boxing Day! (I knew the 26th would be a good day! Didn't I tell you that? xD)


She bought me If Not, Winter and Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson, and Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King, and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I am so completely delighted! \o/


  • Dec. 25th, 2008 at 9:41 AM
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:D :D :D :D :D

Rachael and Mom and Dad liked their gifts a lot. I got some pretty awesome stuff


I *squealed* when I opened that. omgsomuchspaceaaaaaah

And a Gucci purse?! That was from my mom's friend Laurel, even. Holy crazy cow.

And now I am wearing my Heroes necklace and there are a million Yuletide stories to read and hey, French toast!


I am totally going to get Trauma Center, like, tomorrow. YAAAAY!


  • Dec. 14th, 2008 at 8:13 PM
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