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My computer really hates doing basic things like, uh, playing DVDs without skips in the audio track.

I'm going to finish the second DVD of my Yuletide source, then watch last night's Big Bang Theory, then go to bed because blah, tired.

I feel kind of... lazy, watching anime dubbed instead of subbed. Like I'm doing it wrong. xD

The big problem with my Yuletide prompt is that it half banks on a character who doesn't get a lot of focus, so... every little scrap of characterization is important. And the scraps are little.

I really want to do a good job on this fic, I just have zero ideas for a plot and I can't even remember the last time I wrote f/f fic and I have to finish it by Friday or I'll be stuck writing it while I'm in Plattsburgh and I don't know how well that would turn out, although drugs plus my creative process usually turns out amusingly.

I should probably look for fic in the fandom, too. Because reading what other people do is always a good thing. And I should try to dig out my manga, except god only knows where THAT is...

Why did I even offer this fandom? Stupid impulses, I should have stuck with things I've written before or have a current grip on. *headdesk*

Yuletide wishes!

  • Nov. 13th, 2009 at 5:37 PM
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Dear Yuletide writer,

omg hi! :D Thank you for writing for me! I hope to make this as stress-free as possible for you.

which lucky fandom did you hit on? )

So... I hope those were helpful pointers and not counterproductive. Seriously, I'm so easy to please, if you enjoy writing it I will enjoy reading it. So have fun with whatever you choose to write, and thank you ever so much! ♥
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My Yuletide stories (STORIES! I GOT TWO!) were perfect and glorious and EEEEEEEEEEE \o/!!!

The Key is a fairy-tale retelling of the already unreal Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. It's beautiful and Diane is so strong!

Nine Steps in a Circle is absolutely fantastic Little Miss Sunshine fic, of what Dwayne does after his plans are dashed and how Frank gets a chance to teach literature again. ♥

best Yuletide ever!

oh yeah, and MERRY CHRISTMAS ♥!!!
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I had the most bizarre dreams. The first one was too weird and convoluted to explain fully, but it involved a visit from my new LJ BFF (who doesn't exist) and her family who totally loved me, and there was a lot of Heroes fangirling and running around in bathrobes, for some reason.

And then there was one about going back to Camp Wonderland with my family, and as we walked past the staff cabins I saw that Milo Ventimiglia was living in one that we used to live in when my mom was camp nurse. And when we got to the cabin we were assigned to, there was one bed for the six of us, and a dozen other families packed into the same cabin.


Apparently the Yuletide site is broken, and uploads are on hold. I shouldn't be encouraged by this. >> I FAIL AT BEING A GOOD ASSIGNED WRITER, GUYS. I'm better at picking prompts than being handed them.

Oh my god, there are five days until Christmas Eve, what the fuck. I want to bake but I have no time! BAKING. It will happen. I want spice cookies like you would not believe.

Ugh, all crampy and headachey. At least I will have a valid reason to beg off standing a kettle if the snow isn't reason enough. Because it's definitely coming down.

edit: ten inches of snow = early store closings = early kettle closings. fail for fundraising, win for personal comfort....


  • Dec. 15th, 2008 at 2:53 PM
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Holy shit, Yuletide assignments went out today! You know what this means.

Anyone who isn't my Yuletide writer, ignore this! )

And now, off to re-watch the sauce for my recipient's story. *rubs hands together* This is gonna be EPIC, mes amis.


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