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  • Sep. 23rd, 2009 at 10:18 AM
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Oh hell yes, Ani DiFranco is playing Ithaca on November 13th and tickets are under $40. (here, self, don't lose the link!)

Ithaca is my new favorite city in all the world; it brings me my favorite musicians affordably and nearby. ♥ I definitely should have considered going there for college instead of staying at PSU like the pansy-ass little girl I used to be. Alas.

Back to doing botany homework now... but that was a wonderful surprise!
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I kind of miss Fall Out Boy circa From Under The Cork Tree.

I mean, Infinity on High was great, and so far Folie a Deux is too, but... I loved every single song on FUCT. And I don't, on the more recent ones. The sound is different, and I don't know how to describe it.

I'm not saying that the new stuff is bad. I'm just nostalgic for the... simpler, maybe? less obviously produced? sound of the earlier days.

That said, I am super digging Coffee's for Closers. Also, 20 Dollar Nose Bleed, so much. West Coast Smoker is potentially my favorite from the album... pending further review, of course.
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William Beckett shops in the girls' section, and he wears it SO well. He's too pretty to be real. And he is surrounded at all times by shrieking teenage girls and boys, lol.

Gabe Saporta is a cult leader. Really. And he has the prettiest smile in the world.

+44 played "The Rock Show". I never thought I would hear that song live. Kristin and I wigged when we realized what it was. xD

Also, FOB covered "Beat It". Yes, Michael Jackson. And it was AWESOME OMG.

Joe Trohman's hair and his stubble rock my world. Also his guitarskillz, but mostly the JEWFRO. And the constant motion! And basically I am in love with him forever and ever amen.

I left my iPod recording through the Cobra Starship, Academy Is and FOB sets; I will discover the audio quality (poor? or not even worth the bytes suck-ass-poor?) tomorrow. Also I grabbed a bit of video of each of those three, which will also come tomorrow because I want this stuff on my computer, not my sister's.

Some ten year old kid in a striped polo totally had a concert crush on me wandering the lawns at SPAC, and it was hilarious and adorable. He and his buddies were throwing a tennis ball against the bathrooms (which are in a hyuuuuge old stoneworked building) and when I went to move out of their way he was like "No don't leave! D:" and I was like "lol, I'm just going to sit on the grass." and then I watched them while Kristin stalked William Beckett unsuccessfully.

SPAC (That's the Saratoga Performing Arts Center) really is a gorgeous venue and lawn seats are cheap; anyone from Plattsburgh who's heading there for a concert should give me the heads up and I'll see if I have moneys to join because, damn, the pretty and the acoustics and, just, gorgeous spots everywhere. The hippie in me was well pleased.

My dad drove us down and waited in the car, he even parked next to the tour buses for easy post-show stalking which didn't happen because it was over at 10:45, hoooooly balls long show but so, so worth every minute of the time.

My throat is sore as hell, and I have some white noise going in my head, but I would not trade it for the world because I earned every raw cell screaming for boys I love and singing words that aren't mine but they let us all use anyhow.

And at the end of the day, I got to reply to a beer-soaked and vaguely offensive MySpace message with a ballbreaking torrent of words that basically boils down to: "I'm too busy for you, little boy, and I have a man in my sights anyway." :D Possibly cruel of me, but fuck it, if he was expecting more then he should have said so. We had nothing in common anyway.

I'm going to bed stinky because I'm too tired to shower. Tomorrow: packing in earnest, possibly moving a few things over to the apartment, Wal-mart fo'sho, basking in the continued afterglow. A+!

eta; also here is Kristin's post and she has pictures, lots and lots of pictures mostly of William Beckett, lol.

I forgot to mention that FOB played "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today" and I cried because that's the first song of theirs I heard and, well, I was crying a lot during their set because I'm an emotional wimp and cry when I'm happy. But, god, their set was SO GOOD. Not just IOH stuff, but all their albums, and not just singles. I was so pleased.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BELOVED [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash!

fuck. yes. fuck yes so much.

  • Feb. 17th, 2007 at 11:11 AM
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Kristin. I ordered our tickets. Two orchestra seats. We're fucking going to see Fall Out Boy. :D :D :D

Last night I came up with a brilliant plan. Unfortunately Wal-mart didn't have what I need to enact said plan, but I'll get it before we get to Maine. I'm going to get an iPod voice recorder, and sit with Poppy and have him tell me all the awesome stories about when he was younger. When he worked for the mob as a gas station attendant/gambling courier. How he met my Nana. How when he was just a little boy with polio, his mom would take him down to the beach and let the waves hit his legs because it was said to be good for healing.

That's the best thing I can think of. Getting his stories where other people can find out how awesome he was.

My parents say we're coming back either Tuesday or Wednesday. God only knows which it's actually going to be closer to. But my mom's on my case to be ready, and I still need to shower, so: you can text me from my profile, and I strongly encourage you all to take advantage of that because I'm going to be lonely with just my family for company.

Love you all, see you in a few days. ♥

Jan. 19th, 2007

  • 7:59 PM
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I have a confession to make.

I really don't like Spencer Smith at all.

Now, really, I know this is an unfair reaction. A better way to say it is "I don't like fandom's portrayal of Spencer Smith," but I also don't like how he looks. Or how he is in interviews. Or anything about him, really. He looks a little like a ferret, which made me realize that he reminds me of Draco Malfoy. Don't ask.

It's strange to like all of a band except one person. I like all of Fall Out Boy. I like half of the All-American Rejects. But I only like three-quarters of Panic! at the Disco. o_o

Anyhow. Because of something I read this morning, I have decided to write about Ryan Ross. More specifically, about Ryan Ross's stubble. I am going to finish this story, because it already has a title, so that means I have to complete it.

The title is: The Sacred Quest of Ryan Ross, Undertaken In Much Gravity, In Order To Reclaim His Masculinity (or, Why Ryan Thinks Stubble Is A Good Idea).

I think it's a good title. Pretentious, long as a song name, pretty much lays it out that RyRo isn't going to be anyone's bitch. (Unless bitching is the divine route to manliness. Which would make me the manliest person ever. I mean, I know my cock is gigantic, and my balls are epic in proportion, but I don't think I'm that manly.)

You ever start giggling and you just can't stop? And there's no real reason for you to be so amused, except you JUST CAN'T STOP GIGGLING?

Welcome to my morning! :D I've been talking to animals and POSTERS and my STUFFED TEDDY BEAR (his name is Jon Walker and he keeps me safe at night) and myself, not that talking to myself is new at all, and...

WHERE IS EVERYONE. Kristin wake up and amuse me plz. I'm rofling and I can't get up.

prima donnas of the gutter

  • Nov. 19th, 2006 at 5:02 PM
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The things Patrick Stump's voice can do to me... are scary. Oh god this song is so good I cannot WAIT for Infinity On High to come out. This is so hooky, so self-referential and a little mean and a little acknowledging and, shit, Pete Wentz writes some fucking catchy lyrics and Patrick Stump is a musical genius.

I'm a little pitiful, I know. But this band just DOES it for me. So good. And this CD is going to be even better than From Under the Cork Tree, and I love every single song on FUCT.



  • Nov. 14th, 2006 at 11:37 AM
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New Fall Out Boy song?!

From their upcoming CD?!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

It's called Carpal Tunnel of Love, and I am FLAILING here. It's so GOOD.

Sharing it from my own space now: Carpal Tunnel of Love (right-click, save-as)



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