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This afternoon I am making chocolate-dipped things with my mom. Strawberries and Oreos.

I ask this half-jokingly, half to find out if it's actually a valid question:

Would anyone like to buy chocolate-dipped Oreos? I know for a fact the strawberries aren't making it out of this house (om nom nom!) but cookies are pretty mailable... if people are actually interested, I can run out and buy another package while we've got melted chocolate to work with...

Jan. 31st, 2008

  • 2:34 AM
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The hat is done. I shouldn't be so critical of it, of course it isn't going to look like a bird...

cardinals are important to my mom and her sisters. )

I hope she'll like it.

iTunes can go fuck itself, by the way. When I am depressed, I do not want to hear love songs. Not even a little bit.

It feels like whenever I do one thing, three other things come undone, and no one gives a damn but me. I need to get rid of all my possessions and move into a cave, then I won't have shit to worry about...

oh fuck you iTunes. Beauty and the Beast? Really? For fuck's sake. I give up.

Nov. 30th, 2007

  • 10:08 AM
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Oh, [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets, I've been waiting for my wank to come. xD I don't know why I suddenly picked up the sword and shield to defend Samantha Carter, but man, some nutjob flamer was going off about how she's a whore and how Amanda Tapping probably blew someone to get onto SGA after SG-1 ended, and I was like "oh hell no" and now I am a Knight of the Carter Republic or something. Wheeeeee.

So that's fun. xD

I am super excited about holiday cards this year, because I live right next door to the post office and that means I have NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER to not send them on time, so I will. xD If you want a card, leave your address on my Christmas post and let me know what holiday you do. (also leave me icon-sized Christmas gifts for my profile tree, come on you guys plz? ;_;)

I got my pills last night courtesy of Amber, and I took one and I already feel loads better. Wow. I am DEFINITELY not on placebos, or the power of my mind is such that I could kill several people with it. >>

Who wants to see the hats I've done? HERE THEY COME GET READY FOR THEM:

haaaaaaats )

I am so into this hat thing, it's not even funny. I think today I'm going to go to the Salvation Army thrift store and see if I can beg some unsellable sweaters from the back room, recycling > discarding, after all. And maybe Dory will be there.

I think I will make a pillowcase from the remainder of this sweater. It's a nice weave. :D


  • May. 8th, 2006 at 11:13 PM
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Okay! So first there is a picture of me that I thought was lost to the ages, but was recently excavated in the Macomb 219 archeological dig.

beware of frogs )

And also, y'alls know I've been making bracelets and necklaces and stuff. Well, I took pictures of them.

this is the bracelet for Byn )

this is my hippie necklace )

this is my green fish necklace )

and this is the Gryffindor bracelet )

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Last night I made a bracelet that is incredibly pretty. :D It's for [livejournal.com profile] bunnidarling and it's blue and silver and there are fish. :D I wish I had a camera, I'd take a picture of it, but I'm just going to have to mail it to her sight unseen. Hopefully it'll be more sturdy than the anklet I made that broke; I tried really hard to get the clasps on really good and if they break I'm going to cry.

Kristin and I have been watching Buffy. Season 2, and I'm amazed at how pretty Alyson Hannigan was back then, and it's so easy to see where so many things started when I just think about them. My thing for older men? Totally began with Giles. Redheads? Both Willow and Oz. (and don't get me started on Oz, oh god he was so adorable. "Who is that girl?" Oh, Oz.) And it's kind of scary how much old-school TV can rile me up; X-Files and Buffy are both middle school shows, and I can remember sitting on the edge of the uncomfortable white chair in our tiny living room, chewing my nails and squeaking and trying to shut up my little sisters when they wandered in. Talking about them the next day on the bus with Carolyn.

It's mildly alarming, mildly amusing, how much of the shows I remember. Punchlines I know a moment before they come. Plot twists that slide on familiar and comfortable as an old pair of slippers. Nowhere near as much recall as Kristin has, but enough to keep me wondering how the hell I still know these things or how the hell I forgot them in the first place. Lines I wish I was smooth enough to deliver. And I'm recognizing very keenly how much I love Joss Whedon's characters, how many parallels there are from Buffy to Firefly. Things Xander says that could just as easily come out of Wash's mouth. Little snarks that could be Mal and Zoe as much as Buffy and Giles. I think I prefer Drusilla's crazy to River's, though. xD

Anyhow. Alone in the dorm room now; I'm going to clean a little and write a little and pack as much as I can stand, and then more Buffy and at some point the first episode of The L Word, and make jewelry. Woo!


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