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  • Sep. 7th, 2007 at 12:35 PM
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Sleeping pills work, you guys. I woke up very literally ten minutes before Andrew came to pick me up for class. I didn't even have time to check my email!

I discovered that, surprisingly, me + marijuana + math = OT3. At least basic linear equations. I can numbers hooray! And I can also musicals. Showboat all next week, it should be fun.

Human sexuality continues to be the most awesome class ever. There was a big discussion about sexual orientation and identity (some people make it their identity in the push for equality, but the average person doesn't define themselves by simply being hetero/homo/bisexual), and another one about whether cold numbers are a good way to conduct sexuality research as opposed to taking an emotional approach. My response to that: If you're researching exercise, you don't ask why people do it or what their feelings are about it, you ask them how many times a week and how long and since when. It translates over. Although there is a huge value in the context of a sexual relationship, if you're going for numbers, that's a valid approach.

I really want to do some kind of survey, though. I was thinking in terms of a paper survey, but it would be a lot easier to do online, I'm realizing. Something that would touch on numbers ("how often do you have sex?") as well as underlying causes ("have you ever performed a sexual act out of a sense of duty or guilt?"), not as in-depth as interviewing people directly but not just quantitative either.

Also, I realized that Sunny Baudelaire should have outgrown her oral stage by now, lol.

There are two really loud girls on the other side of this computer lab. "Your mom doesn't know you're a Wiccan, does she?" "I have all the witchcraft books!" Apparently dying your hair black negates your ability to use an inside voice?

I am very glad that it will be the weekend for me in a mere hour and fifteen minutes. Surviving Newswriting will be easier knowing that there are cupcakes at home. xD



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