4/5 done and time for my nappy-poo.

  • Aug. 27th, 2007 at 3:22 PM
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My classes so far are pretty awesome! Musical Theater is going to be fun, we're starting from the first musicals which were pretty much operettas and going through to modern musicals. We're spending a whole week on Sweeny Todd, which gives me a good excuse to listen to Neil Patrick Harris belting it out. xD Also, my teacher for the class is the mother of this chick I envied/crushed on for like all of high school. Oh Adrienne Stortz, how I loathed and loved you. xD

Human Sexuality also looks like it's going to be a blast. The professor is this really sweet-seeming young lady, and she was amused by how chatty I was. Seriously, everyone in every class I'm in is going to think I'm this huge brown-noser, but I'm just interested in (almost) everything I'm taking.

After lunch was Intro to Journalism, and man, newswriting is going to be weird. But I'm totally going to do a feature piece on A Different Blend, BECAUSE I CAN and because that place should be pimped out in every available media. xD The teacher seemed... uh, very share-y. And also not very on task. Hopefully he will get better.

Math... is going to be math, which is to say I can do it but I won't like it. The professor is the most tech-savvy old guy I've met, hard of hearing and prone to waddling but kind of funny for all that. There's nothing more pitiful than a teacher asking questions that sound rhetorical but aren't, and no one responding, so I kind of stepped up and made eye contact and crap like that. I AM A GOOD STUDENT DAMMIT.

Now all that's left is Chem, which doesn't start until six, and these school computers kind of suck so I'm going to finish this up and go take a desperately-needed nap. And/or just watch some SGA. >> iPod ftw.


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