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I haven't really done New Year's resolutions for the past couple of years because I've been doing the 101/1001 thing. But I'm making miserable progress on that, so I should probably come up with something else to do.

On the bright side, in a few days it'll be my two-year anniversary of quitting smoking. Yay me.

So. Resolutions for 2011:

  • write 10,000 words a month

  • complete assignments before the day before they're due

  • read four books a month

  • watch two movies a week

  • make more friends

  • drink more water and less soda

  • go three months without being depressed for more than 12 hours at a time

  • record one podfic a week

So by the end of the year I'll have written 120,000 words (I can do 10k a month, I did it in November, I can do it every month), I'll have read 48 books (easy), watched 104 movies (doable), recorded 52 podfics (also doable), I will be more social, I will lose a little more weight by not drinking soda, and maybe I'll have like an entire semester of not being depressed. That would be nice. And I will make the attempt to not procrastinate quite as abjectly as I did this past semester, even though I did really well despite doing everything at the last minute.

...or I could do these...

In 2011, speccygeekgrrl resolves to...
Drink four glasses of transmetropolitan every day.
Lose ten x-files by March.
Admit my true feelings to auguris.
Pay for my douglas adams on time.
Give up rats.
Tell my family about cover songs.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

...no, I don't think I could give up rats. Considering I want to sneak one into campus this semester... no.

Dec. 29th, 2009

  • 1:19 PM
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Yesterday was pretty awesome. We left Maine and I wrote for basically four hours nonstop. 2500 words of original fic no one will read, but it made me feel amazing to have words just flow out of me again. I felt carsick, which doesn't happen a lot, but the awesomeness of writing by far outweighed the unpleasantness of feeling ill.

When I got to Kelly's, Kristin and Amber were already there watching Jeopardy. Julia stayed over last night so the five of us watched TV for a while. Then Dennis arrived with an entourage. By 10:30 Kelly managed something she's been threatening me with our entire friendship: she took me to a bar.

We went to Peabody's for Chug-a-Mug, which is the easiest way to get drunk on a Monday night. Big-ass mugs of beer or mixed drinks for like $3.50. Lacy explained to me why she comes out to bars. I was subjected to music so loud I couldn't tell what it was half the time, did all my communicating by yelling, and somehow-- get this-- I talked up a really attractive guy in a suit. He looked really familiar but I couldn't remember his name. It turned out to be Jeff, the son of my high school French teacher! I was successfully flirting, he went away and then came back, even. I was smitten and probably came off as desperate because then he said he'd come back and he didn't... but while I was waiting a Swiss guy came up to talk to me. He came down from Quebec City to come to Plattsburgh, that's a hell of a drive for Chug-a-Mug. xD By the time I gave up on Jeff (it took a while) Yoann was trying to get me to dance but I felt kind of sick, so I ended up walking back from Peabody's to Kelly's house, alone.

It was really nice to be in a place that I felt safe enough to walk alone at like 2 am on a Monday. And it wasn't a bad walk. It's much colder out now than it was early this morning, weirdly.

So I successfully participated in a social interaction with not one, but two boys I didn't already know. I'm so proud of me, even if I will be kicking myself all week for not getting Jeff's number. (Seriously. A suit with a powder blue tie. He was delicious.)

Today is Kenzie's birthday, so if I leave this house at all it's with the intent to go to Scott and Amanda's to give her a hat.

Last night was sort of unbelievable. I blame my weakness for suits for most of the unbelievability. That, and rum and coke and Sex on the Beach.

Now I am playing with the reflected light off my laptop and Lacy's cat Rocko.


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