Jun. 17th, 2011

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I love the internet. I can just decide I want to watch something and have anything I want at my fingertips.

Tomorrow, I'm thinking X-Men and X2. I don't know if we'll have time for the third one while Amber is here... I'm still not sure when she'll be arriving, but we will have a warm welcome for her whenever she shows up.

Tomorrow I also have to go by the library and drop this application off, and I want to stop at Wegmans and get more pie crusts so I can use more of the ridiculous amounts of berries we got today. This pie is really good and I want to eat it all weekend long. xD What else am I doing tomorrow? I would like to make pizza. Does anyone have a good pizza dough recipe that doesn't involve yeast? Crap, I need to get cheese tomorrow if we're going to do pizza, I didn't think about that at the grocery store.

I did something I've sort of always wanted to do and smoked on the hammock and looked up at the sky. It was super chill. I was hoping it would help me get to sleep, but I'm not really tired. I feel like I want to do something, I just can't figure out what. If I still feel like this in half an hour I'm going to take a walk, murder rate be damned.

Or I could just sit here and read fanfiction until I fall asleep. That's also an option.

OH RIGHT I WANTED TO POST RAT PICTURES. Who wants to see my ratbabies?

21 and 24 om nom noms )

older pictures )

My sisters both claim my rats bite, but they have never bitten me. They have put their mouths around my fingertips, but they do not bite me. The only damage they regularly deal is from those sharp little claws that you can't really do anything about

Although I do need to get them something to chew on. Something wooden preferably. I should get the rats a toy.

I'm kind of worried about keeping them next semester. I don't know how to move the furniture to make hidden place for their cage, so I think they might have to stay in my closet... so I might not be bringing so many clothes back to Wells with me. Which means I have to go through my boxes of winter shit and sort out what is coming with me and what is going to MA. I need to pick shirts I wear a lot. Pants are less of a problem. I may need to buy new pants at the end of the summer anyways, I just bought a size 12 pair of khakis and if I move down that notch by the end of the summer, I won't even fit into most of the pants I own now, which are loose. Not the shorts though, the shorts are perfect.

It's so weird that when I go back to school, I will for the first time be attending a university with my family about 400 miles away from me. I won't be able to go home and pet my cat every other weekend. I won't be bolstered with my family's steady presence behind me. Every time I do go home, that's four separate Amtrak tickets. I'm not sure if the bus would be cheaper, but I like Amtrak. And when I do get home, it will be in a place I did call home, after my parents got the call to the ministry. We'll be living in Vovoa's house. But it doesn't feel like home the last time I was there. I'm just wondering what the rooming situation is going to be, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to share a room with someone. I could deal with sharing a room

I think the point I was trying to make is that nobody is going to come get my rats for me if I get caught with them. I may have to find someone off-campus to take care of them. I wonder if I could trust the Fairlane boys to take care of them for me. James would probably consider it if I asked him to. And like, I'd be doing the caretaking, the cage changing, he would just have to feed them and water them every day. But that's not asking much in terms of me being there to play with my pet, because it seems like Fairlane is a good place to hang out. All the guys living in one Fairlane apartment are friends of mine/known to me, I will have no problem with James and Ben and Mattie and... I don't remember the other guy who will be living there, is it Jake? Jake is cool. I think those guys might be okay with an emergency rat relocation if necessary. They would probably feed my rats junk food like chips.

Oh, that's going to be a double edged sword: I can get all my recurring pet food needs mailed right to Wells... in a PetCo box. Too obvious.

Ah, the sun's coming up. I should at least try to sleep.
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I haven't redone my "about me" post in, oh, ten months, and now I have new friends and things are changing, so I figure it's about time to touch it up.

look, you don't have to deduce it, I'll just tell you everything )

let me read to you!

  • Nov. 30th, 2010 at 7:32 PM
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I just sent in my Podbang submission, barely squeaking over the line with four and a half hours left to go... well, I do my best work under pressure, anyways. :D I did two stories to make up 20k words, and I really can't wait until I'm allowed to link them around because I'm really happy with how they both came out. One is my favorite Sherlock kink fic OF ALL TIME, and the other is just a brilliant psychological thriller by a really talented author.

It always makes me so happy when people trust me with their creative works. :3 I really try to do the best job I possibly can every time someone bestows that trust upon me. Sometimes it gets tricky (doing all the voices can be HARD sometimes, I'm still not entirely sure about my Mycroft voice for example) but I really do practice and try things out to get the result I'm going for. And of course I get super embarrassed when I don't catch myself mispronouncing something (you know what gives me trouble? the bloody Thames, every time), but I don't do that very often at all and I always try to fix it if someone points it out to me.

...so yeah I am done and I'm happy with the results and now I can start doing holiday gift podfic! So if you're on my flist and you have a favorite story you really want to hear done, just let me know about it and I'll tackle anything (within reason, don't ask me to do your big bang fic unless you're one of my internet wives xD) with verve, gusto, and other words that mean lots of good energy!

And now I have a half an hour which I am going to devote to reading Harry Potter, and then SAGA and Sex Collective, and then I have to go back to my room and finish doing the lesson plan thing for Meij which really shouldn't take me that long since I've already got most of six weeks out of ten done. I hope he's not expecting anything revelatory from me... cause he ain't gonna get it. xD

I know one of you is capable of doing it

  • Aug. 10th, 2010 at 6:55 AM
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and I will do anything you want in return for getting my prompt filled, as long as "anything you want" is either podfic or pictures of my cat. I'm negotiable for other things but those are my major selling points.

John Watson never could get the hang of Thursdays...



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I haven't updated my "about me" post in almost as long as it takes to gestate a baby, so I'm going to redo that now. Not too much has changed, but enough has that it bears redoing.

look, you don't have to deduce it, I'll just tell you everything )

a guide to me

  • Jul. 9th, 2010 at 1:06 PM
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Lifted from [livejournal.com profile] lheena, because I like talking about myself.

the care and keeping of the domesticated dani )

I am going to be really super annoyed if I'm getting actual sick instead of just vaguely feeling sick right now. Bleah.

oh shit, she's being introspective

  • Jul. 8th, 2010 at 12:00 AM
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Not that I expect anyone to, but... if anyone's looking for a birthday gift for me my Amazon wishlist is right this way...


There are 12 days until my birthday and I am still not at peace with the idea that I'm going to be 25. It seems like just yesterday I was fretting about turning 23! But so much has happened since I was listening to the Jimmy Eat World song and pushing back panic and depression... I should look at it in a positive way in terms of things I have done, instead of in terms of things I've yet to do.

Things I Have Done That Not Every 25 Year Old Has Done:

- gotten my associate's degree, and got accepted to one of the top colleges in the country for my bachelor's (even if it took attending three different colleges to get the two year degree)
- visited another country (okay, so it was Canada, that still totally counts, especially since I was in Quebec which is like a different dimension in itself)
- owned three faithful dogs, one and a half snotty cats (I still say I have at least a partial claim on Minerva, even if Kristin took her), and a couple dozen adorable ratfaces
- voted (for someone who won the presidency, even)
- had my own radio show, and maxed out the number of online listeners (and I will rule the internet airwaves again, come September, you can count on it)
- loved (if not particularly well or often, no one can deny that I have, in fact, loved)
- kept a nearly daily record of my life for over five years (multiple-times-daily, for the past couple of years)
- made friends on four continents (North and South America, Europe and Australia... I don't think I know anyone from Asia [yet] or Africa, do I?)
- quit smoking (given, I'm on a quit-smoking pill, but that's for my mental issues, not for the purpose of quitting smoking)
- survived several bouts of really serious depression, and more than a couple bouts of pretty serious mania (and I will keep surviving it, better living through pharmaceuticals!)
- sampled an array of drugs, and figured out what I like and what I never need to try again (me + weed = ♥)
- won at beer pong (usually with my brother as my partner)
- held a really successful party (Halloween 2007, legendary)
- gotten good enough with tarot cards that people don't feel like they've been bilked if they pay me to read them (everybody's been satisfied, yes? xD)
- created things that other people consider to be of worth (with words or with beads or in other crafty ways)
- saved a friend from a suicide attempt (not fun, but significant)
- won a poetry contest (with a sonnet about a rat, even)
- sang karaoke at a gay bar (which is now closed, more's the pity)
- attended an anime convention in costume, and won a prize (crossdressing, too :D)
- learned how to speak two foreign languages (even if I literally only remember two words in Farsi, the word for 'snow' (barf) and the word for 'duck' (ordak))
- saw two out of my three favorite musical artists in concert (and one day I'll see Death Cab, I really will)
- been to Disney World and Sea World and Universal Studios (okay so I was like nine, it still happened)
- been on multiple whale watches, and seen whales (there is a difference between going and being lucky, lol)
- donated blood (I really do consider this to be one of the most important things I do in my life)
- gotten multiple tattoos (with plans for more!)
- met one of my favorite authors (Lemony Snicket ♥)
- seen three shows on Broadway (Les Miz, RENT and Spring Awakening)

...yeah, when I look at it that way, it seems a lot more like 25 years of win than 25 years of fail. :D Okay. I think I'm coming to terms with getting older now.

note to self: appointment with Dr. Giaccio at 4pm tomorrow. Ice cream after if you're a good girl. :D
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A lot of people lately have been losing their information. So I thought it was about time for me to start moving the things I want to keep off my C drive and onto the TB drive.

Digging through my terribly-cluttered My Documents folder, I found versions of my LJ user info from 2003-2005. And it's kind of funny how many things have changed, and how many things will probably always stay the same. I would never use the words "shameless otaku" to define myself now... but "ex-hopeless romantic" seems right enough. And it's kind of... well, I don't know what it is, that as soon as I found out I was bipolar I was ready to use that in any definition of myself other people could see. Some people try to keep their mental health issues under wraps... I don't know if telling people I'm bipolar is supposed to be an excuse or an explanation or what.

And oh, all the old roleplaying files. Characters that used to take up more space in my brain than I did, some days. All the images and the character bios and the silly side stories. How could I ever get rid of this stuff, even if I never need it again in my life? I can't. I really just can't bring myself to delete any of it. Not even the characters that never made it off the ground.

I've had this computer for a long time. There's a hell of a lot of my history on this machine and it looks like I'm going to be rooting through the past for a while today, deciding what I want to remember and what's better off forgotten.

blatantly begging for really easy aid

  • Mar. 3rd, 2010 at 5:30 PM
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Okay, I know I've talked about this once before, but only one person helped me out with it, so I'm going to ask again because I'm a pain in the ass persistent.

Lockerz.com is a site where you collect points by logging in every day, and you can redeem them for all kinds of things like t-shirts and bags and iPhone covers and candy and electronics, there's a pretty decent variety of stuff. They just added a section with videos, including a bunch of original web series that look kind of interesting.

It doesn't cost anything. There's no big long signup process. It's really simple and it's not some crappy scam, it's a legit site and people have really gotten awesome stuff from it... not me because I've been saving my points, but I know for a fact that [livejournal.com profile] layered has gotten stuff.

If I can get 19 more people to sign up, I start collecting double points, and that would be awesome because right now I'm 250 points short of my goal-- which is a 32GB iPod touch, how's that for a nifty prize?

So... you don't even have to keep going to the site if it doesn't interest you, they don't send you email at all, but if you want to be amazing and sign up for my sake, leave me your email address in a comment and I'll send you an invite.

Please? ♥

I said I'd do it

  • Dec. 7th, 2009 at 8:52 PM
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The tiniest snowman says "sup, ice bitches?"
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Uh, how have I not known for over two months of this news being newsy THAT THERE'S GOING TO BE A SEQUEL TO DR. HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG? There are songs already written and stuff!

All of you just got points docked, people. Seriously, did even one of you mention this in your journals? What the hey?


roll against the power of awesome, mortal

  • Oct. 10th, 2009 at 12:34 AM
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Speaking of a bag of holding, look what I found while cleaning my room...

I could host a D&D party and no one would have to bring their own dice!

...seriously though, you can never have too many dice.
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I just played an 83 point word in scrabble

83 points


Eleven points for "original", on a triple word score, plus fifty points for clearing my letters

single best scoring word I have ever played in my life

Thank you for playing with me, [livejournal.com profile] sweetxtc666, I couldn't have done it without you! ♥

it seemed like a good idea at the time

  • Sep. 24th, 2009 at 11:15 PM
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Okay, now I'm having the problem with asking someone to hang out with me in generic terms (and, more broadly, the problem I have with making new friends at all): what the hell do I actually do with him? I don't know anything about him except his name, that he's in theater, and I think he's cute despite his facial hair. We could have nothing in common at all!

What do I do if we do have nothing in common?! I don't even have a quick getaway, I'd have to call for a ride home! (and no, I can't walk, partly because it's a long way and partly because, dead honest, I don't think I could find my way home on first try.)

Oh god oh god oh god, social interaction, how do people even do this? It's a damn good thing that people aren't like me because the entire species would die off from sheer awkwardness.

And to top that off, people think I'm standoffish and probably a bitch. I don't think I'm better than everyone else, I think I have nothing interesting to talk about, that's all. If it wasn't for fandom, I would be so abjectly alone.

Woo, okay, backing away from the depressing thoughts now. Happy thoughts. Fringe was awesomely creepy tonight, I love Walter more every episode, and all I could think at the end was "the Dude abides in multiple universes, man." I'm downloading Cougar Town now so I can give that a try. And then more BBT because it's awesome and actually very effective in distracting me upward on the emotional scale. I need more icon space so I can have awesome icons of Leonard and Sheldon and at least one of Leslie. Mmhm.

Oh, here, have a picture of Butcher from back before he grew into his ears:

technology is awesome

  • Sep. 21st, 2009 at 6:57 PM
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I am updating LJ... from the bathtub.

here, I'll prove it. )

Now back to languid soaking until 7:50. :D

do want, most passionately

  • Sep. 4th, 2009 at 12:08 AM
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I really, really, REALLY want a Dell netbook. And I think I could convince my mom to let me use her name to put it on credit for a month until my financial aid comes in. Because. omg guys, pretty and sleek and small and sexy computerness, it's like nerd viagra. I kind of want to get one with a solid state drive because even though it'll be small, I have a 320GB external just lying around I could add, and it would be so light and portable and oh man I need to stop having nerdgasms over the potential, but if I get it this week it's $230 cheaper!

...it's a lot more expensive than, say, all the Asus and Acer books on Amazon, but also: customized. For me. Special like. With a TV tuner so I can watch Heroes anywhere I go. xD

It's not going to replace faithful old Arthur of course, but... he's six years old, and I think I deserve something more new and portable and nifty.

Really, the question will be what do I name it?! xD

*goes back to ogling the customized setup in her wish list*


So what do I name my new laptop? I've got until the 21st to get a name ready. Is Spock too obvious? But... logical...


ne me quitte moi, mon cher

  • Jun. 14th, 2009 at 5:29 PM
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Okay, while cleaning my shelves I have realized that I have quite a few things that I don't want and other people might (Torchwood books, David Hewlett movies, three slightly battered seasons of Entourage, etc) so later I am going to take pictures and see if anyone will give me moneys, and then maybe I can do something fun... I'm sure I had an example in mind, but it seems to have slipped... oh well.

I also found my Hot Pictures that were on the Door Of Hotness. If I re-papered my (very innocent, except for Adrian/Milo nuzzles, which weirded my mom out at first) Heroes corner, my mother would have a heart attack. But... but... Rosario Dawson in underwear... You can make me go to church, but you cannae take my cheeeeeeesecake pctures!

This will require some sneakiness, I think. but idgaf what anyone thinks, Anne Hathaway in a corset is going RIGHT next to the head of the bed. :Q

So far I have consolidated about 4 shelves into about 3 shelves of stuff by putting things horozontal instead of vertical, and moving the important things where I can get at them. I need to stop thinking about moving my dresser by the computer and my bookshelves into that space. It would not be logical. But man, I would have great access to my stuff. >.>

My sister has my memory chip for the camera, which annoys me because I want to take pictures today. I may raid her room. :3 Sneaky sister is sneaky.

I need more action figures. Right now I have Q and Oz from Buffy. I can't find any others. I want Star Trek ones, obvs. Sulu, Chekov and Oz Go To White Castle would be an ace action figure picdrama.

Okay, back to the cleaning thing.
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Basically, how this goes is: Dani gets little to no sleep despite trying for it, Dani wakes up/gets up ass-early and checks her email/LJ, Dani posts a poll, Dani goes back to bed.

So here's the poll part of the morning!

[Poll #1414752]

You should know what happens next. (ahaha, reading comprehension, mine old enemy!)
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I'm afraid I am becoming a crotchety old fangirl.

When the temptation to yell "Get the fuck off my lawn fandom" gets too strong, I just put my head down and count to thirty and remind myself that once upon a time, I was the one writing really bad fic and uploading my crappy art.

back in my day we didn't HAVE fandom wikis, we did our goddamn canon research by REWATCHING THE EPISODES ON VHS WITH A NOTEBOOK AT HAND, and if you actually had someone say the word t'hy'la out loud it damn well better have been a life or death situation, you think that's an endearment like 'sweetheart'? fuck no, that shit is SUPER MEANINGFUL! AND LEONARD MCCOY'S EYES ARE FUCKING BLUE, DAMMIT, HE'S A DOCTOR NOT A ROHIRRIM

oooh, Jeopardy is on... what's that? time for applesauce? you don't say!

and now, to make my dorkishness fully apparent: Rohirrim is a collective noun, what's the word for one person who lives in Rohan? fucking LotR and its zillion languages, fucking elves, what.


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