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  • Jun. 28th, 2007 at 10:28 AM
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house&home: Kristin has a job interview today at 1:30. I definitely do not, so I'm going to pull my weight for the day with cleaning. I'm in that sort of mood anyhow. We got the new showerhead installed, though, and the guy is coming back to FINALLY put in our dryer vent, glory hallelu. Now I'm all motivated to make sure our bathroom is actually the cleanest in Plattsburgh, like all our friends claim. xD

five cent deposit: We have literally a metric asston of redeemable bottles, and I know the little store around the corner accepts them. I just have to sort the bottles from the cans. And since it's not 102 degrees today (and, pleasegodpleasegod, shouldn't reach that high), I'll probably just bring them over and add the dollar or two to the rent fund.

sales pitch: Once I get the pictures from Kristin, I'll make the clothing sale post, and repost the anime sale from her journal with a few additions and subtractions, lol.

music snob: Does anyone else read obnoxiously self-important music blogs? Like, every band that gets any kind of airplay just isn't cool enough for them? Yeah, I always want to smack a bitch when that happens. Sometimes bands make it big because they're good, douchetards.

sleeping in, not: My gentleman friend came over last night and the poor thing was practically falling-over exhausted. He works at Dunkin Donuts and two people quit yesterday, leaving him and one other person to do an eight-hour shift with no breaks, and he fell asleep two or three times while we were just sitting on my bed talking. He would have passed out on the side of Brinkerhoff and woken up with no wallet, no phone, and no shoes, so I told him to stay. I didn't think about two people's body heat in one narrow bed in the middle of one of the hottest nights this summer. But there really isn't any way for two people to sleep comfortably on a twin bed anyhow.

And then after drifting in and out of sleep all night, Kelly calls me at nine in the morning. NINE ACK EMMA. THIS IS NOT PROPER. And she invited me down to Crown Point to go chill with Dika and Jim for the weekend, which is a little awkward because a) she's known these people since she was like eight, and I just really hung out with them for the first time last week, and b) because SHE invited me, not they. And that's a whole weekend I could be wasting doing nothing hanging around here, trying to dodge the drama bullets. It's good exercise.

ratface: I let Heather run around on my desk sometimes, and she's taken to jacking small items and hiding them behind the computer monitor. xD She got a notepad and a paintbrush last night, I wonder what she's trying to say there.

gettin' crunk: Tonight the Monopole has $1.50 Captain or Jack drinks. I am all over getting some J.D. in me. Does anyone feel like meeting up with myself and the gentleman?

it's my Bob in a box!

  • Jun. 13th, 2007 at 2:39 PM
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Still too many back posts, sorry guys! Keep me posted on what I should know.

Internets on Monday. Tonight, a trip to finance said internets, provided I can find a ride to the mall.

Today so far has involved a lot of laughing at myself from the past. BAD poetry, BAD fanfic, and a whole lot of clipped out comics and old chorus sheet music. I have no idea where I'm going to put this stuff but whatever, I might just rent a small storage space for my winter clothes and memoirs.

I have never lived in such a tiny room as I live in now. I barely spend any time in there when I'm not sleeping or getting dressed because, well, there's no room. Once I put my headboard together things will... probably get worse, lol. But then I can shove all the boxes between it and the wall.

Yesterday was pretty rock-awesome. I had my first appointment with Dr. Gitlin, which went swimmingly, and now I have MY OWN PRESCRIPTIONS instead of stealing my dad's pills, yey. Mandy came over to hang out for a bit, which is always delightful and I have so many hearts for her. Amber and Kristin and I did a wammert run, productive as usual. And Derek took me out to dinner at the new Indian restaurant around here, Karma #1.

PLATTSBURGHIANS: The Karma #1 is located in the Stonehelm Motel, way out in the boonies of Beekmantown, and it is AWESOME. The food isn't expensive, but it's plentiful and delicious and authentic. The waitress, at least last night, was this delightfully bubbleheaded girl who was stunned to see us come in. xD Seriously, go give your patronage to this place. I had the chicken tikka masala, Derek and Sam had the chicken vindaloo, and we were all absolutely knocked over with deliciousness. (Next time I might have the vindaloo, it looked good, but I'm definitely getting the samosas. Man I want samosas. xD)

This weekend Kristin is running a D&D game, and she's taking me through a practice dungeon tonight just to get the hang of it. I'm going to play a druid, I think it'll be fun and interesting and I've never done it before.

And now, I go back to packing away my childhood! Including my prom dress, which I am afraid to look at the tag of and see how much I really can't fit into it anymore. But it was a long, long time ago.

a little better all the time

  • Jun. 11th, 2007 at 4:54 PM
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The apartment is fully painted. It's not perfect but I love it and I think Kristin does too!

We'll be getting the internards in one week, so until then you'll have to carry on without us being all up in yo faces.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. Gitlin. I need to talk to my dad about that before I leave the house tonight.

My computer is making the trip to the apartment tonight, too. The rat settled in very nicely next to the fish. xD

Seriously, the apartment looks pimp as hell. Kristin and I are awesome. xD We have a wall full of DVDs, it's sick.

I'm going to shut down Arthur now and take him apart. Viva la revolucion!


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Today has only been going since 2:30 pm this afternoon but man, what a full 12 hours.

Kristin and I are officially the only ones in the apartment now. We still have a couple boxes of her mom's stuff, but she's not coming back, and we still have Randy's waterbed, which he doesn't have room for where he is now. But everything else is just us! Which is SO AWESOME YOU GUYS.

We did so many things today, mostly driving around a lot; we had dinner with Kelly, spaghetti, which I can so make better and I don't even cook but my mom's recipe > anything else and it's a crockpot thing so there. xD; My parents got us a housewarming gift of cookware, a whole set of pots and pans that are really nice, and we bought our own glasses, a really pretty set for like $10.

Scott and Josh tracked me down on Facebook and found my cell number. That'd be my high school ex, Scott, who is moving to Colorado in a week and a half for some crazy cubicle defense contract job, and his best friend Josh, neither of whom I'd seen in YEARS about, so they came over and hung out and they watched Another Gay Movie with Kristin while I flitted around hyperactively trying to clean things, lmao.

Right now we have a couch in the kitchen, and the kitchen table and a waterbed in the living room. xD Kristin's cleaning the floor in her room and soon we'll put her bed back where it should be. And then we will actually be able to move around in here! xD

Tomorrow Kristin has work at 4; before then we have to go to the SA and talk to my parents about the rent, call the landlord and talk to him about the rent (I mean, pay it) and then bring up a short list of important things that need doing, foremost of which is having the locks changed and (hopefully) a deadbolt put in, because there's a bunch of crackheads and drunks rolling around and I don't want to have my house carded into while I'm there sleeping. Or, you know, not there, but mostly I don't want to be raped and killed?

Ahem. Anyhow, while Kristin's at work I'm going to wash down the walls in my room, which still smells like smoke despite part of a can of Oust and a whole box of carpet cleaner having been deployed, and then do the trim, and then when that's dry we can move all the stuff from the living room (except the waterbed, which should be gone) into my room and paint in there. It's going to be a busy paint-filled week!

Right now, though, I'm going to go enjoy some relaxation time with my bestfriendroommatepadfootKristinface. :D We earned it, bitches.


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