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  • Aug. 10th, 2010 at 8:18 PM
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so I'm making the executive decision that I need more Martin Freeman in my life right the fuck now and I'm watching Hitchhiker's Guide.

Basically today was pretty good, I recorded three audiofics and I did a pretty proper job of all of them, even though I only technically got told I did good on one of them, I know I did good on the other two. I baked those goddamn cookies and they're in the box, so now I just have to tape it up and label it, and I kind of have to write something else for Jon now because I wrote on the envelope of the letter "read this one first", so... yeah, I'm going to write him something teasing and see if it gets him to actually use the internet because I'll totally send him hawt pixxx if he bothers to give me an email address. maybe.

Uh, and I also cleaned the kitchen floor like my father asked me to, and I had a really nice, long conversation on Facebook with someone from Wells who's going to introduce me to his social circle, and he lives on the third floor of my dorm, so hey: making friends before I even get to school, awesome.

So compared to other days when I haven't been able to sleep, this one was a pretty spectacular success, I got a lot of shit done and I only came close to crying once! which is way better than every half an hour like LAST time I was up for 36 hours running.

And who knows, maybe I will wake up and have some feedback in my inbox tomorrow morning, and I will start my day off feeling like a fucking champion, and then I can go tell Dr. Giaccio that I want my better antidepressant back now please. The one that doesn't make me want to gag when I take it.

But right now: 110 downloads between the three podfics I put up today, OH MY GOD. Fandom pretty much justifies my existence at this moment.

OH YEAH: TONIGHT IS THE PERSEID METEOR SHOWER. It peaks around 1AM EST, to the best of my knowledge, so... if you're awake, go look at the stars tonight, people, make a wish or two.
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Group listen is not nearly as much fun as group watch. To be perfectly honest I've spent most of the past hour completely zoned out. I feel like a deficient fangirl, but fuck it, my brain is so far from online right now you couldn't hook it up with an ethernet cable and a dedicated router. I'm debating just giving up on the second half of Study in Scarlet and going to record that podfic instead. I'm waiting to hear back from someone about permission to do another podfic, but I should get this one done first.

I would go take a bath but I'm genuinely worried I'd fall asleep. Not fall asleep and drown because my tub is too small for me to slide down into, but just, I need to stay awake for another five hours and then I can rest. No sleep until then. I might take a shower though. Just to give me something to do on my feet because staying seated is just asking to take a surprise nap.

Oh, I should do yoga. But my balance is probably laughable right now. Still, I could do it in the living room, Dad's still asleep.

Yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing any more. This is the state of mind in which I used to chain smoke just because it was something to do. At least I'm not bored eating, that would be worse. Not that sitting blinking vacantly at my computer is too much of an improvement, but it's not actively self-destructive, at the very least.

Yeah, screw it, I need to do yoga right now. Up and at 'em.

test one two three?

  • Jul. 30th, 2010 at 12:49 PM
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...seriously, are any of you alive out there? I feel like I'm just talking to myself today. Which, whatever, I talk to myself all the time anyway. I've held three successful conversations with my laptop and my iPod already today. Chuck and Dr. McCoy at least pay attention to me when I'm shamelessly begging for it. Even if I do have to provide their halves of the discussion as well.

Maybe I should get a skull. Skulls are a bit classier than stuffed animals for self-propelled conversational partners, right? I've had enough of talking to Jon Walker the bear, he's all fluff between the ears anyhow.

My attention span is so shot I keep pausing Sherlock to check my email and there's never anything there. SOMEONE INTERACT WITH ME, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY. Call me names if you want, I don't even care, just SAY SOMETHING TO ME.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Farmville, I fear no boredom, for my friendlist is with me. EXCEPT TODAY, HELLO, PEOPLE, WHAT'S SO INTERESTING ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON TO KEEP YOU OFF LJ?

Okay, wait, I know what I'm doing wrong. I need to shut up for a few days and then maybe you'll all miss me! ...or maybe you'll be relieved to not have my stupid ass clogging up your friends pages, this could backfire on me. Hm. I'm going to have to consider this further before I commit to a plan of action.


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