bid me up, darlings

  • Mar. 14th, 2011 at 7:57 PM
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[ profile] help_japan auctions:

One podfic up to 5000 words

Another podfic up to 5000 words

Five tarot card readings, for yourself or the fictional character of your choice

I wish I could do more than just this, but I really can't commit to anything past my voice and my cards. I know you guys will bid high enough that I feel like my contributions make a difference, though! :D

(C'mon, you know you want a tarot card reading. Can I get any of my past readees to give a testimonial here? I know I've read for more than just a few of you!)

attention span, i can not has

  • Apr. 5th, 2009 at 4:40 PM
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Okay, I need quick things that can fulfill my twitchy attention span this afternoon. To that end, I am offering up ficlets or mini-tarot readings.

Challenge me to a specific comment_fic Heroes prompt, I'll take the first five I think I can do. (even if they're my prompts, which I wanted other people to fill :P )

First five people to give me a concern will get a three-card spread.

Now, I am going to watch last week's Kings, and stop whenever I get bored to do one of these things. xD

tarot mutterings

  • Mar. 17th, 2009 at 3:27 AM
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It looks like the Empress might be taking over from the Queen of Cups as my follow-me card. I think it's a positive step... right?

The draw I just did for myself (and I don't, usually, I haven't drawn for myself in AGES) was hilariously enough covered by the Eight of Swords-- yeah that's my icon there-- and crossed by the Empress, so. idk.

But my outcome cards? Six of Swords and Five of Pentacles? Not such a bright future, okay, I've already been displaced once, and I'm already living on someone else's good graces.

....mmmyep, feel like a drag on my parents again.

Okay, before I pass out, have a song I've been listening to while I've been doing these readings. It's 17 minutes long, but lovely.

Joanna Newsom - Only Skin

snippet of lyrics (full ones here):
well, what is this craziness? this crazy talking?
you caught some small death when you were sleepwalking

it was a dark dream, darlin', it's over
the firebreather is beneath the clover
beneath his breathing there is cold clay, forever
a toothless hound-dog choking on a feather

but I took my fishingpole (fearing your fever)
down to the swimminghole, where there grows bitter herb
that blooms but one day a year by the riverside - I'd bring it here:
apply it gently
to the love you've lent me

om nom... meh

  • Mar. 16th, 2009 at 10:59 PM
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Wild Berry Skittles = not as good as original. D:

So I finally saw Watchmen! And it was AWESOME! Pretty much I don't have anything to say that hasn't been said before, except I think I want to chew my way up the backs of Dan's legs. How so long, and I didn't notice until the end of the movie? Geez, self. (although, distraction by Laurie makes it understandable?)

I went with Julia, as I do most things now, and she liked it a lot too. :D

Right now I am doing something I haven't in a long while, and I am taking advantage of this state to sit and write, because I can focus better when I'm a little bit tripping, actually. Chill music, kitty at hand, pretty colored lights, later I'm going to play with my tarot cards.

Speaking of, anyone want a reading? First three to comment with their concern get a full one. :D

Mm, I love this song, it's so peacefully happy!

dance me to the end of love

  • Feb. 23rd, 2009 at 12:48 AM
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Just pulled down the tarot cards and gave myself a reading.

It seems like dreaming isn't going to help me, but neither will new thoughts.

It feels like my dear cards just told me to accept mundanity for my life.

This is not the right way to do things...

on the upside, the quicky one-two-three 2 Swords, 3 cups, 8 sticks. Off balance, party in good company, defending yourself. Giving in to the ambien undertow. Thought it might bring clarity; didn't at all.

Anyone has a pack of tarot cards and wants to read me up, I'd be grateful. (correllations, and that stuff.)


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