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  • Aug. 23rd, 2006 at 1:17 AM
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1: If anyone cares about the whole workout plan, I am following it over on my Vox, just so you know. And I still have two invites! Speak up if you want one.

2: Last night (I forgot to blog then because I had already turned off the computer (as off as mine ever gets) for the night), I was brushing my teeth and then I saw a moth flying up to the lights in the mirror. Then I saw a bigger moth. Then I saw a BIG-ASS MOTH over my head. I did not stick around to see if Mothra was the next to make an entrance. Jeez.

3: On the insect front: I had to get under the family computer to hook the printer back up (-_- for real, everything in this house gets undone) and there was a fairly large cricket. Then another cricket came to join him. I lashed the printer cable at them and they hid behind a shoe. I didn't bother killing or releasing them, and now I can hear the little motherfuckers chirping. Why do we have a cricket infestation? That's so weird.

4: I walked into the office today to hear my mom say, "It's not like she's a detriment to the family." I said jokingly, "Are you talking about kicking me out?" and Erika said, "No, she was saying how she likes spending time with you." ♥ my mommy.

5: The vacuum cleaner is broken. and man is my floor dirty, now that I can see it.

6: I got my copy of Details today, and it came with some fashion supplement thing, and: Scissor Sisters in a pool. I have to tear it out to scan it properly, but I'll do that tomorrow. Also, I LOVE getting Details, it makes me go squee. All the ads are just lovely men (and sometimes women) in suits (or less than suits. sometimes very little indeed.) Also: Marc Jacobs had a crush on Rufus Wainwright. Awwwwww. Also also also: They're taking ideas on the next "gay or ____?" I submitted "bookstore worker", "blogger", and "male nurse". I'm thinking about going back and suggesting "fake news host." >_>

7: I want a new layout. I don't know what, though. This close to September, if I don't come up with something soon, I might just do a redux of the Autumnal layout I did... like two years ago? Jeez. My problem is that Photoshop is not my friend, and I can't commit to anything. (I kind of want to do Doctor Who, but Kristin did that. I could do Colbert, or the Mac ads, or Katamari Damacy, or... I don't even know. Either too many ideas or not enough good ones.

8: Because I suck, I have yet to mail posters and stickers of Snakes on a Plane to anyone. I still have to get them from Kristin, get some poster tubes/equivalent shipping method, and it'll have to wait until Friday for me to be able to pay for postage...

9: I need someone to take a picture of me now, and then I'm going to take one at the end of this workout plan thing and see how I look in comparison. I'll probably just conscript my sister to do it.

10: I kind of wanted to change my LJ screenname. I've had this one for five years... and there's nothing wrong with it, but I've been carrying the 'speccygeekgrrl' name since middle school, and the 'grrl' part is a little... I don't know what word I'm looking for, but it's not a positive one. Dunno what I'd change it to. Most of what I can think of is 17 characters. x.x; Anyway, not a judgement for a late night, I'll think more about it later. Or something.

11: That is all.

exactly whom I'm supposed to be...?

  • Aug. 21st, 2006 at 4:27 PM
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Okay! So here's my plan for the next 21days or so:

1) Eat three meals a day. Stop forgetting about breakfast. And for god's sake, no eating soup kitchen food. Practical: go with mom and do food shopping. (note: I have already fucked this up. oops.) Daily vitamins: also good.

2) Six days a week: One hour of yoga / brisk walking. One day a week: Half an hour of jumping on the trampoline purposefully.

3) No drinking. Smoking once a week at most.

4) Keeping things CLEAN. I need to maintain my room as a wide-open and neat space to exercise in (and for my own sanity), so today I am cleaning that motherfucker top to tail, and it is going to stay clean.

5) Pampering myself in a non-food way. I really haven't been doing this much, so: every Saturday I'm going to give myself the closest thing to a mani-pedi I can do, take a nice long bath, candles and bubbles and the whole nine yards. If I lose ten pounds by the end of this, I'm going to go get a real, professional mani-pedi.

6) Mental health. The yoga isn't just going to be for exercise, it's also for balance. Re-reading yoga books = +. Taking medicines every day without fail = ++. No wallowing in emo. If I feel emo, I'm going to go for a walk.

7) Brain exercise. I've been really slipping mentally. I'm aiming to finish two books a week while this is going on. I'd like to get back into the habit of reading.

8) Vegging. This is going to be hard with TV starting back up in the next month, but if I'm going to spend more than 2 hours a day in front of the TV, I need to be spending that extra time doing something useful as well. Low-intensity stretches or something? Have to find something to do.

9) Helpfulness. No excuse not to: if I pass a full, clean dishwasher, I'll empty it. If I pass a full, dirty sink, I'll fill the dishwasher. I can do thirty minutes a day in the laundry room, and by keeping that clean it'll reduce my mom's stress a lot. I won't clean the guinea pig cage, though I will vacuum.

10) Peacefulness. I need to calm down, because I'm angry a lot. So: more counting to ten, more putting myself in someone else's shoes, less wanting to kill them.

I think this is a viable set of guidelines. :D Okay. Now back to cleaning.

So what if a two-pump chump can't last?

  • Aug. 20th, 2006 at 2:15 AM
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Nobody panic, Kristin doesn't know there's snakes on a plane.

[Error: unknown template video]

I promise that is the only time I will ever embed video in my journal.

I just made a new icon. I really suck at refining images, I can't get them to look good or sharp or colored properly or anything, but... eh. Whatever. Jack is naked, good enough.

On a whim, I decided to join that [ profile] twenty1days thingy. I mean, it seems like a good idea, and if I can stick to committing 45 minutes a day for the next three weeks, I could potentially stop bitching about my weight/ugliness/whatever because I'd be doing something about it. Plus, physical activity is supposed to be emotionally good, too. I mean, I could probably get that much done just walking from here to Kristin or Amber's houses. Even just walking one way would be a lot better than being driven everywhere. And then, hopefully, I'll have formed a habit and I'll stick to it. That would be nice.

And now I've signed up for this thing to help me keep track of it. I love internet thingys, they're so useless but feel so handy.

You know, this is really sort of well-timed, because snipped for tmi, trust me, if you know me in person, don't click here. this means you, Kristin. Trust me. ) Okay. yeah. So. There's that.

I just made this layout like a month ago, didn't I? I kind of want to change it again. God only knows what to. I need to settle down or something. Meh.

Aaaaand since I'm fairly sure no one's paying attention any more, if anyone was earlier this evening, I'm just going to go to bed now and think about what I've done. Or something.


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