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I wrote my first Western Civ paper on Galileo, and I totally used the Indigo Girls song about him in my Works Cited. How cool is that? (answer: pretty cool, and kind of hilarious, and I really think my teacher will appreciate it as a source of amusement if nothing else)

So yeah, Galileo. Father of modern science, father of modern physics, father of modern astronomy, father of three bastard children. You don't learn THAT one in your history class. xD He stuck both his daughters in a convent. How's that for responsible parenting? I wouldn't trust him with a baby physics. Those things are awfully impressionable.

...no, I don't know, I'm kind of punchy. I have to finish this and then I'll let myself watch an episode of Fringe, then I have to do a podfic and then I can watch that episode from last season they aired on Monday. I fell behind somewhere, and I'm probably going to be more behind if we go to the mall on Thursday, which I would like to do because... I am a sucker for Aerie and I like free stuff. And also I have a gift card for Bath and Body Works, as if I needed more smelly bath things now, with something coming from the Body Shop AND from Lush...

Aw, the box from the Body Shop is going to get here after I leave on Friday. :/ At least I'll be coming home to something awesome then? Crap, I should probably start packing for the weekend. I have to remember to bring the photo album with all my pictures from middle school. If I was really gumptious, I'd scan some of them in...

Gumptious is a fun word to say. Go on, try it! :D

I'm all excited about things coming in the mail. Besides the nice-smelly things, I have two textbooks, two Sherlock Holmes books from Paperbackswap, and the next two Sookie Stackhouse novels (also from PBS). I mailed out a six-credit DVD last week so I traded in four DVD credits for six book credits and then promptly used all but one of them... because I am bad at waiting for things, and also because as soon as I put the Sookie books on my wishlist someone posted them, so that was pretty awesome. I'm going to be sitting on the mailbox like a pudgy, unbalanced vulture next week.

...and with that thoroughly disturbing mental image, I'm gonna go finish that paper now!


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