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Hello, my lovelies! I trust you all had a weekend, whether spectacular or average.

Personally, my weekend was made of too much good weather, not enough books, and possibly just a little bit too much family. But the perfect amount of fireworks!

We (meaning my father, both my sisters, and my cousin Kristen) spent all day on the Esplanade in Boston, about 1/2 mile from the Hatch Shell where all the ~entertainment~ was going on. We got there at 11 am, and the festivities started... at 8:30. The fireworks weren't until 10:30. I finished the (one) book I brought, thinking I was going to be doing other things, by 1pm. Then I laid around on a blanket, pretty much, for the next 9 hours. My uncle Mike, his friend Al, and my cousin Mikey came around 3 to join us. Mike's other son Jason came with his fiancee around 8.

Neil Diamond... I have one thing to say: it is TERRIFYING being in the middle of 3/4 of a million people all singing "SWEET CAROLINE, BA BA BA" o.o Also, after he played it once for the ~live TV extravaganza~ he played it again. Right after the first time. To the same response, or maybe even more enthusiastic. o.o

The fireworks were ASTOUNDING. I saw so many brand-new kinds, I basically had my head craned back the entire time with my mouth gaping open. Part of a firework casing hit Jason in the head. xD It was cool, in the temperature sense, thank goodness. Between the wind and how HUGE some of the fireworks were, people along where we were on the Esplanade were getting ashed on, it was crazy.

I have never seen fireworks spell out a word before, that I can recall, but I definitely saw "RED SOX" in the sky this time. :O

And. Oh man, huge brilliant purple and blue ones that rained down silver. Swirly white ones that exploded into bright balls and then twinkled down, I have never seen a three-stage firework before then! I just. I totally loved them so much. From where we were we couldn't see the orchestra or anything, but we got the best view possible of the fireworks. I have a few pictures that are decent. They'll be up... probably tomorrow because my SD card reader is dead.

We didn't get back to New Bedford until 1:30, and it was shortly before then that I realized I had THE MOST AWKWARD sunburn ever. Primary concentrations: My calves, especially the backs of my knees (motherfucking OW), the top half of my right arm and most of that shoulder, just a bit of my left arm, and a really small bit of the back of my neck. D: And I put on sunscreen too! Suck. It hurts like a bitch but it'll fade.

Today we basically said goodbye to my Vovoa and left.... unfortnately, we took Mikey with us. He's 8. Keep in mind the composition of my house: 45 year old Mom and Dad, 23 year old (for another two weeks) me, 17 year old Julia, 16 year old Rachael. Plus two old dogs and two moody cats.

I'm already sick of him. >.> We'll see how long it takes for everyone else to share this opinion.

Now, I may or may not be able to catch up on my flist (y'all post a lot) so if there's anything important I should know happened to you, tell me! ♥


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