Apr. 17th, 2011

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I've been trying to write for [livejournal.com profile] itsproductivity this month. I've only finished three stories and it's the 17th, so I'm not doing too brilliantly at it, but I've had fun writing them and I have plans to keep going. Ideally I'll write all of the prompts, but that might take me through May or even June to do. Sigh.

Anyways, I wrote about characters I've written about before, so in case anyone is interested in reading them...

Exercise is about Doug Walker, the private school teacher, waking up next to someone in his own bed for the first time in something like fifteen years.

The Invitation is about Dewey Ceinion getting the invitation to his sister's wedding, and Bound to Happen Sooner or Later is about him getting into a fight with his brother at their soon-to-be-brother-in-law's bachelor party. I'm in the process of writing the one about the wedding right now.

I'm probably going to end up writing about a fair number of my old RP characters as I go through all the prompts. It's going to be challenging because I haven't written about some of them in almost five years... but I've been reading through old things with all of them, and I miss so many of them quite a lot.

porn for porn's sake

  • Apr. 10th, 2011 at 4:35 PM
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I figured maybe it would be worth it to post the story that won on LJ. I know original fic doesn't get the same reception that fanfic does, but hey, who turns down well-written smut? (people who won't read this, is the answer to that question.)

So hey, who's up for some pegging porn?

1700 words of kinky, affectionate het sex )
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Title: Protection
Characters: Dewey Ceinion, Ambrose Parker
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 4715
Notes: Okay, so these two actually have a lot of history. They were characters for a roleplaying game, Dewey was mine and Parker was Kristin's. I used to write about them... well, pretty much they were all I wrote about in the summer of 2008. Heroes dragged me away from the original character scene, but I really like these guys and they're fun to write porn about so in January on the train when I started to write just to get words out of my head, I ended up writing them. If you care to see any of the other stuff about them, Dewey's the most used tag on my original fic journal, and half of the stuff about him is about him-and-Parker... there's a zombie story and an alternate universe where Dewey is a corrupt cop (careful with that AU, there's a non-con story in there), but none of the actual backstory on them because that's all lost to RP logs and some unmemorable journal site, as far as I can recall. Out of all the original characters I ever created, Dewey was one of my favorites, and the last one I played, so he's doubly special to me.

And if you don't care about the history and you just want to read this, it might help you to know that Dewey is played by Gareth David-Lloyd and Parker is played by Robert Downey Jr. (sans bandaged hand, okay) And if you care later, this is what happened with the Del Rico heroin deal.

( A day off didn't mean a day doing nothing. )

And, you know, thank you for giving my original fic a chance if you do read it. I basically only wrote Dewey for myself for a long time, so it's kind of nerve-wracking putting him back out where people can see him. Please be kind!

take my advice, cause we are bad news

  • Mar. 27th, 2006 at 6:28 PM
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Pretty much all I've written in the past month, besides LJ entries, has been straight-up pornfic. All to do with my (and Kristin's) original characters, all of it to be found on GreatestJournal if anyone cares to see (drabbles at _i_hear_voices and longer works, for the kinkwriting table, at the sister journal to this one), and in total, since March 1, not counting the backdated drabbles, 16,692 words. Sixteen thousand six hundred and ninety-two words. Of porn. xD I am a deviant and a pervert and clearly I need something else to do, but I'm kind of proud that I somehow managed twenty-seven single spaced pages of pr0n in a month.

And I still have a few days, too. I'm going to push that over 20,000 words and then I'm going to collapse, because a) I still have like ten characters to drabble about, and 19 days worth of drabbles to catch up on, and b) oh man, I'm totally going to get carpal tunnel. My wrists already hate me.

I can't do NaNo, but I wasn't even *trying* to get a certain number of words in this month. WTG, me.

cut out the cancer, take back your souls

  • Dec. 22nd, 2005 at 4:43 AM
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I tried and it didn't help. Head's still bursting at the seams.

Derivative and bad, yes, but that's all I'm up to now anyhow. And I'm still not tired enough to sleep, but I'm going to try now.
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My teacher likes strong female characters. I'm not usually much for writing women, I like to try and get inside men's heads more, but I got slapped upside the head with this while in the shower and I think it's worth workshopping.

If you could please read this and tell me what you think-- especially any flaws, anything that needs FIXING, anything you DON'T like-- so I can edit/adjust before, um, noon when I need to print and collate all these copies for my classmates omfg they're going to READ this excuse me while I spaz the fuck out--
Okay. So please read this and tell me if anything needs fixing, or even if you like it. And so many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] railway and [livejournal.com profile] kikkirhodes for coaching me to a better ending. Oh! And especially if you have a better idea for a title, PLEASE do tell me, I suck at titles.

Random Acts of Violence )

wtf? again.

  • Sep. 30th, 2004 at 5:35 PM
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She snapped the gum once, right behind his ear, then did it again for good measure. He twitched and slapped back at her, missing entirely.

"I'm bored." Pouting, she snapped the gum a third time, then spat it into a bush and skipped a few paces ahead of him. "I thought you said we were going to a party?"

"No, I said we were going to a blowout." Nervously he pushed the hair back from his eyes and glanced around. "It's just a few more blocks. Be quiet, willya?"

"No," she said, and shut up. Two steps more and she was chewing on her nails. She hadn't mentioned the incessant chewing, but it was all the better, he supposed.

"Okay. This is going to be really cool, trust me." He pointed at a large concrete and glass building, a relic from some business that had gone out a few weeks earlier. "That building there is where it's at. You need this to get in--" She deftly caught the small metallic cylinder he tossed her way-- "And it's all happening on the third floor. I need to go get ice, I forgot I promised the 'tender, but you go up and I'll be there in a few, okay?"

"Okay..." She stood there, head tilted. After a second of staring, he pressed a quick peck to her cheek, and she giggled. "Want me to get you a drink or anything?"

"No, you just go enjoy yourself." He walked away from the building; her footsteps were sharp and echoed across the empty street. There was a bus stop a block away, thick plastiglass and steel. He leaned against the inside wall and watched the concrete and glass explode and the building crumple beautifully.


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