Wells Warm-Up... on a really hot day.

  • Jul. 1st, 2010 at 5:40 PM
femmealunettes: (#vortex# gaze lowered : Gabrielle Gray)
My schedule has been made. I'm taking Mass Media, Principles of Sociology, Media and Power, Logic, and Intro to Wells, which is a required course. I was going to take meditiation as a class but it conflicted with Sociology. I am also signed up for French 101, but I'm going to test out of it, and if I test into 200-level French then I can't take it this semester because it conflicts with Media and Power and I would much rather take a pop culture course, thank you.

I also found out my roommate today. Her name is Emi Kawata, and she is from Suminoe-ku, Japan. Wikipedia tells me that Suminoe-ku is in Osaka, which makes me think of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. >.>

I am mildly terrified of being the stupid American in this sitcom situation. I have a terrible time understanding people with accents sometimes. I hope she won't think I'm an idiot. I got to see our room, and it's not very big, but I think we can make it seem roomier by moving the furniture around some. The most space-saving thing would be to bunk our beds, but I slept a top bunk while I was at SUNY Plattsburgh and I really don't feel like reliving that experience.

Also also, I got set up with the director of Learning Support, who is the guy I need to notify if my bipolar disorder takes a sudden downward swing, instead of just not telling anyone and suffering miserably in silence and failing everything. He was bald and had a short beard and yet he still reminded me incredibly strongly of (a slightly chubbier) Gareth David-Lloyd. It was the eyes, I honestly couldn't stop meeting his gaze. xD He was really nice, anyways, and his office is in the library so I'll probably be seeing a lot of him.

And, I made a friend! He's tiny and soft-spoken and stutters, and his name is Matt, and we talked about anime and vampires and made fun of Twilight together. xD

Now, I have a metric buttload of paperwork to fill out, most of it for the Medical Center. I have to find my vaccination record one more time, I really hope I put it somewhere I can locate it again because I can't remember what the hell I did with it but I have a few locations to check.

I am going to lose so much weight hiking my ass around campus, honestly. The whole thing is on a hill, my legs are going to be so unhappy with me tomorrow for all the inclined walking I did today.

And since it's the first Thursday of the month, Mom and Rachael and I are hitting the mall. I've had an awful lot of caffeine today compared to my usual (a large coffee, a Coke and a Pepsi) and I think I'm still going to get my delicious darling dark cherry mocha frappucino at the mall... so god only knows how I'll be sleeping tonight.


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