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  • Feb. 1st, 2011 at 4:05 PM
femmealunettes: (absolutely gobsmacked : Ianto)
I have had all but two of my classes now, and I realize that I am expected to do a SHITLOAD of reading for four of them. So far Goddess Worship is the most reading, Psycholinguistics and Deviance and Society seem about tied, and I'll find out tomorrow (if classes aren't canceled) how much I have to do each week for Science and Religion. French is about the same level it was last semester, despite the new teacher, and I really hope there isn't any reading for Yoga.

I also have to do a lot of writing. There is a research paper of 10-15 pages for at least those first three classes, there will probably be one for Science and Religion too, and I have to do a weekly reaction paper for Psycholinguistics and Goddess Worship. At least this will help me make my word count for the month... yes, I'm totally counting academic papers in my word count, there's no way I'm going to be able to write 10k of creative writing on top of what I'm expected to do for classes.

They're going to be a lot of work, but all the classes (except French, that I just have to deal with) seem like they're going to be super interesting, so that's good. I have at least one friend in every class, so I will have someone to bounce ideas off of and just discuss stuff outside of class with.

I had to go pick up my last textbook this afternoon, and I also picked up a day planner while I was there (for like $4, since it was halfway through the academic year) and started writing everything from my syllabi into it. I really want to be more organized this semester than I was last semester. I've already got my binders all set up for MWF and TR classes, I have all my textbooks on one shelf, I think I can really do it.

I found out today that the Student Employment office moved from Financial Aid, who were useless to me last semester, to Experiential Learning, who were actually super helpful to me. So hopefully I can actually get that work-study job I was promised six months ago. I'd like to work in the library, ideally, but I would also be content working the desk in the athletic center. As long as I don't have to do food service, because it makes me nauseous.

So tonight I have Yoga at 7, SAGA at 8, and Sex Collective at 9. It's supposed to start snowing between 8 and 10, and not stop snowing for almost 36 hours... so I might have classes canceled tomorrow and Thursday. My French teacher comes in from Syracuse and my Deviance teacher comes in from Buffalo, so I don't expect them to want to make the drive in heavy snow. I know Geller comes in from Ithaca, but I hope he doesn't cancel because Science and Religion is the class I've most been looking forward to since I registered for classes. I'm not sure where Malena lives, but I won't mind slogging across campus for Goddess Worship.

Now... I am going to do my French homework, which I'm already half done with, and then probably watch an episode of something before dinner.


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