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bring it, world. I'm ready.

  • Apr. 26th, 2011 at 1:36 AM
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Today I made my schedule for next semester! I am currently sitting at 19 credits.

Poetry Writing (workshop)
Gender, Power, Literature and Film (with the teacher I had Media and Power with last semester)
Concert Choir (which will be taught by someone else because this is Thoburn's last semester)
Yoga (twice, once in the first seven weeks and once in the last seven weeks)
Psychology of Environmental Sustainability (I would rather take Positive Psych, but there's no guarantee it will be offered in the spring)
Biological Bases of Behavior (I would rather take Drugs and Behavior, but there's no guarantee it will be offered in the spring)
Senior Seminar: Psych (aka Oh Shit I'm Thesising)

I am probably going to drop at least one of these classes, because there's no way I can carry that heavy a course load while I'm thesising, but three out of the 19 credits are choir and yoga, so really it's only 16 credits of crap I'll have homework for. As the schedule stands, though, I have a seminar course every day of the week except Monday, I have no courses that begin before 12:30pm, and I have a three-day weekend because I don't have any classes at all on Monday.

On Wednesday I have to go talk to my new minor advisor about seeing if I can equal out any of the classes I've already taken to the requirements for the minor so I don't have to take Brit Lit or Form and Meaning, which would be a real drag on my schedule because I'd probably have to take one of the two this semester because I don't think either of them are offered in the spring. I think I can make the argument that English Lit = Brit Lit and Literary Criticism = Form and Meaning, so technically I've already taken BOTH of them and should be required to take neither now. I'm not sure how much of a stickler for the rules Bennett is, but I've heard he's pretty easygoing, so he might work with me on this. And I'm not sure how many of my 300-level English credits are going to count toward the requirement because neither of them is offered here... I'm just going to have to iron out a lot of issues on Wednesday.

The biggest disappointment of this schedule is that I can't take Ethics with Professor Geller because it conflicts with Senior Sem, which is absolutely not optional. (and also I've taken Ethics within the past year, although I'd be willing to just audit the course, because I love Geller and his Ethics class is bound to be super interesting, because Science and Religion has been.)

Anyways, I have to focus on finishing this semester. I'm doing really well in all of my classes up to this point; I have a 20 minute presentation and an 8-10 page paper to do for Psycholinguistics, plus the take-home final; a 10-15 page paper to do for Deviance, plus the final; probably a series of short papers for Science and Religion like we had at midterms, plus the final; and a test on Wednesday, one more test, and then a cumulative final for French. The only thing I'm worried about is the Psycholinguistics project, because I need five scholarly sources and I have... none... and no non-scholarly sources... because I haven't started doing the research yet. I really should have started it last week... I should have done the survey for Facebook last week, too, but that I'm going to have to do tomorrow. I am slightly less worried about the presentation because a couple of the ones my classmates have done were pretty lame and didn't make it all the way to 20 minutes, so... if mine sucks and runs short, I won't be the only one, at least.

I should probably be more stressed about this than I am, but I'm remarkably sanguine about everything at the moment. I just kind of have faith that things are going to work out all right, because they've been working pretty well so far.



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